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  1. I have an SJ-200 and a J-150 both maple, and both permanent members of the troupe and the household.
  2. And, maybe the poster's effort was simply appreciated as in …..duh.
  3. Yea, wish they would pick a poor, a beginner, an unknown, an amateur, a forum member...…… well, you get the idea.
  4. And, I'm sorry if it's so. Bad break.
  5. Very nice CW, enjoy! I have a SS Crow CW myself that has pretty much claimed first place with me among my Gibsons. … That AJ has caught my eye, hmm.
  6. Really nice. A hint of Soft Machine! Thanks for the post.
  7. Hall


    A, WELL DONE and an OUTSTANDNG to all who participated.
  8. Welcome and well done.
  9. Hall

    AJ Supreme

    That was good. Enjoyed the song , the guitar and the vocal. Thanks for the sharing.
  10. Well done, and get well soon. Sounds better there than here on caring level!
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