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  1. That was nice That guitar sounds better now that it's broken in๐Ÿ˜‹
  2. You don't need no stinking pick up. How ever you recorded that, is sweet
  3. What a shot, East Cost sun rise and East Coast waves. A Christmas tree with surf clam shells for ornaments , prefect.
  4. They say " Things come in threes " Here's to next one. The first two are sweet!
  5. David, I don't like your latest version of the song Your first version has lines of imagery , that this version lacks
  6. 623 That told the story, some great lines in the song. I like it
  7. I have the same model, vintage 2011. It's a great sounding guitar, and the looks well you know it's a Gibson Burst. I have D'Addorio nickel bronze 12s on it now, after seeing a post by Sal about them being similar to titaniums that had been on it. It sounds so good I'm having a hard time convincing my self to change them. Looking forward to your thoughts when it's in your hands
  8. Now that's cool, your the best Mr Walker. I had been working on his song violin, good time to revisit it Thanks
  9. Nice conversion project, I like the simpler lines of that pew and the cross on the ends. And the prayer wear on the rounded edge ends. CAD drawings to
  10. Can't wait to see your photos and sound samples. I love a cheery burst, thats why a got a epi bird and keep it as my kitchen guitar. Helps keep me in check with my bird gas
  11. Thanks BK after the the 5th time listening , I saw I didn't respond
  12. I'm going to make one, but mine will be Budweiser. Soon as I finish this 30
  13. I'll check them out Lars, I also have the Grados you recommended. Thanks Also a pickgard from firestripe pickgard _ And looking hard at that Yamaha amp you posted about
  14. Brings to mind the John Steinbeck book Travels with Charley have a good trip. And that's a nice rig
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