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  1. I'm so sad over this. 😢 I wish we could turn back time ❤
  2. I am back GG !!! subu !! :-)

  3. I'm a bit flaky too! Back in '79 I loaded my cat Bartholomew, my Mansfield guitar and my clothes in my 1971 Mazda 616 and I drove out of my life! Sometimes you just have to do that. Glad you're doing well! :)
  4. Buc, I know you know what I mean because I know you've taken breaks too. Life happens, other things come into play, etc. Em7, walnut tea? Never seen that. Sounds good tho! Zombywoof, 10 years and you came back. You are obviously enjoying it again. The love for music never goes away I think. Jedzep, great idea! The Southern Jumbo is down a full step I think. I will switch to that one for awhile. I grabbed the J-185 as it was the top of the stack. Both have medium strings on them so I can really feel it. BigKahune, I hear ya on the forgetting arrangements thing. I'm trying to dec
  5. Euroaussie, I know what you mean about having a Gibson to motivate the return! 1995 to 2008 is a significant break! Thanks for the welcome back Smurf, when I try to play simple bar chords I hear a whole lot of buzzing going on Definitely lost strength in my left hand and my right hand doesn't seem to 'get it' yet, altho' travis picking seems to be coming back pretty good, just no speed yet. Can you recommend any good DVD's? By the way, the song that prompted my return was But You Know I love You by AKUS. I never did come up with a good arrangement for that one, but in searching for
  6. Steve!! Oh my goodness, we go waaaaay back I still remember the original forum. Thanks for the welcome back and hope you're doing well. AnneS, yes, it does seem to be coming back. I am now remembering little A7 runs I used to throw into songs, etc so there's hope on the horizon lol. Thank you for the heads up on the new John Denver CD (in your song thread). I seem to be going through a JD thing these days. J45nick, sailing around the world? WOW! What an adventure! Re the re-kindling.... I think as a musician or lover of music, it never goes away. Did you keep the guitar watered while
  7. Well, have you? LOL Have you ever taken a hiatus from playing? Do you recall why or how long? Was it hard to get back into it? What prompted your return? Was it a planned break? How rusty were you when you started again? How long did it take to get back in the swing of things? I haven't played hardly at all for at least a year now, probably longer, due to health issues and time constraints. It's pouring rain here this morning and I stumbled upon an old song I used to love to play, so grabbed the guitar. Yikes, fingers sore, wrist sore from playing bar chords that I used to be able to nail,
  8. Absolutely lovely!! Am listening to it for the third time now <3 I don't know if I should tell you this or not but I have a rescue bird in the house at the moment (feral pigeon ran into window of friend's house, oh yeah, call Karen, she'll save it [rolls eyes], seeds and feathers from here to eternity, like I need more housework to do..... anyway). This bird responds to certain songs and artists. He loves Kenny Chesney, Peter, Paul and Mary, John Denver and....... your new song!
  9. Great tune Buc! I haven't been here either and have even lost my callouses from lack of playing :( Re moving.... one of my favourite songs...... played on a Martin I believe but could be wrong.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTN6iI_WE8k
  10. OMG I had no idea, this is the first I'm hearing of it. I listened to TYA all through high school. One of my all-time favs........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-EGShz0RP4
  11. OMG to the 10 millionth degree. That is bloody gorgeous. And sounds bloody gorgeous. Wow.
  12. Very nice, congratulations! Flamed maple.... always beautiful.
  13. That IS great news!!! I admit I thought this was going to be about 100% pure beef burgers but this is just so much better! Congratulations to ALL!
  14. I will miss you, Peter.

  15. I am so stunned by this news. Peter was one of my Facebook friends and it wasn't long ago we chatted about songs and guitars. He seemed upbeat and content. I always wish there was a way to turn back the clock when tragedy like this happens but, alas, there is not. I will cherish his time on our planet and in our lives.
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