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  1. On my very first string change on my maple 2020 Historic 1957 SJ-200 I went from factory PB's to John Pearse 80/20 lights and they were superb. My guitar is super warm and I don't think those JP New Mediums would work - it doesn't need any more bottom end. I bought more JP's but I'm also trying different brands and types in between string changes. GHS Bright Bronze were just a little too bright and didn't show signs of warming as they wore in - D'Addario Nickel Bronze have great volume, were also quite bright when new but settled down after a couple of days and are sounding real
  2. Reminds me of the time I went to see the 'Yessongs' concert movie at the cinema. They opened with a film of Van Morrison in concert. The guy in front of me turned to the person sitting next to him and said, "This is s h i t isn't it?" The guy answered, "Sure is!"
  3. I saw Yes on their last world tour with Chris Squire - they played the full 'Fragile' and 'Close To The Edge' albums in the correct song sequence. Magic.
  4. It was all that Honey Dew and Milk of Paradise that kept them going.
  5. I sold 3 guitars on consignment at a store in Melbourne. Their pictures were excellent too.
  6. I'll never look at a meatball in the same way again.
  7. Back in 2011 someone thought it would be great idea to have Meatloaf perform at the Australian Rules Football Grand Final. I'm guessing they based the idea on the huge popularity of the 'Bat Out Of Hell' album and didn't do any up-to-date research on how this guy sounds live. The results were as I expected - live on TV - absolutely terrible.
  8. Nice but it's like a flat chested Raquel Welch - if you have an SJ-200 there's just too much missing.
  9. I'm so paranoid I clip mine on the buttons of the keystone tuners - I clip it on 4D first then I move it to 6E.
  10. Pete's signature maybe but no, I spent $400 having it framed anyway .... or should that be Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere?
  11. There was also a Korean made EJ-300 with rosewood back & sides. I bought this one on Reverb but returned it for a full refund - frets were a mess and all the tuners were shot and it didn't sound or play anywhere as nice as my Indonesian EJ-200.
  12. Bought a high quality 24" x 32" print of the Tommy album cover artwork by Michael McInnerey from 'Visual Gallery' in the USA. Still listed on their site for just US$49.00 http://www.visualgallery.com/who_tommy.html Superbly packaged it arrived in mint condition and I had it professionally framed.
  13. Swapped the plastic saddle on my Epiphone EJ-200 to bone and could hear an improvement - the very next day the bone pins I ordered were delivered so I swapped them too - sustain and volume both improved again.
  14. Nice review but I'm taking your advice on board regarding unsuitability for an already warm guitar. My '57 SJ-200 is extremely warm out of the box. I'm trying a set of GHS Bright Bronze at the moment but they might be just a little too bright. The GHS Signature Bronze are rated in between their Bright Bronze and PB's on their Bright/Mellow spectrum. I'll give them a try next. I've got J Pearse 80/20's to fall back on, they sound superb on this guitar.
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