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  1. Sunday I was at a local lumberyard picking up some supplies & my wife called to tell me our house was on fire. I have lived in my home for 40 years & never had any issues of this sort. I drove home at over 80 miles an hour (about 6 miles from home) to only be able to get within a half a block & run the rest of the way. Four fire trucks and smoke rolling out of my basement windows where the firemen had kicked them out. The actual fire began in a basement office in a surge protector. Unfortunately the smoke & soot damage was house wide and today my adjuster informed me that the entire interior of my home will have to be gutted. As awful as that is - I can live wityh that. What is crushing me is the smoke damage to my gear. Now all guitars were in cases with the exception my my Gretsch TW-1 Traveling Wilburys guitar which hung on a wall in my studio. The firemen kicked in the door of the studio & the guitar flew to the floor an broke the headstock lengthwise. All of my guitars are okay however all the cases are soot smelling and I don't know how or if this smell can be eradicated. My many pedals are fine - they were in metal cases and protected. My amps - all 50 of them - are heavily smoke damaged. I am sickened and depressed beyond belief. A lifetime of collecting with many pieces having a sentimental value that cannot be replicated. We are living out of a hotel suite with only the clothes & supplies we have picked up in the past 24 hours. I am devastated beyond words. I am sickened. Yes I am happy that no one was injured. Yes I am glad I have insurance. My world is upside down.
  2. Well he may well be but he's getting this :o
  3. Well obviously you blokes weren't invited
  4. I have a buttload of boutique pedals. I love em all. I have always told my friends & anyone who ever asked me - if you're just playing at home for your goldfish or your dogs - you don't need boutique. If you're in a band & you're the lead player & you need to cut thru the mix with your solo - then boutique may be the answer for you. That having been said - I bought a new in the box old gray Ross Compressor for $20 from a guitar store in town. It had been sitting there for years. The owner of the store, Fred, said "you want that thing"? $20. I'm like alrighty then. Several years later, a guy in the band "Phish" was seen using one and the prices on those things skyrocketed. At that point I bought my 1st boutique pedal - a Keeley Electronics 2 knob compressor. I then listed my Ross compressor for sale on the old Harmony Central guitar forum. Sold it to a guy in Pennsylvania for $600. He was thrilled. I was thrilled. And away we go.
  5. Welcome back Kelly! Very glad to hear you're on the mend brother. Follow doctors orders & take it easy my friend. we're getting the band back together & we'll need you to be our main shredder. Keep on rockin!!! [thumbup]
  6. I didn't notice it either :o
  7. RevDavidLee


    Beautiful guitar rct! :o Enjoy it! I can't imagine no Gibsons in my house but I can imagine these Teles! I think I have 6 of them now. I honestly don't know.
  8. This is back on the Stupid Deal of the day again today for anyone still interested. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid
  9. Kelly I can't offer specific advice because I've fortunately not been through what you're going to be going through but I wanted to offer up my prayers for a good surgery and a faster than normal recovery. I think the advice from my friend Jon Waldo (Bad Blues Player) is probably the best advice since he has gone through this & he is a fellow guitarist. God bless the guitar player in you because you just want to play as soon as possible afterwards - but brother - focus on th healing first & foremost. Don't try to play too soon because I don't want you doing anything that will delay your full recovery as soon as possible, Take care of you, follow doctors orders, attend your rehab afterwards & just take care of you. Please keep us posted as you can and take good care!
  10. That's a gorgeous guitar! :o Enjoy it Sir! It just looks very comfortable :) Please let us know your thoughts after you've had more time with her.
  11. Congrats! These are fabulous (& surprisingly LOUD) little amps. This will bring you years & years of fun and killer tone. Enjoy it brother!
  12. Hmmmm I wonder what I can get for me.. My wife says I'm priceless but I'm thinking it's sarcasm
  13. Okay Cougar - here it is! :) She arrived today & I love it! Other than tuning her up after she adjusted to the temp in the house, the action, fit & finish were dead on perfect. It was a one day only deal which was a direct purchase from the Epiphone store for $499 - free shipping. At the time I purchased it - the online prices ran from $599 to $649 so I'm happy with the deal. And even more important - I'm happy with the guitar! So far I've only run her thru a Gibson GA15R which was a heavenly combination - nice powerful clean to a gritty bluesy grind. There's so many great guitars available in this day & age it's almost impossible not to grab these deals when they come along. Enough rambling - here's some pics. Happy weekend everyone! :o
  14. The reason I bought the Code was for a living room amp and given the price I wasn't expecting a do all be all. I'm not concerned with making comparisons to a Boss or a Fender or whatever - it's for convenience and fun and it's just fine for my purposes. These are all relatively cheap amps so I think we all knew there would be things to critique. :)
  15. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/Custom/CS-336-Figured-Top.aspx This is my version of the ES Les Paul. I love my CS-336
  16. I ordered the case for it from American Musical last night. I'm ready. B)
  17. Oh DUH! I got the same email at another one of my email addresses and you have to order it from that email - directly from the epiphone store. Ordered the cherry one. I'm a dork. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  18. I've been looking online for prices and at Musicians Friend it's $599, at Sweetwater it's $649, at Sam Ash it's $649 - did anyone else get this email (I subscribe to Epiphone email notifications & special announcements) and did you find any online retailer that's selling these for $499? It says this sale is only good for today, April 2nd. I would love to order one but so far haven't found one for that one day only sales price. I thought about emailing epiphone but they never respond the same day, nor does Gibson or anyone else I can think of for that matter. Not blaming them because they probably get thousands of inquiries everyday. Anybody?
  19. Actually it's Pau Ferro not rosewood.
  20. Yes they are! This one weighs 8lbs 6oz :o
  21. Yes sir. Five way switching just like a Strat
  22. I checked - the guitar stores are now open in your area! :)
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