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  1. The 1957 SJ-200 has 'Traditional hand scalloped X-bracing'. I think the comparison here is not RW vs Maple or Jumbo vs Dreadnought but the difference between 2 completely different guitars with a similar cost.
  2. New comparison clip I found. OK, so maybe I'm just biased but I think the Gibson sounds better to me.
  3. Update - Dealer came through, received a much cleaner, better made replacement in the mail this morning. From this, To this,
  4. That looks great with that pickguard. Mine has a Planet Waves 'O' Port Sound Enhancer fitted by the previous owner, it sounds great as is so I just left it in. As I mentioned previously I changed the saddle and bridge pins to bone and they really improved things then I discovered DR Sunbeam round-core .012 lights and they lift it to a whole new level. My serial number is - 12032310993
  5. Thanks again everyone - bit of history with me and Elixirs - they don't talk about my playing and I don't talk about how they feel like they're covered in greasy fried chicken fat - tried them 3 times - guess I'm one of the people with skin that just slides off their coating - no problem with other brands of coated strings, just Elixirs.
  6. I'm still staying with a Guild F-612 - the 12-string jumbo with 18" lower bout - there's one listed on Reverb for over $10.6K Australian + shipping ... in 'Fair' condition! https://reverb.com/au/item/125435-1971-guild-f-612-very-rare?locale=en-AU Pete Townshend has one.
  7. Dumb thread - I asked the AGF moderators to remove the word 'crap' from the opening post ... and they did. It just becomes an exercise in 'brand bashing' and there's nothing worse than owning and loving a guitar and seeing someone else call it crap.
  8. Thanks again everyone - great suggestions - the warmth and depth has surprised me, loving it - I can see why they fit .012 lights from the factory. For those who may be interested I also have a maple Huss & Dalton MJ Custom. I take my hat off to the H&D for it's light build and responsiveness but the Gibson has more tone and greater versatility.
  9. Those DR Rares Bluegrass are too heavy at the bottom end - this is a very warm sounding guitar - I reckon most would think it was rosewood in a blind test - I think a .056 might just be overkill?
  10. Thanks guys - I'm taking notes and writing theses suggestions down, some of these I already happen to have too. I do have 3 packs of Gibson Masterbuilt PB lights, same as the factory fitted originals. They set a pretty good standard so if others don't work for me I can always go back to these. This is an extremely warm sounding guitar so DR Sunbeams and Martin Retro's didn't cross my mind, I 've used both on other guitars I have and they're excellent. Ordered some John Pearse 80/20's which is totally unusual for me, I'm not a 80/20 fan but they just might suit this guitar? I also ordered some GHS Thin Core PB lights, Bright Bronze lights, Signature Bronze lights and Americana lights to try. In my string stash I've got some D'Addario EXP16's and some Nickel Bronze lights.
  11. The original factory fitted .012-.053 PB strings are just starting to sound a little dull on my new Historic 1957 SJ-200 after 4 weeks playing at home every day - just wondering what strings other SJ-200 owners out there like to use? Thanks. p.s. I was taught to spell favorite with a 'u' down here ... but now both versions are acceptable.
  12. BluesKing is so right! I know a certain Gibson that sells for US$5999.00 in the USA but cost US$8888.00 new here in Australia.
  13. Waiting for a genuine replacement - hated seeing it with no TRC so I fitted the $1.90 version I painted - here's how it looks next to the original.
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