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  1. Thanks Karen.

    Yeah, I was talking to the wife about a Halloween Costume... :-)

  2. Haha Neo, I love the new avatar!

  3. FXCK OFF and die spammer.

  4. Glad to hear. I don't know, I kind of started and it snow balled I guess... Heh.

  5. I'm still kickin'.

    What's with all the new names?

  6. Hey Neo, just dropped by to say hello. Hope this finds you well in all aspects. Joaquin

  7. Welcome BAck. Didn't even know you got the boot! Hope you and your family are well. Sorry to hear about your loss. Sincerely, Andy

  8. Yeah, I'm still truckin'!

    Thanks Bow.

  9. Welcome back Dave, I see you survived another stint of solitary confinement. I hope things are going good for you!

  10. sorry to hear your sad news Dave; what a grim time especially this time of year ):


    I sent you a FB request too don't known if you got it yet.


  11. Cool Tman - thanks!

  12. I liked what you had to say today. Keep up the good work.

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