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  1. Yep, as the post above says ... they come with .012"s and I'm sticking with them! My new Epiphone 'Inspired By Gibson' Hummingbird comes with .012"s too.
  2. As someone once pointed out - once your fingers are on the fretboard it doesn't really make much difference with the nut. So I left mine alone but if I needed a new nut for some reason then I would definitely upgrade to bone.
  3. They are not Gibsons but they are very good guitars for relatively small money. I think they are excellent value.
  4. These are made in Indonesia same as my 2012 Epiphone EJ-200 pictured below and yes, I bought it new. Hard case is an optional extra. You can notice the new re-designed shorter headstock on the new guitar.
  5. I have a 2012 EJ-200 from Indonesia and it responded very nicely to a saddle and bridge pin upgrade to bone and a set of DR Sunbeam round-core strings - that's all I did to it.
  6. Mine was delivered yesterday - beautiful set up by 'The Acoustic Centre' in Melbourne, Australia. The only thing I'm going to change is swapping the plastic bridge pins for bone on the first string change.
  7. Gotoh TK-7740 are 18:1 direct replacements for Grover Rotomatics https://www.allparts.com/products/tk-7740-gotoh-sg301-full-size-grover-style-3x3-keys Any open gear replacement is going to be lighter but nearly all of them use push-fit bushings and the existing holes in your headstock will be too large so you will need a set of 'reduction' bushings - open gear tuners also have 2 locating screws per tuner so drilling is required too. Grover are also making a great looking keystone style tuner with a screw-in bushing which solves the 'reduction' bushing problem but s
  8. I won't buy Martin strings anymore after experiencing this on several different sets - I'm guessing there's moisture sealed in the packs that causes this - to their credit Martin did replace these but enough is enough.
  9. Sgt Pepper made me really sit up for the first time and appreciate music and the world we all live in ... I'm talking about the Beatles album. 'Sgt Pepper' here on the forum ... not so much.
  10. It's a non compensated saddle - super easy to replace and if you widen and lengthen the slots in those pins just a little to give the string end binding some more room they'll stop popping up when you start winding some tension on the string.
  11. The only thing I find difficult about playing a jumbo is just mediocre they make all other guitars sound and feel.
  12. Gibson got the gauge absolutely right with .012 'Lights' on my Custom Historic 1957 SJ-200 but I don't think PB's were just quite right, I found 80/20's have a much sweeter balance.
  13. Makes sense, you know you're gonna need to do it anyway so why not save time.
  14. Martin does that knowing the binding is just going to fall off anyway.
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