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  1. Ahh yes thank you! I'v contacted him, might work something out.
  2. Hope this helps. http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/norlin-years/189580-tar-back-epoxy-potted-pickups.html
  3. Is that a wraparound bridge? Any string tension/buzzing issues? Awesome axe!
  4. lol love the Newcastle - excellent choice! Beautiful Midtown.
  5. Awesome guitars, always was a fan of the red SG melody makers though. By the way, what did you replace the bridge with?
  6. I've got a DR-500R, the Masterbilt line is absolutely solid. One of the best acoustics I've ever owned. I'm definitely going to buy another. Good choice!
  7. Have they made this version in a Vintage Sunburst?
  8. Looking to purchase the Nick Valensi Elitist Riviera either Natural or Vintage Sunburst. Please PM or post pictures (even if you aren't selling) :)
  9. Thanks! Yeah I'm thinking I will wait on replacing any of the pups and give it a shot the way it is for a while. Playing through a Gibson Explorer 1967 GA-15rvt, the combination of the two is excellent. I'm still getting used to sound of humbuckers; been playing strats/teles all my life. However if the humbuckers don't work out, does anyone know of good P-90s that will fit into a humbucker. I've heard of Phat cats, P-94s and Z-90s..and thats about it. Was actually considering looking into Klein's line of single coil pups that will fit into humbucker routes and rings but haven't found much
  10. Can't say I've ever seen another one quite like it, they came out with this model in 1999.. not sure how many were produced however. Has the Limited Edition emblem on the back of the headstock. In any case, I'm not sure whether I'm going to keep it or sell it yet. Has 57' Classics pups, Grover tuners and an Ebony fretboard with block inlays. Replaced the stop bar with a wraparound tailpiece. It plays great! What do you guys think of it? Was also considering putting some P-94s in it if I decide to keep it, or at least replace the neck pickup. Photobucket link: http://s1049.beta.photobucket.
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