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  1. I'm so sad over this. 😢 I wish we could turn back time ❤
  2. I will miss you, Peter.

  3. Hi Retro, thanks for the message.I miss being here and the wonderful comraderie. I'm not doing the best right now, got diagnosed with breast cancer and have been doing chemo, so pretty sick some days.And the chemo has caused some neuropathy in my fingertips which makes it hard to play.But, I am still playing & trying to stay connected to the forum for inspiration. Hope you are doing well.

  4. Jim, where are you? Hope you are okay? Sending good wishes......

  5. Yeah I'm sure Gibson would have replaced or repaired it. Are you getting rid of the guitar now, Adam? Or is it okay now?
  6. Another thing to try..... this worked for me a few weeks back. Turn the computer off a few hours before you go to bed. The light from the monitor goes directly into your eyes and tells your brain it's daylight. It's the same principle as those SAD lights, which trigger circadian rhythms. Before you go to bed keep the house darker (no bright lights) and stay away from the computer. It worked for me. And I also have a piece of paper beside the bed and will write things down if I find they're sticking to my mind and preventing sleep.
  7. Em7, how is it possible that you don't have more + votes? You are such a great poster! I will give you plus votes every chance I get. Don't worry, we'll get your numbers up!

  8. Haha Neo, I love the new avatar!

  9. Hiya Surveyor. My horse is no different haha! She thinks she's a 'people'. Shhe's quite the conversationalist too, especially if I have a carrot in my hand :-D

  10. Thanks CM! The little pink guitar in the picture has Gibson on it. I wrote it on there with felt marker lol!

  11. That is excellent! I love it Larry! So haunting, and the guitar sounds divine. Your vocals add the perfect mesmerizing touch. Excellent excellent excellent! Going back to listen again.....
  12. Excellent resources in this thread Stephen I too am a believer that these modifications will change your tone, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. For example, I put a bone saddle on the Epi and it's just too much sound for that little guy. The Tusq saddle is going back on and if the bone saddle fits the Seagull I might try that. Both Gibsons have bone saddles and pins now and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR MATT!!! LOL You sound like you're having a great time! Glad to hear the pizza met your expectations and remember to drink one glass of water with each glass of wine or else you'll be hurtin' tomorrow! I'm just cracking open a bottle now with my veggie pizza! See you in 2011, my friend!

  14. Yes! I left a comment on your profile :-)

  15. Hi Steve, love the new avatar!

  16. Weird, very very weird. I deleted all my old messages so there should be no problem?

  17. I'm not sure what the problem is? I tried to send you a message too and got the full-mailbox message? Weird.

  18. I haven't heard that one but the flyer that came with my old Seagull guitar actually says to place the guitar in front of a stereo speaker daily to vibrate the wood and improve the sound of the guitar. I think someone actually did an experiment on this but I don't remember what the results were? It seems to me someone posted something about it on the AGF quite awhile back.
  19. Congratulations Paul! What a great story. My heart hurts for the guy who had to let it go, but you're right, it's in good hands now and he should be happy for that. I love your description of its tone! Someday I'm going to get an old Gibson..... I'm still looking. We never see guitars like that on Craigslist up here. Any acoustics get snapped up in a nanosecond. The only reason I got Elmo (the Epi) is because I was watching that site religiously and hopped on it as soon as the guy posted. Anyway, enjoy your b'day present!
  20. OMG, Kazz, that's awful! Sorry to hear about your spill. :-( I don't think my wrist is broken but the finger is definitely not working right. I will make an appointment with the doc if it doesn't improve. It's so embarrassing to admit that I injured myself.......... fighting bears? No. Falling off a bike? No. Whitewater rafting? No. I overdid my 'kneeling cat asana' in yoga class! For shame!
  21. Yup, that Ibuprofen made a big difference. That and the frozen peas. It's hard to see three guitar cases sitting against the wall and not open one of them but I'm just going to wait it out. Last night was really hard because I had to check the humidifiers in the cases...... then close the cases up again. That was rough! LOL
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