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  1. That doesn't look right to me.
  2. Hall


    I have one. There is an art of usage to master before of any real value. Zappa used one in later years.
  3. It does sound as though that was a bit more than indigestion for sure. You get a …. WELL DONE on the stent! Take it very easy for a bit.
  4. Both, and a Southern Jumbo on the next run.
  5. Well done! I have one myself from the first run.
  6. I have a Crowe CW from the first run several years back that has become my favorite. I'm sure curious as to what that 1k top does for the tone on the new model.
  7. Hey Nadov 22 - Living in Ky. and holding onto a 70 Deluxe SJ for the heck of it , (fyi) on mine the center strip is also black as is the body binding.
  8. Reserved a spot for in this evening's prayer Sal, and some + vibes in my thoughts today.
  9. A. Well Done! for the RAF each year at this time.
  10. Thanks, Rabs. From Premier Guitar on line ? Glad you posted it here for all.
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