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  1. Great guitars. Need access to parts to keep them going longer. Gibson will bring them back (I hope).
  2. Hi. Just got my second Steinberger yesterday, a ZT3. Played the hell out of and all was good. I sat down and adjusted the string transposition and was satisfied, put the guitar into the stand an four pieces fell of. Three were tuning winders which went on easily, the fourth was on of the two hex screws beside the trem base, at the side of the top plate. It is the back one. I have been trying to get it set properly ever since. I have removed the washer as I could not get it to thread to save my life with it there. Is there some kind of alignment secret magic stuff to get this back on. Guitar is fine the occasional time it goes back, but it inevitabely goes loose and well... repeat. Any advice appreciated much. Jim
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