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  1. Anyone interested in purchasing this guitar? It has since been replaced with a VOS ES335.
  2. Gentlemen, I genuinely appreciate each of your responses. That is exactly what I wanted to know- that this is somewhat normal for this type of production guitar. My feelings towards this guitar are funny/ironic, too, as the rest of my axes are player grade vintage stuff. My '64 Guild, '68 330, '71 335, and '71 SG have all had modifications and are all dinged, cracked, smashed, dented, etc, but play and sound like a dream so I've played them religiously without batting an eye. With this being the only electric I've ever purchased new, I guess I went into it with wanting a 'perfect
  3. Hey all- I have had this guitar for years, and I don't play it simply because I don't feel like this guitar is "right." Bought it new three years ago (?) and for a brand new Gibson Custom piece, I feel like the quality is terrible. Why have I taken this long to say something? My frustration has caused me to set the guitar aside for a long time. My reason for posting this: Is this me being overly picky, or is this quality bs for the caliber of guitar I have purchased? Has anyone else experience similar issues? Background: my guitars all stay in a climate controlled room, a
  4. I made a new video with some different sounds from the Gibsons for anyone interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIZOuNxYSoA
  5. That's incredible, and all too true about how life is short. Once I'm ready to step up to the plate for a vintage jazz guitar I'll have to get some info from you! This is a great forum, and I'm very thankful for the help I've received thus far!
  6. I must say, before the 335 and the 330 I was playing jazz on a 56' ES125 and Strat respectively, and I can get a much better mellow jazz tone (but still with character) out of these new guys. I'll have to demo the long neck humbucker 330 vs the 335, because (what I think to be) the full hollow of the 330 gives it a very crisp sound that I can't get out of the 335, but at the same time if I roll the treble all the way back on the Vibroverb the 330 still has a body that the 335 loses when I roll off on both the tone knob or the treble on the amp. I have an issue with 'jazz tone', as it soun
  7. Alas, a sound demo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu3asCdtWmo And of course, I must note that I'm not using any pedals to 'alter' my tone. Tuner and Looper only, until the TS808 on the final jam on the bridge pickup.
  8. I suppose my wording implied that I already had a sound demo, my mistake. Waiting on headphones and then I'll track a little something.
  9. I'll work on it this weekend!
  10. I appreciate that! I used it on a jazz gig last night and the guitar was incredible. My lack of use for the 'middle position' may drive me away from rippin the pickup apart just yet. Now I'll have the info for when I do decide to fix it though! Would you guys have any interest in a sound demo?
  11. Duly noted! It's going to take everything out of me to not bring it to perfection. I must say though, I get frustrated looking at it and pick it up and plug it in and my negative feelings are immediately rectified. I'm starting to feel the same way. The stop tail is currently my main frustration at the moment. It's perfectly imperfect ;) I believe the guitar had a trapeze originally. To fix the phasing I need to flip the magnet, correct?
  12. Alright, got her all wired and setup. Two things that were very unfortunate that I was lied to about: A) The pickups aren't in phase with each other. Individually they sound absolutely incredible. B ) Whoever the idiot was that drilled for the stop tail mustn't have taken their time, or even measurements for that matter, because it's completely off. However the guitar plays and sounds like a dream given those two circumstances. Just a shame people have to be shady and hide things like that just to make a sale. This just went from an easy project to an extremely difficult o
  13. I went with early 70s 'patent number' humbuckers, as from what I read they're a bit brighter than the rest, which is what I'd like to hear out of this setup.
  14. I haven't verified yet, but will shortly, but I was told the harness was updated. Pickups came in today! Now for some soldering and a setup!
  15. Nick, beautiful guitars! After looking at solid color 335s without pickguards all night I'm starting to agree with you. That's surely true. I left the pickguard on the 330 for that reason. I must say though, I'm quite used to not having a rest at this point, as I got through my Jazz Undergrad without a pickguard and single coils I asked around and couldn't get an answer from the previous owner, but it appears as if for whatever reason, someone relocated the controls, and then moved them back
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