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  1. Nice guitars, all 3 of them. I'd just be guessing on the SJ. Those tuners have me wondering. Hope to hear it soon!
  2. Good Luck, Dave. I think jedzep covered it just right.
  3. Or, maybe just , It's Over!
  4. Roy Orbison, said it best.
  5. I play mine more than any of my other guitars. It just happened.
  6. Hey E. - is it the looks or the sound that caught your interest?
  7. It just needs a little more power!
  8. 62burst - I have just recently parted with the Honeyburst Bird. The only custom order quilted maple guitar I still have on hand is the SJ-200. Both those guitars were done by order with the help of the guitarstrummer (once on the forum) and Paul at the Music Villa. The G.C. Bird, I think they called Heritage finish.
  9. In 63 there were 1453 made at 25.5 scale, per True Vintage Guitar.com. That was enough research for my curiosity! The short scale maple Bird I have was a 90ies run for Guitar Center in Cincy. I walked into its sound unsuspecting and was taken by it while window shopping.
  10. See my edit please. *As I have said before, wish I had the computer skills to post sounds and pics, but just never got in early enough to learn much on the computer.
  11. The 90ies quilted maple Bird I own is short scale, if that means anything here. I haven't done any research on the 63 scale, but I think I am going to do so just for an answer! edit: True Vintage Guitar says 1453 at 25.5.
  12. Hall

    4th of july

    Best day of the year!
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