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  1. Boyd, I would revise, and down tone my review which described the buttons as junk and a waste of time, to ( "nice looking buttons, honest vender responded with full refund when the button was defective.) That way other guitar buyers would have a heads up when deciding to order these.
  2. Ollie yes I have contacted the supplier by email of my wish for a refund, along with the picture of the broken button sample shown above..I have not yet recieved a response. They had asked me to "revise my negative review of the buttons,"... I told them if I recieve a refund on my order, that I would do so, otherwise a revision of my negative review on the buttons would not be possible. If they respond I will let you know via this thread. If your buttons have not cracked yet, maybe you will be ok, so try not to worry ok?
  3. Boyd, thanks for the link..I may try these white buttons at some point in the future. They look stronger than the ones I ordered, wish I had waited on those..not worth sending back to taiwan so I guess I'm stuck with them! Darn it! The AllParts butons look pretty nice, and I have bought things from AllParts before but didn't realize they sold these. AllParts sells the exact copy of the Epiphone Hummingbird pick guard and I replaced the worn one I had and was happy with that product.
  4. I also checked stewmac first for rotomatic buttons. They did not carry these, and have not found a single other vender who does in the United States. If anyone knows a reliable one please let us know. Here is a pic of the broken tuner button. These are not typical plastic, like the old buttons found on Gibsons with quality plastics...these are acrylic Ivoroid used for jewelry in the 1930's era. It may look and feel lile plastic, but it is a far different animal, and likely more brittle than the high quality durable plastics used on Gibsons white button tuners in my opinion.
  5. UPDATE: Hard lesson learned...but an interesting experiment I guess on the white j-45 pins I ordered from Taiwan to replace the metal rotomatic buttons. I recieved them today in short order about a week. They looked great, felt great, and looked even better on my J-45...BUT...after installing them on the guitar, and after admiring their new look for a bit..I began to play. They had gone out of tune from the button changing, which is all fine, I began to retune...until the A tuner button just busted off, with one single turn...in half..onto the floor. I had taken special care to not over tighten them and also in making sure the washers remained on each tuner before installing the white acrylic ivoroid buttons. I removed them all immediately. I guess I know know why the heavy solid metal buttons are put on the rotomatics. ...The pressure of the screw holding the pin onto the shaft could collapse that steel button if it were to tinny or light..so a sturdy heavy metal button is placed on it instead..one which by the way, will last a life time. Perhaps the plastics simply can not handel prolonged pressure of the screw holding them on the shaft?.. though they may last longer for others they did not work for me. Rotomatics are built to last a life time of use and abuse, I do not believe these plastic buttons will fare nearly as well. So if you use these plastic buttons while playing out, I would urge you to taking caution in bring the metal ones or an extra plastic one and a screwdrive to fix it, or you would be unable to play. The breakage happened in a single pop turn before the string had even reached tune. I would simply have flipped if this had occured on a gig unexpectantly..there would have been no way to fix it. .....and now I also understand why they sent me 3 extra white plastic buttons with the set. They break. Oh well, not to worry. And so now my metal rotomatic buttons are back on my J-45....whew!...and there they will stay unless I decide to do the drill and replace thing..which is simply not worth the effort to me.
  6. Hi, I have both the j-45 and the J-45 Studio burst version. The Studio is indeed noticably thinner in depth, particularly at the bottom lower bout. They really are like a pair of twins. The J-45 standard is thicker, and its sound a bit deeper....the Studio...so close in sound...but a little bit brighter..still bery good balance and bottom end. They are both great guitars and at this point I'm no longer sure why I even need both other tahn the slight difference in tone and thickness, which makes it lighter and easier to hold. But the Studio came at a delicious price I could not turn down. Below is my 2019 Gibson J-45 Studio walnut burst.
  7. Olie thanks for the updates...I just ordered 2 sets of these these as well, and can't wait to make my 2013 J-45 look better...as well as my new J-45 Studio model. These buttons will go on both. Like you, I like the way, they work perfect and found no reason to replace them...these Ivoroid acrylic buttons are beautiful too. Those who want these might consider ordering them as 44 sets of these have been sold already. These buttons look great, and the company in Taiwan who makes them are very honest and easy to work with, having responded with them repeatedly. I have requested them to attempt to produce Gibson Hummingbird Jade Tulip buttons for the gibson hummingbird rotomatics. You might want to drop a bug in their ear by email about the Jade Tulip buttons exclusively made for rotomatics..we could just end up with the perfect solution for those steely looking heavy rotomatics on a hummingbird. I told them I would order those Tulip buttons in a heartbeat should they decide to produce them...and so likely would many others who are stuck with those cold clunky rotomatic tuners Gibson insists on using on the hummingbird standard model. ..Many thanks to the original poster of this thread JJrpilot. Sooo glad you posted this! And thanks Olie for your update on these J-45 acrylic Ivoroid button replacements for the J-45. These buttons are a brilliant way to have your cake and eat it too!
  8. Congratulations! I'd walk a mile for a camel, and a lot further for that beautiful guitar! It's killer looks are just plain classic and iconic. I want one!
  9. E-minor7 ...the ebony pins really did the trick for me....the trebles were just a little too shiny and seemed to blanket the rich warmth of the hog. I bought the ebony pins at GC and figured I give them a try. The bone pins absolutely devastated it with high trebs, and I even experimented with a bone saddle from colossi...that made it sound like an HD -28 ...way too deep and full and loud. I think a Hummingbird should "Hum." That was why I bought it, and I love it better every day! Good luck on harnessing your trebles..it really can be done...I would say however it took some getting used to looking at dark pins verses the typical gibson white ball pin..which I prefer the looks of....but tone had to win out for me over that idea...and the ebony made it sweet, rich and low...JUST what I wanted for singing!
  10. Birdman, I have tried many strings types and many pin varities on my bird. I found Elixir 80/20 nano's to be my best bet...love the longevity...LOVE the tone after they "break in." but that is subjective of course.......but the biggest difference I've found was in the pins....for me..the factory plastic pins made it sound Meh....the bone pins freaked it out on volume and treble removing the hum from the hummingbird ...the Ebony/abalone Martin brand pins...ahhh..there was the sweet spot I was looking for...harnessed treble....blended and warm lows and even all across the mid stings. ... I just wish mine was red like yours is....so beautiful.
  11. Thanks Boyd, knowing that makes the button swaps even easier. I'm just not ready to pay for a complete tuner swap, and the photos posed here of the white button replacements by another member seemed to be an ideal answer for me since I really have never had a problem with rotomatics and how they function. I am now wondering now, since the screw on version of the " jade tulip tuner buttons" seem not to be available for my Hummingbird..if these white bean buttons would look better on the hummingbird standard, than the the flashy heavy rotomatics on that one as well? ..any opinions on that??...would these white buttons look moure out of place than the metal rotomatic buttons on a Hummingbird standard??
  12. I've just ordered 2 sets of these white tuner buttons for my 2015 J-45...and for my Gibson J-45 Studio, hoping they will look better than the mental tuners and lighter in weight too. They seem very nice and have those sweet ivoroid lines in them. When they arrive and are installed I will report back. Hopefully others will do the same. They appear to be selling fast in the web site. Does anyone know if I must remove the strings to install these, or perhaps loosen the pressure, or can the buttons be put on without detuning or removing the strings. Thanks all!
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