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  1. I can listen to him and to that. Appreciate the post.
  2. A, Well Done, for that effort.
  3. You'll know when you have to do so. No matter with what though, you have to go into therapy right now to prepare for at least some change!
  4. Any opinions on Martin's new liquid metal pins?
  5. Big Time CONGRATULATIONS! and a, well done!
  6. there is a post from a couple months ago on how to redo whole thing. Search, I'm sorry but I am just not well enough right now to look it up for you. Hey guys please cover for me and find the op that post. Thanks.
  7. Well done, Dave. And well run for our benefit! *I've been out of commission for a couple of weeks. That model was going to be my next purchase. Now, maybe still!
  8. QuestionMark! You did better dealing than me all those years ago provided you didn't miss that E. Century. Mine has always sounded fine with 80/20 strings regardless of the Norlin bracing and bridge plate. That's why I still have it! Has developed the orange cast to the top also. Nice with the black trim. I've always loved the neck. Good to know there exists another SJ from then that has made someone happy.
  9. Interesting, indeed. I still have my 73/74 Norlin SJN Deluxe to this day. Little red faced about admitting to it, but I actually paid $400 for it brand new! * 80/20ies required. edit: And thanks E-minor7 for the post.
  10. I have had good luck with E-minor7's suggestion of pencil graphite. The straight forward thing to try at the outset.
  11. M.T. car of the year isn't it? Super stance!
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