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  1. Lighten up guys - the OP asked if his guitar was a fake and the forum responded and confirmed - there's nothing to be gained from coming down hard on him - let's adopt a more friendly attitude in the hope that despite owning a non-genuine guitar that a positive Gibson forum experience will inspire him towards a real, genuine Gibson guitar.
  2. 'I don't think this is a guitar that you J-45, HB, Dove, SJ-200 and SJ guys will be snatching up to put in your collection. It was $1199 and I think it comes with a gig bag. It was the only Gibson in the store. I don't think these are targeted at existing Gibson guitar owners but at $1199 I'd be interested to see how it compares with the new solid wood Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' J-45? G-45 on left - sunburst Epiphone IBG J-45 on right.
  3. Could the maple leaf represent a maple top and not be Canada related? It's a great looking guitar.
  4. I'm guessing Chris Martin himself might have felt the same way about their 0000/M guitars way back in 1984 when he decided to increase the body depth from 4 1/8" to the dreadnought depth of 4 7/8" and name the 14 fret body as 'Jumbo' or J-14. I believe this is him showing the new J-40 for the 1st time. I think calling it a 'Jumbo' was a massive mistake as many people immediately assume it's going to be big - it isn't. Then in 2009 when Martin finally built a full size jumbo body with 17" lower bout what were they going to call it when they already used 'Jumbo' for the J-14? They simply added the word 'Grand' to the title. Here's a Martin 'Grand' jumbo next to a Martin J-14 body guitar.
  5. Bought my 1st Gibson last year - decided to sell 2 Martin guitars earlier this year - 2009 Martin Grand J12-40E Special ( 1 of only 231 made) and 2011 Martin JDP II ( build 71 of just 71 made) they just weren't getting the play time they deserved - time to move them on together with a Huss & Dalton MJ Custom. The JDP II sold in a few days ( buyer in UK ), the Grand J12-40E Special in a few weeks and the H&D in a couple of months - I channeled some of the funds from the H&D to a new Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' Hummingbird with hard case. I would be happy to own Martin or Huss & Dalton guitars again.
  6. Be patient - I have one and it's worth the wait. Mine took a couple of months to be delivered here in Australia. I bought mine with hard case too. Not disappointed! If you want a good example of the guitar shortage at the moment go check out the current selection of Gibson SJ-200's at Wildwood - I've seen them list as many as 50, now they have just 2 of the new G-200's! https://wildwoodguitars.com/product-category/acoustics/gibson-acoustics/super-jumbo/
  7. You guys are good -I googled Gibson LGO and sure enough, the early models have that pick guard with 3 screws and a straight bridge - looks like they went with the 'upside down' bridge Gibson are known for some time in the early 1960's. This is a 1959 model .. same dots on the bridge either side of the bridge pins too.
  8. The 'Inspired by Gibson' acoustics are mighty impressive too - very pleased with my new Hummingbird seen here with an older EJ-200 and Custom Historic 1957 SJ-200. EJ-200 - good mono IBG Hummingbird - stereo SJ-200 - 5.1 surround sound
  9. Music Nomad F-One fretboard conditioner - made for guitars, not furniture or gun stocks - works brilliantly. Check out the bridge on my Martin JDP II after I treated it - and yes, they use these pictures on their site too.
  10. I haven't played the Gibson but I'm very happy with my new IBG Hummingbird ... and it lives with some nice guitars.
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