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  1. Yes, welcome and good hunting! Soft (slope, round) shoulder models are less imposing than squares. Hard to feel free to go to shops and play a bunch right now due to covid, but that would be the best way to find what you are comfortable playing, no? Hope you find the right one soon.
  2. I understand, MissouriPicker. As I said, not a good time to get such an itch.
  3. Thanks so far everyone. Yes, I am taking it all in right now. This is the kind of info I am hoping for. For sure not the best time to get such an itch! I have played 12 strings a bit here and there, but just a bit. Never got serious before now. So this is good thought material for me.
  4. It's taken 60 years of playing to get here, but I think I want one. Do I? Seems like learning some 12 string skill and technique would be enjoyable to me about now. I'm leaning toward new and rosewood. I'd appreciate some thoughts on 12 string guitars themselves and what playing one is really all about . Thanks everybody.
  5. Very close and nice. Thank you Juan. Wish they didn't so darn much.
  6. Hall

    flubber, hmm.

    Thanks ALD323, and all! I followed ALD323's directions to the exact, and used 3M 9474LE (300LS) double-sided adhesive. The guard finally relaxed, went flat and with weight stayed that way at the time of the pattern cut and then the application. All looks well so far, down tight and clean. Time will tell. I recommend really sticking to ALD323's directions. Helped me stay on procedure with order, and that's a good feeling! The specific 3M adhesive I noted above is their best product for just this sort of action. Much appreciated , ALD323!
  7. I would like to put the flubber guard back on a Quilt Hummingbird as it is the factory issue. Got tired of it always lifting so removed and cleaned everything. Now as I sit here, it's two days worth of trying everything I can think of to get it to lay flat, but nothing has worked. It just keeps curling up no matter what I do. I had planned on cutting a 3M backing and replacing it that way. Anybody have some hands on with the thick soft guards as to whether this will work? *By the way the guard came off with absolutely no adhesive on its bottom . I mean none to see or feel. That is what actually concerns me. What do you think? Thanks!
  8. I smile every time I hear someone report a new guitar! Well done.
  9. Keep everything, always. Just to cause consternation to those who come after you.
  10. The finish issue would be nice to see before a comment ( I can't post pictures, so not being critical!). On the fretboard, I'm with BluesKing. But, granted, it is annoying on a new one to have anything less than perfect. These things cost a loot <( sp. -5, but I left in that way because it still makes the point !!!) of money. I hope your J-50 measures up for you in the long run; nice guitars!
  11. Ok, no problem getting my SJ-200 to go there; just being the songwriter that has slowed my fame and fortune a bit!
  12. In person with somebody getting to play and hear it is the way to get a decent price up near or just above the 2 figure. I just went and got mine out of the case a minute ago, and it's still not for sale. You probably have no real hope of getting fully what it is worth, if it happens to be one of the few that sound good from that time. Most just don't, and everybody knows that. If it means nothing special to you guys , you let it go for whatever. But darn, it is a Gibson guitar so spiff it up and strive for 2, if it doesn't sound like it has somebody's old socks in it!.
  13. SJ Deluxe Newbie - Don't give it away or anything. The burst finish usually brings a little less than the natural. As said, Norlin era was not a good one for Gibson. I have a 74 SJ Deluxe I keep though, just cause I'm contrary I guess. Condition and, most of all, somebody getting to hands on play it are the key factors to a good sale price on such a Gibson from that time. One if by mail, two if in person. How do you plan to sell it?
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