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  1. I'm so sad over this. 😢 I wish we could turn back time ❤
  2. I am back GG !!! subu !! :-)

  3. I will miss you, Peter.

  4. Hi Retro, thanks for the message.I miss being here and the wonderful comraderie. I'm not doing the best right now, got diagnosed with breast cancer and have been doing chemo, so pretty sick some days.And the chemo has caused some neuropathy in my fingertips which makes it hard to play.But, I am still playing & trying to stay connected to the forum for inspiration. Hope you are doing well.

  5. Hey Karen! I miss your input. Hope all is well with you.


  6. Hey GG, long time no C.

    Good to know you still are on your feet.

    That Royal Wood connected fine. . .


  7. Hey GG, long time no C.

    Good to know you still are on your feet.

    That Royal Wood connected fine. . .


  8. I have been in the hosp. for 5 months. I have a had a Stem CELL transplant. I have just returned from Seattle. I am now Cancer free!! Heres my E Mail suburude@comcast.net.

    BTW I ham so sorry hear of your loss!!!! Jim/Sub

  9. Jim, where are you? Hope you are okay? Sending good wishes......

  10. I'm with Retro... hope all is okay for you.


  11. Karen, just typical of me that I start looking back at the end of the year. Miss your presence on the Forum. Sorry to have learned of your 'horsey loss'. I hope things will 'brighten up' for you in the upcoming year and all will be well in your world!


  12. Just heard about your recent loss. So sorry to hear. God Bless

  13. Karen, very sorry to hear that your horse is gone. It's not easy losing a "best friend." I've never lost a horse, but I have lost dogs that were my "best friend." I wish you the very best. God Bless you and your's.

  14. Yeah... I'm sure you're right.... I'm certainly not going to sweat it, (and I'm pretty sure you aren't either)

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