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  1. Cute baby rottie. That's a great Christmas present for sure!
  2. It sounds to me as though both of you should spend a little bit of time here Click Me. <--- The Forums are a good resource If you are wanting to learn to play drums, I would recommend warming up by playing the rudiments all using the entire kit. Start slow and build speed. Also, if you are playing double kick, play the rudiments there as well. Work on triplets, quads, 5 stroke rolls, 7 strike rolls, double stroke rolls, para-diddles, etc... You really should be doing this with a metronome! It sounds to me that your drummer should look into quite a few things on that site too. Accept
  3. Wow! Thank you for posting this! I think that may be my favorite version of this tune. In fact, i think it could very well be my favorite version of any tune ever done. What a great voice! Where can I buy a copy of this? I want it to be my theme song. Maybe I can even hire Steve to walk behind me and sing it everywhere that I go. I'm so inspired now. I wonder if he has a version of Hallelujah or maybe War Ensemble.
  4. I built my own desktop this past July(which is smoking!)but, I have a HP 17" laptop (GREAT COMPUTER) and a Sony 13" laptop.
  5. You should probably snap some pics. I'm at work and can't. :(
  6. 1 = Gibson J-165? 2 = Paul Reed Smith Custom 22?
  7. I used to have a C64. That was in the day when Bill Gates said, "Nobody will ever need more than 640K of RAM." :blink: I used to play F117 Stealth Fighter, and Gunship on it. I learned Basic too. Wow things have come so far since then.
  8. Do you have other guitars or is this be the only one? I see that you have owned others. I would recommend that you go to a store and try out a LP and a V. If this purchase will be your only guitar, play them both standing and sitting see which feels more comfy. Play them unplugged pay attention to the difference in the sound. Plug them in, pay attention to the sound. Which 1 wins on sound? Which one wins on comfort? Which neck feels better in your hand? The last guitar that I bought (SG Standard), I knew as soon as I started playing it unplugged, that I couldn't leave the store without it.
  9. For all of you non-believers... your day will come... enjoy the lake of fire for all eternity. Oops my bad... You guys are talking about things that you can't prove because, there is no evidence. :blink:
  10. I drink Community Coffee as well but, I haven't had it with chickory in a while. I stick to the Community Dark Roast. Ever been to Cafe Du Monde for cafe au lait and beignets? Super good stuff. Now I miss living in New Orleans...
  11. SafetyJ

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    On the inside... I feel like Barry White sounded (on the outside)... This occurs every time I am near my beautiful wife.
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