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  1. CG is "outstanding!" Amen.
  2. That's why there is Marty Barre!
  3. Yes, thank you for making the effort, tpbiii. Those were nice!
  4. A, well done, on that one. Looks good from here. I like the fat necks. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. I receive ACOSTIC GUITAR also and have for years!
  6. Howdy, jmurph! I'm across the river from Cincy. Welcome. No info other than, very nice looking Dove!
  7. I use John Pearse pb lights. edit: try the light touch, it really does seem to bring out the best of my Vintage's tone.
  8. Yea, don't get me wrong. I like my Vintage enough to call it my go to now days. The adi top probably makes the crisp tight sound I hear as the prominent feature.
  9. pg60 - that is how I would describe the sound of my 2016 Vintage to this day. It hasn't darkened as I played it in, and the lack of bass is a little disappointing at times. I finger pick only any more and have come to realize the lighter the touch the better the tone on this guitar. It is a different sound than the standard J-45 for sure. ' Fore I forget the neck is that hefty C shape. *So, to op, the top wood adi and neck shape are areas to check for difference.
  10. Didn't check the specs on the 42 before replying here, but the Vintage is torrefied top.
  11. Should have kept the old Sears catalogs and the outhouse!
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