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  1. On my Gibson Hummingbird, My Epi Hummingbird, and all other guitars I own, I use only >> Elixir Nanoweb, 80/20 (.12-.53) >> Exclusively for years. Now those guitars may one day see another brand of strings on them, but not till I'm dead and buried, and someone else owns them!
  2. Great looking guitar! Have you had the chance to compare it with a Gibby bird yet? Wondering how you thiink they compare in the sound, tone and volume departments! thx
  3. Very revealing review. Would love to see pics of this guitar! This is the second review I've read about lifting pick guards (once again) and rough binding, and bad nuts and saddle and very rough set ups. Perhaps just a coincidence? I would expect this baby not to sound exactly like its Gibson counterpart because of the price. But the issues mentioned above seem like Deja vu.
  4. The Gibson J-45 Standard is a wonderful guitar...at least mine is. It should be remembered that these guitars "come from the factory with .12-.53 string guage" (which is considered to be a (Light set of strings.") Extra Light is simply too light on a premium guitar in my opinion, for they will often sound tinny, harsh, thin and overly bright. I recommend using the Lights .12-.53 in the brand of YOUR choice. It will make the guitar sound thicker, and the light strings will not be hard to play. Light strings are a wonderful comprimise betwee Medium strings and Extra Light strings. So if you are
  5. Here is what really happened! He got the guitar. He decided that he no longer wanted to spend the money on the guitar. He determined he made a mistake in buying the guitar, and now has buyers remorse. He now must find a reason...an excuse...to return it and get his money back. He notices that the guitar is in perfect condition. He can not find anything wrong with the guitar. So he makes something up....Ahhhh Haaaa says the buyer! A string is out of tune, guitar not sold as advertised! I would tell him to take a nice walk, to the nearest bridge, and jump!
  6. Thanks for your review. Now give your oponion on the Gibson Hummingbird sustainable. Hope to find one with wanut fret board and bees wax finish. This just appeals to me as a woodworker for 45 yrs. Tascosa....The gibson hummingbird sustainable is a completely different guitar...with different body shape and completely different body and sides wood. (Maghaogay vs Walnut) and you will find these two guitars sound very different because of the different woods used and the different body shapes involved. Walnut will sound brighter and snappier than Mahogany, Mahogany will sound warmer than
  7. I agree. NOT a good company to do business with. I experienced high prices, long waits for arrival, poor quality, and very sluggish response from them ...stay away. I use LMI in the link posted below. Although covid has caused them to greatly reduce the number of pick guards at this time....they are high quality, arrive on time and look beautiful. They used to make Gibson, Martin and Taylor guards....if you call them perhaps they will make a special order on what you want. https://www.lmii.com/457-pickguards-pre-shaped
  8. ALD323


    Violeiro...Beautiful guitar congradulations! I have one of these in this color (but it is the standard model) Occasionally I take it camping with me in summer if the weather and humidity are not to high on the given weekend. Hah! One time I pulled it out and sat on a folding chair by my camper, and before I even began to play it, a small audience of campers collected, just to see the thing! Ooooo!! Ahhhh! What a beautiful guitar they commented, play us a song!! Such an iconic guitar, professional or non-professional, everyone seems to recognize and love a Gibson Hummingbird! Best of luck with
  9. I had high hopes for these Inspired By Gibson... Epiphone Hummingbird guitars, and have been considering one when they are available. I would use it to take some wear and tear off my Gibson Hummingbird which I use heavily. But based on all the pictures and reviews I have seen, as well as photos from Sweetwater and others, including the picture above and below ....I notice that the Hummingbird pick guard is particularly off, dull looking, washed out, dim, and just plain uncomplementary to an iconic guitar even if it is under the Epiphone name plate. It just does not look right to me. Not for th
  10. I would be interested in knowing how real those fret sticker inlays look close up, and where they can be bought! I would consider putting them on my beater epi to make it look cool, if the stickers look real close up, and do not peel off in time, or with cleaning the fret board...anyone know?
  11. #1 ...Hummingbird Standard ...(number one by a mile in my view) #2 ...SJ-200 #3 ...Dove
  12. Good move. You are correct. You will find another J-45 that sounds just as good without the defect mark. Remember that the next J-45 will be stiff and not warmed up, and may take a while to vibrate as good as the old one, but it will come around. My guess is that you will get lucky this time and find a J-45 that sounds even better than the one you have once you have played it in for for a few weeks.
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