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  1. Gawd thats a great guitar ! Interesting song.
  2. That had to feel kind of hollow. Nice guitar. Now what? 406-587-4117 (factory). might be able to direct you to a source for that case. Good luck.
  3. Ah.... the age old question - what comes first, the lyric or the melody? The handful of songwriters I hang around with are very disciplined - they write lyrics first, and agonize over. them for days, weeks even, sometimes years, before those words fall into a song. Sometimes theres just a wisp of melody that drives a hook that gets crafted into the lyric/tempo/key. My observation is that most of these ideas are closely tied to the bass progressions and follow the root notes, at least at the beginning stages, the it falls into the songwriters style - be they a strummer or a finger picker travis style = those guys seem to find the melody somewhere in the treble strings as they are talented independent finger folks. Write the words, and then noodle. You'll hear it.
  4. If you see any advertised as having the "Luthiers Choice" neck, that's 1.75 wide.
  5. Nice guitar ! I Can feel the rumble all the way over here in the Rocky Mountains.
  6. I am so sad to hear this news, words cannot express. My heart hurts for you.
  7. https://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Tools_by_Job/Tools_for_Bridges/Plate_Mate.html
  8. Could it be the natural open pores of rosewood that you are seeing? Rosewood is not as smooth as ebony.
  9. Could be because it spent its younger days here in Colorado. Dry air here and less oxygen. Maybe the nitro hardens up s little faster ? A great find- neat to hear it has a role in your new record. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘
  10. Sorry to have stepped away for awhile. BK is right, this new aged Martin is heavy on the bass for my fingers, have to adjust a bit. Been swapping back and forth from this Authentic to my J-35 Vintage, and I come away knowing that Gibson is the best I have, and if a gun was to my head, Iā€™d give up the Martin before this J-35 Vintage goes anywhere.
  11. Traveled to Nashville just for kicks, never having been there, and I have been hankering after a late 40s early 50s SJ and there was one listed at Carters Vintage Guitars.Played it and was not at all impressed. I don't use a pick, and I could just not coax any life out of the thing. Grabbed a ride to Gruhn's and oh my what a great legendary store. Not much in the way of vintage Gibsons hanging on the wall, so I wandered a bit, played couple of Martin Authentics, and oh my what mistake. Anyway, the 1937 Martin D-28 Authentic "Aged" is now on the little brown truck headed to my Colorado mountains. It will replace two other Martins I now have no reason to keep. Still itching to find me that magic vintage SJ as well. Sorry gents, but this was just to fabulous a six-string to walk away from.
  12. Wonder how it sounds in standard tuning...
  13. Couple good ones there. Iā€™d say their prices are right at market.
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