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  1. Thank you. I will do those tests, although the nut was replaced in the last setup by someone who is well known as a very professional guitar builder. About the poor tuning - I think I tune it alright, you know.. but maybe I'm wrong and I do something not as I should. Is there a link to a good tuning guide?
  2. Thanks. I tried that few times. It did make it harder to tune, but didn't really solve the issue. It only made the guitar harder to re-tune :)
  3. Good answer :) but when rehearsing with the band it's disturbing. I have to pause after almost every song and to re-tune. not even talking about bending strings during the song. It can be very annoying.
  4. Yes, maybe. That's what I was thinking. May I'll try to replace them.
  5. Thanks. Are you talking about the tuning keys?
  6. It tunes normally, i don't hear special sounds or something. but it's not only the G. the thing is that it loses the tune very fast after tuning it.
  7. Hi all! I own a great 76' Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe. I use 0.011 strings on it and it sounds awesome. The thing is that the guitar loses tuning a lot while playing. I think that the G string is the most problematic one, but actually few of them are out of tunes after playing, sometime even after 1 minute of playing. It happens even if I don't bend the strings at all - and it's really hard to play like that. I took the guitar to someone who counted as a real professional, and after he did a major setup - he told me it won't happen again - but it does. I must mention that all
  8. btoth76, Thanks for the nice welcome. pippy, thanks to you too. × toth76, you can see the attached picture i've added to this reply, it says "pro". if you look at the prev picture i uploaded - where the serial can be seen - you can see a 1976 serial. maybe it's just as pippy said: the guitar was assembled in 1976, but went out to the market in 1978. what do you think?
  9. Hi I have a Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe with serial number: 00124249. (Please see the attached picture). The serial number shows it was made in 1976, but the documentation (Wikipedia) shows that Gibson had started producing this model only in 1978. When I googled it, i saw few posts around the web, of people that tries to understand the correct Les Paul Pro Deluxe year of producing. Does any one know what is the correct year on the first Pro Deluxe model? Thanks.
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