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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

    My photo hеrе https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Dodger11

  2. Hi Red Mine looks like a 70s guitar - saw the same one on ebay Germany listed for 1000 euros!
  3. Sorry Red not sure if that works but a search of the forum should bring up that old post. It has some pics of your amazing collection too!
  4. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/101398-show-off-your-acoustics/
  5. I bought the Behringer pedal and it improves the volume a lot but it still sounds a bit like a semi acoustic electric guitar - like a Casino maybe. I have a fishman sonitone pickup that a fine Epi forum member very kindly sent me; still considering having that installed. It has the 2 dials in the soundhole and goes through the end strap pin hole so pretty non-evasive and I can keep the old pickup installed too.
  6. I might be wrong but I think the change from laminate to solid in EJ200 happened around August 2011. If it has a pickup installed already too it seems a great deal - gig-ready solid topped Jumbo - nice!
  7. just from what I've learned from others on this site I think the GR is Grand Rewards factory in China and the guitar was built in April 2005 (the 0504 at the start. I remember some other members enthusing about their 12 fret Masterbilts and they seemed to be a well sought after model that sounded great...
  8. Nice amps - I found mine was fine through an electric practice amp (probably because it's a passive pickup) but not so great through a mixer and active speaker setup. Is your strung with electric or acoustic strings? Mine has pure acoustic which is probably another factor.
  9. Hey Rev what are you plugging into? I have one of the older John Lennon signature models and the pickup doesn't sound very good - weak and not very loud - considering either installing a new pickup or a Behringer AD121 pedal between the guitar and mixer.
  10. I have one of the original EJ160es with the signature too and it's a great guitar but the pickup apparently reacts better to electric strings. I have never tried this as I've only played it acoustically. Have tried it through a PA (straight into the mixer) and it sounded better through an electric amp because of the mag pickup. I find it sounds better (to my ear) with 11s although think it's set up for 12s.
  11. I almost plumped for the dreadnought jnr. Lovely guitarxand very comfortable. Wanted something more auditorium shaped though. The jnr has lovely tone.
  12. Hey Irish Rover hope everything is ok with you now. I was trying out a few GS Minis too but prefer the Harley Benton CLA-28VE I got from Thomann at about a third of the price. Decent copy of the Martin 00028v
  13. Mick did you let your HB all solid go? My laminate b&s HBs are up there with the low end Martins if not better
  14. Can't recommend the CLA28 enough Mick - they are bringing on out with walnut b&s too soon. Doesn't your J15 have this combination? The CLA is shallow but produces a great mid range sound - love mine already. Better than a Taylor GS Mini or Martin 000x1ae and a third of the price. Beautiful to look at - very faithful copy of the Martin 00028v but tenth of the price
  15. Alright Mick - hope you're well Played both this and the slightly lower end model in a local shop and was impressed. Very nice guitar and very similar to the J45. I'm still on the Harley Bentons - just bought the auditorium one (CLA-28VE) and have done 3 gigs with it already. Really impressed with the HB custom line guitars - a lot of guitar for little money - and probably made side by side to Sigma judging by the looks of other models. Hardly playing my Epiphone at all now - probably because I strung it with EXP16s and they don't suit. both my HBs have these strings and sound great but elixirs suit the Epi better and I think 11s suit better too.
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