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  1. We're still in the woodwork Sweetie! Thanks for the concern Karen. You could never bug me. As for leaving with no warning? Heck when I was 19, I left Chicago with an apartment full of furniture a good job, a car out front, friends, bills, etc. I got on a greyhound and just left. No warning, no notice, just ... gone. I'm flaky like that :)
  2. Probed??? Probably. Returned to earth? Was I ever here? ;)
  3. Welcome back old wise one. It has not been the same without you.
  4. I mean it. Really I do. I won't be back ever, and ever again!
  5. Geez... A fella goes for a walk and they paint and remodel the house while he's gone. Kinda makes a guy think he came home to someone elses house!
  6. Pick Your Artist: Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Are you a boy or a girl: The Sherriff Describe yourself: Lucky Man How do you feel: Are You Ready Eddy? Describe where you currently live: Jerusalem If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Show Me the Way to Go Home Your best friend(s) is(are): Jeremy Bender and Benny the Bouncer What's the weather like: Footprints in the Snow If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: Karn Evil 9 What is life to you: Two Part Invention in D Minor Your last relationship was: The Battlefield Your current relationship: Still... You Turn Me On Your fear: Black Moon What is the best advice you have to give: Take a Pebble How I would like to die: Knife-Edge My soul's present condition: Stones of Years My motto: C'est la Vie
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