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  1. I like the idea but having it all one colour is like a Canadian Tuxedo...it's just not right.
  2. Well...something a little different... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgOABuZoe0c&list=RDzgOABuZoe0c
  3. Mic the amp. It always sounds better. I feel like it gives more life to the recording. Mess with mic placement and test until you find the right spot. I like just off center of the speaker and about 3 feet away from the amp. Works for what I do....but play around. If direct in is the only option, i'd just stop playing guitar. LOL! Kidding...Riffster had a good suggestion above.
  4. Yessir! Life changes...and it's a great change if I do say so myself. She's growing up to be a very smart, funny and kind kid. I couldn't be more proud. And yes you do need to get Popestar...it's quite good. Just saw them live last week and it was incredible once again. 7th row center....I yelled "We love you Papa!!!" and he looked up and pointed at me. LOL! Currently listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Su1YXQYek
  5. I am doing pretty well bud! Long time no see... I still play guitar believe it or not! And I've been recording and even trying to sing now and then. I'm playing less though because I have a 4 year old that I prefer to spend my time with while she's awake! What's going on with you? And here? Listening to: Clutch - Burning Beard.
  6. Aw my thread is still going strong! Good work boys! I'm listening to the new Ghost EP - Popestar. :)
  7. I LOVE my Epi Casino...sounds beautiful and its very comfy. Looks dashing as well! :)
  8. Thanks bud!! I'll do my best! I'm excited for this release too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qY0-B7QrIw
  9. I thought it was a pretty well done doc....as well done as the director could have gotten it anyway!! What a curmudgeon!!!! Fun to watch but I wouldn't want to hang with him for very long. Musically, the cat can drum...but I never got too much into his stuff.
  10. Great to see this thread is still going!!! I'm listening to Ghost right now...this video is amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Ao4t_fe0I
  11. Haven't been around in a while but wanted to say that I'm glad to see milod posting!!! Also, what's up guys?!
  12. I'd start with Hisingen Blues...its a nearly perfect album!! Give it a shot!
  13. Not a big fan of it actually. I saw Kyuss Lives! too....great show. And Homme is the reason they couldn't use the name Kyuss and why their name is now Vista Chino. Law suit and all that. Unfortunately I think the album is TOO Kyuss and not in a good way. There's nothing new in it...seems like a rehash, you know? I've only given it a couple of spins and i will probably go back and try it again when I am in more of a Stoner Rock frame of mind but for now, it does not spin. And bringing it back to the thread topic...if you ain't gotten into Graveyard yet, I hate you. Just kidding but yo
  14. Not for a long time bud. Wasn't really my scene. Everyone was super nice to me but I just liked different music etc. Wasn't a great fit for me. Everything well with you?
  15. No no...you saw them with Kyuss Lives!! They were not allowed to use the Kyuss name...and now they are Vista Chino. You hear the new album?
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