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  1. That's cool to hear another 45TV, I hope mine sounds the same, I believe it dose. Your strings look like a nickle alloy? I'm ready for a string change on mine, going back to nickle bronze after Martin PBs that are on it now. Thanks
  2. Is there any one as cool as Ray Wylie Hubbart Thanks Paul
  3. philfish

    John Prine

    Let my soul roll on up to the Rockchester Dam thank you John Prine
  4. I had my guitar in hand when I listened, played and sung along with you. Haven't done that song in 40yrs I knew every word. Thats how much I played it 40yrs ago Stay tight guys
  5. That sounds nice Bruce, I should have looked at EJ-200s a few years ago when they were plentiful on used sites, for cheep. I did get a Epi AJ-28 1998 125th anniversary. I fell the same as you about this Epi have had it set up new nut saddle ramped and slotted bridge, great full C neck, all over tobacco burst dark bindings. There are some nice ones to be had Hope to see a NGD post on the Gibson Acoustic Form from you
  6. Verlon Thompson is a treasure, I like the the Utube video were he plays a Guild D-40 My first good guitar, still have it and play it to this day. Since 1969
  7. That's a nice one, it seems to have the features of the TV models but with a pick up. I was wondering what bracing pattern it has. My TV has AJ bracing, I can tell by a stamp on the bridge plate.
  8. That was nice That guitar sounds better now that it's broken in😋
  9. You don't need no stinking pick up. How ever you recorded that, is sweet
  10. What a shot, East Cost sun rise and East Coast waves. A Christmas tree with surf clam shells for ornaments , prefect.
  11. They say " Things come in threes " Here's to next one. The first two are sweet!
  12. David, I don't like your latest version of the song Your first version has lines of imagery , that this version lacks
  13. 623 That told the story, some great lines in the song. I like it
  14. I have the same model, vintage 2011. It's a great sounding guitar, and the looks well you know it's a Gibson Burst. I have D'Addorio nickel bronze 12s on it now, after seeing a post by Sal about them being similar to titaniums that had been on it. It sounds so good I'm having a hard time convincing my self to change them. Looking forward to your thoughts when it's in your hands
  15. Now that's cool, your the best Mr Walker. I had been working on his song violin, good time to revisit it Thanks
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