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  1. The procedure works, glad someone found this link for you. If you have questions PM me or post here. Thanks
  2. I'm interested in all three bird guards..just tell me what you need me to do. I have three Hummingbirds, and could really use these thanks...Alan

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    2. duluthdan


      Should be there Thursday FedEx track # 7745 2582 0035. 
      ho ho ho to you and yours

      Smile Fierce !!!

    3. ALD323


      God bless you Dan! I'm so happy you made my Christmas! My bird will be like new!!! And I needed cheering up, my Dad just died at age 98, so your kindness is appreciated and was sent from the Universe. ..and that quarter coin WILL be in the red cross box tonight.  Merry Christmas!

    4. ALD323


      Thanks again Dan! Merry Christmas! (home 610 776 0932)   (Cell 484 223 6293) ( email ALD9000@aol.com) ...Alan  Stay well!

  3. I agree with the others, return the J-200 and get the Epi IBG Hummingbird..I own it as well as the Gibson bird The Epi IBG bird is fantastic, your only problem maybe to find one with a decent top on it that is not stained with runout. Not sure where Gibson gets their top spruce woods that causes such staining and bad appearance. Bought my Epi IBG Hummingbird used online at GC because I could see the spruce top was not marred in color with stains and run out. Also know that Sweetwater sells the IBG Hummingbird, but they are now all made in CHINA, no longer indonesia, as marked on the rear headstock in Sweetwaters pics. Now I used to just love my stunning and beautiful Gibson J-200 but sold it because no matter what I did, or what strings I used. it just sounded dead, like it was missing something tone wise on sound, even though it had great sustain. The J-200 just sounded two dimentional to me, missing the three dimentional sound of the bird or J-45. In my opinion the J-200 is just to big to produce the delicious focused sound of the Hummingbird or J-45, perhaps because of the maple which affects the sound. The IBG sould sound rich, full, clear adn focused. I have the IBG J-45 and it too is very good if you can bear the horrendous pick guard, which I tore off and replaced with the regulae celluloid tear drop guard. Good luck, you'll find your way. let us know how you make out ok? thx.
  4. Congratulations, the IBG line is great. I also bought a used IBG J-45 and love it. I replaced the thick bat wing pick guard with a Gibson style tear drop pick guard (found it on Amazon) and it looks even more like a Gibson now. I also bought a used IBG Hummingbird...delightful, and very close in sound to the Gibson model (I own both). Both models are spectacular for the price. The used market on these is an especially good value. But they are well worth the price you pay for them new. Good luck. The J-45 is a very special guitar!
  5. Awesome, I have 80/20 Elixir lights on mine. I've never tried the Gibson coated strings. Thanks!
  6. Anne it's wonderful! Your soul comes through from the heart! Thank you!
  7. bubba thanks! What strings do you favor on your AJ-500M, 80/20's or PB's gauges? thx ...Loving mine at the moment!
  8. Owned an Epiphone AJ-500MNS some years ago, but very regretfully sold it off. Big mistake! Anyway I found a nice 2010 used one in excellent shape, it was hardly played at all with gorgeous mahogany back and sides, and run out free sitka top. So I took the chance. Oh what a wonderful sounding guitar! Anyone else have one of these gems? Sorry I can't put pics in, it says I exceeded some limit but doesn't say how to fix it. But this AJ-500MNS plays like new, rich, warm, woody, thick, dark, delicious. I almost want to eat it!! lol! Oh and the woody smell....it's a 2010 and still has that rich woody scent of hog! Just wonderful guitars. It's a shame they discontinued them. Got mine back..it will never leave again!! Baby is home!!!
  9. Beautiful..ther's nothing like a Hummingbird in the garden!
  10. The string gauge for your Epiphone Hummingbird guitar is ( .12-.53 ) These are considered to be light stings. I use them on everything including my Gibson Hummingbird. These are what came standard on it. Many of them came with PB strings, but I often prefer 80/20 stings for clarity of tone, but that is a personal choice. My string of choice for decades has been Elixir 80/20, or PB in light guage (.12-.53) ..they cost a lot more, they last ten times longer, even years on your guitar if you don't play a lot. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks 62burst for you thoughts! Yes I do like older worn in strings like you do! Thank goodness you responded, seems no one else is in here anymore!
  12. Hi all! Does anyone know what I might expect to hear as my (Elixir PB nanoweb lights .12-.53) might sound, AFTER they have fully worn in on my IBG bird? I know how the 80/20's sound after being worn in, a little darker less brightness. I know it takes a while because they are coated. . But I don't know what to expect from the PB set I put on. I do like the difference but don't know how long the PB's will take to wear in verses the 80/20's, or how the tone will be affected in the long run with the PB's. Thanks, opinions might help me!
  13. Tone to the bone!!! I have an IBG J-45 non-cut away, and also an IBG Hummingbird. I am able to directly compare these two IBG's neck to neck, with the Gibson J-45 and the Gibson Hummingbird counterparts because I have both of those as well. The Gibsons are better, no question...but that would not be immediately obvious unless you played them back to back, even then it is hard to tell. The IBG's are very, very, good. I use the IBG versions in winter and under harsh conditions, while leaving the Gibsons in their case in low humidity conditions etc. I use all four, regularly. And the two matched pairs of guitars are a perfect fit, and well worth the money. I will predict that the IBG's will one day stop being produced, they are just too good and likely compete with the Gibson models. If anyone wants one, I suggest they get them now before they are gone. They are lifetime guitars, solid wood, bone nut and saddle..and the finish is so good, I wish it were on both my Gibsons instead of nitro because they would be far more durable and would be played a lot more. The IBG finish is beautiful to the touch and to the eye. There is no such thing as a "sticky neck" on an IBG model, and no sweat marks or stains ever develop that can not easily be wiped off. This new finish on the IBG's is even better than the formula Taylor uses for the finishes on their guitars, and looks really smooth and semi gloss delicious.!
  14. Update...and a big thanks to all who replied in here on this issue. Very helpful! I have decided to go with PB's on both my Gibson hummingbird, as well as my Epi IBG Hummingbird. ...having tested both 80/20 and PB's, on them and have found to my old ear, the PB's to be much richer, thicker, and fuller, and warmer, while still having delicious mids and sweet highs that the 80/20's provided. I used Elixir nanoweb PB lights (.12-.53) simply because they just last way longer and am quite satisfied with them. Thanks again guys! I'd add photos but this website tells me my files are too big, even though I reduced them from 500 KB's to just 65KB's so I give up on that sorry!
  15. If you have a Gibson Hummingbird, which is your string of choice? 80/20 or PB and why? I have always used 80/20's but recently I bought a used IBG epi hummingbird which came with PB's ..I was about to tear them off, but decidd to play for a while with the PB's ..the more I play the more I like them...but I am not sure if its the guitar or the stings. What say you guys?! THX!
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