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  1. This is the spot where I always chime in and say I've kept my 74 SJ Deelux for a reason, it sounds nice.
  2. I have two Birds that don't get to come out of their cases too often, but that one moved me a hair. Wonder what they are recording through?
  3. Hall

    1991 ES 335

    I have a 1990/91 dot 335 and it is my favorite of three 335s from 90 forward. No idea what they go for right now. But, no complaints 0n the one I own, if that is of any help. Good luck.
  4. And one vote for John Pearse 12s phos brz. I try everything and always come back to these on all my guitars, including two J-45s. *Give yourself and the guitar some time together. Good luck!
  5. Well done with the Gibson keepers. D18s are nice Martins now days.
  6. Hall

    2018 ES-335 Dot

    Well done, Jay13! *You were thinking; I was not doing so.
  7. 68 SG, huh. And, your wife lets you play it. You are a lucky man. She is a good partner.
  8. She told me I never understood her and she just "wanted to be alone".
  9. Hall

    2018 ES-335 Dot

    Yea, another one.
  10. One grin on that line, and a green bonus plus check ( whatever it is called now days).
  11. under 25 backs only ……. but, some guitar
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