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  1. I agree with jt's insight on this one. I have guitar cases and drawers all over the house with no longer used custom made bone bridge pins in them! I'm always on the look out for small topped pins be they bone , ebony, rosewood , plastic or any material really. The smaller the top and the less mass to the pin makes a difference I think I can hear on my guitars.
  2. I play it and hear it before I begin to think about a closer look.
  3. Thanks, Buc. I wanted and needed to see that one again as I could kind of remember it! *jt, point taken. I just appreciated the lad's explanations a bit more the second time through. Maybe the owner had to go with who he could afford, or with who he had knowledge and was comfortable, etc. We do not know the circumstances.
  4. I watched the video a second time, and enjoyed again. It's always interesting to watch an instrument receiving attention. I listened a little closer and absorbed a little better what the guy had to say about why he did what he did, particularly with the back braces and the plate. Whether we can agree with him or not so, he did offer an explanation to why he was doing what he was doing in those two areas. I would sure like to think such was with the owner's blessing for certain. But, it was worth hearing what he was saying to explain his actions .
  5. Gimme a break you guys. I ran into the video on the Acoustic Guitar Forum.
  6. RBSin To: No, I'm not telling. I'm not buying one either. Just thought some folks might want to go to YouTube and watch the video for themselves.
  7. I just watched a 26 minute pretty intensive review of the Gibson G-45. The guy was more impressed with the soft case than the guitar. I must be yesteryear plus on the case thing. I thought he was pretty harsh on the guitar. It sounded ok to me on decent speakers. I saw his point on a lot of stuff, but not every negative point. And, it passed some criticals. I ran into the review on another site by chance. I guess it is on YouTube also. They cut the guitar and there was interesting stuff on the inside. fyi
  8. Just the fact it does not come with a case is end of story.
  9. It looks like there is one on my computer. (?)
  10. Right, very Everly. And, nice! The guitar, (?)
  11. White Castles are known as Body Builders in these parts. I think I'll get a sack this early evening and remember my Uncle Larry of the 101st who would arrive at my parent's house on leave at 2:00 am with 2 dozen of my favorites!
  12. The Banner Southern Jumbo with The C shape at 1.77 has converted me.
  13. In the same place and of the same age. I'm afraid computers and phones will always remain contraptions to me. Ouch.
  14. I have held onto my only artist signature guitar which is a SC CW from the 2011 run and before Gibson charged an extra grand for the name and/or torrefaction process. It was $2,300 then. The ten years past figures into the price also, I realize. Back then that was too much really! It is one of my favorite guitars on sound and build. I'd love to compare it with the current one. That would answer the torrefying question once and for all for me.
  15. Well put, kidblast. Thank you.
  16. That is why I have Brad and Brent .
  17. I still rely on a pump shotgun.
  18. RIP. Personally, "Walk Right Back" was my favorite.
  19. Gabor, you want 3M 300LSE double sided adhesive sheets. I have used on HB guard. Re-stick the entire thing with this and your problems are in the past. There is a post with good directions on here somewhere. Maybe one of the computer knowledgables on the forum here can find it for you. If not, I'll look.
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