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  1. Still slogging miles - 4,660 miles and 100 hours of windshield time. made it thru Connecticut,Vermont, Lake Placid, Toronto, Niagra Falls, and Lower Michigan. Played along the way with campers, and a couple of houses. Now in Minnesota, gonna jam with a couple friends at one of their studios - expect little to no recording to be done, we always get lost in the music, with some concentration on trying to find our old harmonic groove with some CSN. Still have not finished any new songs, but have a couple cooking. Played an Open Mic in Duluth MN - they asked if my vested dog was a service dog, and I said "No, that's Powder" her name is right on the vest. got my three songs in with Powder laying quietly on my feet.
  2. Anybody have any insight on this ?
  3. Finding the Martin mostly staying in the case, and playing the J35 when asked for a song. Just such an expressive guitar. https://imgur.com/gallery/ha5LsC4
  4. https://imgur.com/a/mOoTZJ4 Powder is still a charming magnet to pretty girls. We made it to the Atlantic Ocean. Next to Vermont, Lake Placid and Toronto. I have forgotten the cool verse-chorus transition ThemisSal came up with on the only new song song So far this trip. It is 90% humidity but neither the Authentic or the Collectors Edition J-35 sound at all muddy, even though strings on both date back to May.
  5. What an outstanding afternoon spent smudging up JTs guitar collection, including his “Minty” Banner SJ, the best guitar I have ever played. Ever. Powder laid at our feet and was laid groggy by all the music being traded back and forth. In case anyone is curious about the birth of this song - here it was, bathrobe and all.
  6. Although the rig is self contained we are staying on the grid this trip. Convenience has its place. Powder is a well behaved 90 pound female English Cream Retriever and very attached to me. Near Philadelphia tonight. You people that live in these big cities and drive these nuts o roads with all this traffic, I applaud you for living in spite of all this insanity. Makes me appreciate my elbow room in Colorado all that much more. Smile Fierce !!!
  7. Nashville Skyline not so much - but I am revisiting Highway 61 where I grew up. I don't play any Dylan songs, but its Ok, he doesn't play any of mine.
  8. 2018 F-150 with 6 cylinder Eco Boost, 10 speed transmission, towing capacity 15,000 pounds tows the 4,500 lb 2018 17 foot Winnie Drop 1790 with ease through the mountains. The guitars ride inside the trailer - a D-28 and a J-35 Vintage. Perfect size for one guy and a dog.
  9. Powder, Two Guitars and a Trailer are about to hit the road for a 6,000 mile 45 day journey from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast and back. Riding along in the trailer will be two guitars - one with a pickup, one without. A Bose S1, an Edwina, a notebook and a pen. Trying my best to write a book, and to capture a new song or two. If I appear to have dropped out of site, don’t write my obit - I’m just chasing the muse.
  10. I was in the same road a few years ago. Played a handful of Banners, nothing blew me away. Played a 2006 Legend, and now its got a permanent spot on my rack.
  11. 1955 with the large Pickguard ? I thought those came in mid-56, am I full of beans? That's a superb sounding J-50- I have a 57 that could be its sonic twin.
  12. Try try a set of 13 Sunbeams - sweet and robust
  13. Can you bring it back to the dealer for a look? If not, I am of no help.
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