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  1. There are quite a lot of genuine Epiphone Humming Birds, that came out of Korea.
  2. You may start a trend in your state, that's sharp. And a cali girl case
  3. That's a good start to a Sunday, bird info and good music.
  4. That was cool, even the cat was in to it. Or maybe checking the birds out
  5. That's the way to do it! I have a 45tv 2011, all my other high end guitars just set in there cases. So I sold them I believe Gibson was using Madagascar rose wood for the bridge and fret board at this time Your bridge looks like mine, what ever they are they are good looking pieces of rose wood
  6. I like there stands also, I have 5 that I bought used. Two had the sticky height adjustment part,and the knob on the leg release. I removed the height adjuster ( It disintegrated ) and ran a 1/4-20 self taping screw in the hole that holds height, good to go now. But they don't go they stay at home
  7. That's pretty Sal, thats the J50? Have a great Christmas guys and gals
  8. Alright! Flat. I thought you off on one of your exotic travels. Love your music, don't care what instrument you play. Good to hear and see you
  9. That is good stuff billroy, sounded good thru my head phones. The video art looks cool, I have a notion you draw quite well
  10. No Question! That was nice to listen to after a day of work. Thanks Jazzman, the Epi sounds cool
  11. My older brother listen'd to Gordon quite a bit, when I heard Me and Bobby Mcgee I said wow! That will always be the version that's in my head
  12. Sharp looking and sounding 45. Had to look at my 69 Guild with sitka on the stand, the tops look about the same color. will mahogany darken with age?
  13. I've been singing this song around the house lately. His new album is outstanding OH Boy
  14. Great guitars and you play them so cool. Sounds really good,I don't know any thing about pick ups. Keep them coming BK
  15. Don't remember if I commented on the early thread, I really like your stage area and rustic antique looking seats. Those guys in the front row, Man did they Score.
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