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  1. If you use the gold version you play a 'classier, upmarket' style of music.
  2. Very similar - I just happen to have one of those Herco picks - slightly smaller and has a very pronounced ring in the grip area only on one side.
  3. I'm a fan of plain 'ol Jim Dunlop grey .60mm Nylon - some years back I saw they released a gold coloured version to commemorate 50 years so I bought some - noticed the raised dimple grip was slightly more pronounced than the regular grey picks - I'm guessing the dye they use to stamp these out was much fresher.
  4. I'm on the far south coast of New South Wales - happy to give it a shot - here's my bridge repair.
  5. I went searching for a rich sounding 12-string - finally found it in my rosewood Martin Grand J12-40E Special - Martin's first true jumbo with a 17" lower bout - double the price of a Guild F-512 at the time and not a huge sales success - dropped from production after just 3 years - 2009/10/11 - only 231 ever made - better than a Guild F-512? - probably not. Don't dismiss Taylor 12-strings while you're looking - excellent playability - they dropped the jumbo body and came up with their Grand Orchestra - a little narrower than the old jumbo but a little deeper - the real value standout in their lineup was the 458eR rosewood.
  6. I like these. Music Nomad 'One' guitar polish and 'F-One' for the fingerboard and bridge.
  7. Eden, New South Wales, Australia - it's a small coastal town halfway between Melbourne and Sydney.
  8. Did I mention I ordered my new Historic 1957 SJ-200 on Feb 6th ( my mother died 4 days later) after surviving the bushfires here and it's not expected to be delivered until late September/early October?
  9. Firstly I contacted the Australian distributor of Gibson guitars and asked for a price and availability for a new 2020 Historic 1957 SJ-200 - they didn't know anything about them but did get back to me with a price and gave me the OK to order it through any Gibson dealer here - there was no other way I could buy one with a valid warranty.
  10. I wanted to buy from them but I'm in Australia and Gibson policy does not allow US dealers to sell to customers outside the USA. Guild and Martin have adopted the same policy.
  11. Try extending the slot in that number 6 bridge pin like the one pictured on the left.
  12. Hi, by coincidence I'm a Epiphone EJ-200 owner waiting on delivery of my first new Gibson SJ-200! I just did a quick scan of those Reverb listings posted by Paul14 above and this is the stand out SJ-200 that caught my eye https://reverb.com/item/32979588-gibson-acoustic-sj-200-original-vintage-sunburst-023-5lbs-0-3oz I like it because it 's brand new and has the Gotoh tuners and a four bar moustache bridge instead of the usual Grover tuners and two bar bridge - it has a pick-up system so can be plugged in, the Vintage Sunburst looks great and it comes in under your budget.* * Came back and re-checked it an hour later and the original 17% off price has been dropped and it's back up to US$4649 plus US$130 for shipping - still a good price.
  13. Survived the bushfires here in Australia - wife said 'go for it' - ordered guitar Feb 6th - my mother passed away Feb 10th - after her funeral COVID hit everywhere - it's been some year!
  14. Found this clip this morning - they do chat away too much but there's a nice demo around the 6.00 minute mark - gotta say as a strummer it made me feel I've made a good choice - mine is due late September/early October.
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