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  1. Hello. I'm sure you have your hands full after the fire, but I just wanted to send my condolences after the smoke settled (no pun intended). Having seen your list of gear, I can only imagine how devastating it would be to lose any of it. I hope things worked out as well as they could and that you're getting your life back on track. Good luck.

  2. Sunday I was at a local lumberyard picking up some supplies & my wife called to tell me our house was on fire. I have lived in my home for 40 years & never had any issues of this sort. I drove home at over 80 miles an hour (about 6 miles from home) to only be able to get within a half a block & run the rest of the way. Four fire trucks and smoke rolling out of my basement windows where the firemen had kicked them out. The actual fire began in a basement office in a surge protector. Unfortunately the smoke & soot damage was house wide and today my adjuster informed me that the entire interior of my home will have to be gutted. As awful as that is - I can live wityh that. What is crushing me is the smoke damage to my gear. Now all guitars were in cases with the exception my my Gretsch TW-1 Traveling Wilburys guitar which hung on a wall in my studio. The firemen kicked in the door of the studio & the guitar flew to the floor an broke the headstock lengthwise. All of my guitars are okay however all the cases are soot smelling and I don't know how or if this smell can be eradicated. My many pedals are fine - they were in metal cases and protected. My amps - all 50 of them - are heavily smoke damaged. I am sickened and depressed beyond belief. A lifetime of collecting with many pieces having a sentimental value that cannot be replicated. We are living out of a hotel suite with only the clothes & supplies we have picked up in the past 24 hours. I am devastated beyond words. I am sickened. Yes I am happy that no one was injured. Yes I am glad I have insurance. My world is upside down.
  3. Well he may well be but he's getting this :o
  4. Well obviously you blokes weren't invited
  5. I have a buttload of boutique pedals. I love em all. I have always told my friends & anyone who ever asked me - if you're just playing at home for your goldfish or your dogs - you don't need boutique. If you're in a band & you're the lead player & you need to cut thru the mix with your solo - then boutique may be the answer for you. That having been said - I bought a new in the box old gray Ross Compressor for $20 from a guitar store in town. It had been sitting there for years. The owner of the store, Fred, said "you want that thing"? $20. I'm like alrighty then. Several years later, a guy in the band "Phish" was seen using one and the prices on those things skyrocketed. At that point I bought my 1st boutique pedal - a Keeley Electronics 2 knob compressor. I then listed my Ross compressor for sale on the old Harmony Central guitar forum. Sold it to a guy in Pennsylvania for $600. He was thrilled. I was thrilled. And away we go.
  6. Welcome back Kelly! Very glad to hear you're on the mend brother. Follow doctors orders & take it easy my friend. we're getting the band back together & we'll need you to be our main shredder. Keep on rockin!!! [thumbup]
  7. I didn't notice it either :o
  8. RevDavidLee


    Beautiful guitar rct! :o Enjoy it! I can't imagine no Gibsons in my house but I can imagine these Teles! I think I have 6 of them now. I honestly don't know.
  9. This is back on the Stupid Deal of the day again today for anyone still interested. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid
  10. Kelly I can't offer specific advice because I've fortunately not been through what you're going to be going through but I wanted to offer up my prayers for a good surgery and a faster than normal recovery. I think the advice from my friend Jon Waldo (Bad Blues Player) is probably the best advice since he has gone through this & he is a fellow guitarist. God bless the guitar player in you because you just want to play as soon as possible afterwards - but brother - focus on th healing first & foremost. Don't try to play too soon because I don't want you doing anything that will delay your full recovery as soon as possible, Take care of you, follow doctors orders, attend your rehab afterwards & just take care of you. Please keep us posted as you can and take good care!
  11. That's a gorgeous guitar! :o Enjoy it Sir! It just looks very comfortable :) Please let us know your thoughts after you've had more time with her.
  12. Congrats! These are fabulous (& surprisingly LOUD) little amps. This will bring you years & years of fun and killer tone. Enjoy it brother!
  13. Hmmmm I wonder what I can get for me.. My wife says I'm priceless but I'm thinking it's sarcasm
  14. Okay Cougar - here it is! :) She arrived today & I love it! Other than tuning her up after she adjusted to the temp in the house, the action, fit & finish were dead on perfect. It was a one day only deal which was a direct purchase from the Epiphone store for $499 - free shipping. At the time I purchased it - the online prices ran from $599 to $649 so I'm happy with the deal. And even more important - I'm happy with the guitar! So far I've only run her thru a Gibson GA15R which was a heavenly combination - nice powerful clean to a gritty bluesy grind. There's so many great guitars available in this day & age it's almost impossible not to grab these deals when they come along. Enough rambling - here's some pics. Happy weekend everyone! :o
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