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  1. Hall


    Less and less over the years.
  2. Are those pins the small heads? My 45 came with that type and boy did they look the best! Now you have me thinking about going back to them!
  3. I paid $1500 for my blond J-150 and it is at the top of my Gibsons in sound, playability and appearance! Have always loved the unbound neck.
  4. I have a Vintage I went with S. Mac bone saddle and pins. Saddle replacement for custom action as factory saddle was bone and nice sound. Pins are bone replacing what may have been tusq. I ended up with the factory bone saddle and Stew Mac bone pins for the sound I like on my Vintage. If that is of any help! Good luck and enjoy.
  5. Thanks on the edit info, BoSoxBiker. I need that power!
  6. We can't edit anymore? I did an error that is bothering me. re : insert clothes pins for close pin Reinforce the well done on a good song!
  7. Well Done! On a fine song. * a close pin on one's nose for that Willie twang!
  8. The newer one sounds mighty nice!
  9. That is the model I own. And, over the years it has become the guitar I play the most.
  10. I am one who buffed (hand only) my SJ with that finish, but only to obtain a gloss. While it reduced the orange peel to some real extent, it did not remove it entirely. It' now a much milder orange peel with a gloss! At some angles and lightings, or next to another guitar, I still can pick up on it. Again, I didn't do any heavy buffing. I just removed the haze and made it shine.
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