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  1. caleb

    Cracked neck

    Thanks for all your comments. I will know the result in about a week. I'll keep you posted.
  2. caleb

    Cracked neck

    Problem is Blackie that I don't know how exactly it happened. I certainly didn't drop the case or the guitar. We have had temperatures here in the low 40's (celcius) pretty damm hot. Reading about the temperature thing it may well be that I took it straight out the case and hung it on the wall in an A/C room. So 40+ to 18 degrees in a short time could have done it I suppose. Anyway - I took it to my luthier and he has fixed several of these and assures me that I wont be able to see the crack after he has done his magic. I will keep you all posted. Thanks for your
  3. caleb

    Cracked neck

    I can't explain how it h appended but the neck on my SG has cracked right where the neck meets the headstock.:D Some friends tell me that the S G is prone to this happening. Can anyone here confirm this? I have taken it to a local luthier for repair and he seems to think he can repair it to almost new condition. Anyone had a similar experience??
  4. I am planning a trip to the Stetes later thisyear and wanted to bring my son to see the Fender and Gibson Factories. Fender is sorted and they were really nice about organising a trip round. Does anyone know if Gibson also organise trips around the factory??
  5. 10 days this thread has been running. I have been rolling on the floor laughing my arse off every day I watch it. I takes very little to get you guys excited doesnt it! A wank would probable blow your heads off! :)
  6. AXE® wrote: Could you be any stoopider ... If this is our future. Cash me out. COMPLIMENTARY AND TOTALLY USELESS COMMENTS AS USUAL AXE
  7. That botton tobacco burst surelooks pretty"in the flesh".
  8. You're the man Kolera! F5 works just fine on my keyboard too. Thaks very much for you help mate.
  9. I havethe same problem' date=' but no-one knows how to tell me how to make them bigger. 57 / 56 / 72 people have read my request but no-one seems to k now how. AXE - please dont bother to reply with your usual bull ****.
  10. Whenever I open a post that has photographs, they always appear as a postage stamp size. No matter what I do, I cant get them to open to full size. What am I doing wrong? Help please.
  11. Whenever I open a post with photographs, they always appear as a small postage stamp size. No matter what I do I cant get them to o pen. What am I doing wrong?? Help please
  12. Can someone please tell me how to open those tiny pictures?
  13. Anyone know if these are available for other Gibsons? Les Paul, Explorer etc..
  14. I've been watching this thread for a while and thought I'd chip in. I am 14 (15 next month). Dad bought me a second hand explorer in black with off white pickguard. I had a black pickguard made locally and fitted. It looks A1 and sounds excellent. My advice - you are never too young for a great Gibson guitar, but must agree that a used one is the best value.
  15. At least we got a bit of humour into the end of this thread. LOL
  16. Well AXE you seem to be the brightest of the lot! Are you the product of too much interbreeding down in them there hills?? Pity you can't string a sentence together - or spell for that matter! YOUR @ss is I beleive the corect spelling not YOU'RE! By the way - @ss is spelt arse and it certaily applies to you dogbreath.
  17. Thanks. That link did the trick.
  18. Oh dear oh dear. 23 views and not ONE suggestion. Bright bunch out there arent you!
  19. I have a black explorer with a white pickguard. I want to get a black pickguard - any ideas where I can buy one stock off the shelf?? I also want a black switch tip. Thanks
  20. I thought tis guitar had a good story behind it. If you read the article on the website it sure looks like a good story to me.
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