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  1. Thank you, drathbun. I'll do the homework.
  2. Any guitar into Bob Reinhardt 18 watt.
  3. Thank you drathbun, but I'm not making myself very clear. The only photo taking device I have is the camera on my computer, and the only photo knowledge I enjoy is to post pics via the space the forum allots us. Mine is filled so I am sol. Are you telling me I can bypass that function and place entirely by doing as you suggest? If that is the case, I'll have to do some learning then and report back later. . Sorry, to be an analog relic . I do appreciate your effort here.
  4. Can't do anything picture post wise because my allotted "space" is full and there is no way to delete in order to regain space. Never was much for picture posting, but every so often it would be practical and nice. The old forum you just deleted when it got full; not so here. ???
  5. Any news on this yet? I have no space.
  6. How big is the bridge plate? That's an area to improve sound by reduction of the monster. And so that is a 70ies Bird, huh? I have a 74 SJ that I will not part with because ….. because it sounds fine to me, plays like a dream and always has done so. Looks just like your guitar. I doubt if many folks here will think a large investment in a Norlin era Gibson is the way to go, and the resale value at present would back that stance. How much do you dig the guitar?
  7. A remake of Lonnie Mack's V!
  8. I always enjoyed Danny Gatton.
  9. Hmm, wonder how to make up for that loss. 😐
  10. Fine guitar. No Lightfoot?
  11. And, factory pins ! Thanks, JC.
  12. Thanks, JC. I like the Vintage, if pressed.
  13. Well done. "Aint" maple nice!
  14. Me too, and me either!
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