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  1. My 2020 Hummingbird has 8 digits. The 1st and 5th numbers will give you the year it was made ( Example: 24650335 will tell you it was made in 2020. ) That guitar looks much older than 2020 to me, I previously owned a honeyburst guitar in 2013. My new 2020 is heritage cherry red. Your however is not a Standard Hummingbird, and the red lable and tulip tuners reveal this....Generally those guitars are higher in price than the standards when new.
  2. The bridge appears fine. The saddle looks as tall as the World Trade Center. That could have contributed to the cracked saddle. The good news is that GC can easily replace the saddle and do a good set up. I have had many guitars done at GC, be sure to tell them what you want in terms of action and you should be fine. Looking at that very high saddle, I can tell you that when you get a new one and a good set up, it will make that guitar sound better than ever before. It's unfortunate, but it is also a small easy fix if it is only the saddle that needs replacement. Be sure to specify to GC which
  3. The Standard HB is Mahogany. The Studio HB is walnut. To me there is a mountain of difference in tone....The Standard Hog being warm, rich and emits a delicous humming sound and tone. The Studio Walnut HB..is brighter, less warm, and not as rich as the Standard IMO.
  4. I've owned both the Studio and the Standard. The Studio bird was nice, but was sold within a year. The Standard bird was light years ahead . It has remained the pride of my stable and will never be sold.
  5. To name just a few... Come Sail Away...Stix Captain Jack... Billy Joel Riders On the Storm,,, The Doors Harvest Moon...Neil Young Working Class Hero...John Lennon Dust In The Wind...Kansas If You Could read My Mind...Gordon Lightfoot Wonderful Tonight...Eric Clapton At Seventeen...Janis Ean Posatively Forth Street...Bob Dillon Father And Son...Cat Stevens Bang A Gong...T Rex Taxi...Harry Chapin... Also Cats In The Cradel Fire And Rain...James Taylor
  6. Wolfi....I vote NO. You have stated the following in your own words about your Gibson, you wrote: "I just can't make up my mind about those weird dark grain stripes in the wood. " ..this tells me you may not be happy with what you got on a $2850 guitar. I too disliked the excessive stripes going down all over my two Gibson guitars. It took me six returns...I returned a J-45 three times, and a Hummingbird three times for esthetic reasons only. I hated doing it, but I hated the way they looked. The result? Both my J-45 and the Hummingbird are now flawless, with perfect burst, and no (zero)
  7. There is a soundhole in it which dips inside...while the lower deeper portion of the body looks solid, but you have to look close inside to see it. It it the best replica model of a Gibson Hummingbird I have ever seen! It really draws your eye sitting a a table and is a nice size and width, and is about 10.5 inches tall when sitting on the included gruitar stand..which looks very nice too. There is carved nut over which the strings go, and also a saddle on it, and the tuner buttons are metal. It appears to look like be sitka and Mahogany. A very pleasant piece to look on almost any normal en
  8. I ordered, and just recieved my little Gibson HB model which looks exactly as it does above! It shipped and arrived in just a few days. It comes with a mini sized black guitar stand to set it on...looks classy on the end table, or in the music area! Really does look lke a Gibson Hummingbird! I wanted to order a J-45 model to pair with it HB, but they were already sold out of those! So I was lucky to get the HB. If your a Hummingbird lover as I am, or know someone who is..this really makes a unique gift! A bit pricy..but pretty and likely to last years. It has the traditional red cherry burst
  9. yes, Naptha..which is common lighter fluid ...used to fill cigarette lighters and light charcoal grills. .. works perfect..with zero harm to any finish including nitro or poly. I used it on my own Masterbilt AJ-45 when I replaced it with a new one. Pour some on a rag...rub it back and forth..it will get gummy, then come off entirely leaving no residue.
  10. Looks like a cracked nut which resulted in some of the nitro finish popping off as well.
  11. Biotene, get it in Amazon or over the counter drug stores. Recommended by doctors specifically for dry mouth. It works! https://www.amazon.com/Biotene-Moisturizing-Mouth-Spray-Gentle/dp/B01IA9CB7W/ref=sr_1_3?crid=DHVWJ5UO9R3G&dchild=1&keywords=biotene+mouth+spray&qid=1623374495&sprefix=biotene+mo%2Cgarden%2C164&sr=8-3
  12. " We don't provide information anymore on the factory codes, as the quality of our Epiphone guitars is the same throughout all the Epiphone factories " ...says the customer service team..... LOL! There's nothing like a good joke to brighten up the day right?! LOL!
  13. On my Gibson Hummingbird, My Epi Hummingbird, and all other guitars I own, I use only >> Elixir Nanoweb, 80/20 (.12-.53) >> Exclusively for years. Now those guitars may one day see another brand of strings on them, but not till I'm dead and buried, and someone else owns them!
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