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  1. Clicking the link takes you to the groups Facebook page, where to view the content you need approval too join the group. You may have to revert to good old 'cut-n-paste' to share your article here. Smile Fierce !!!
  2. Ooooo, enjoyed that FB - nice J45 sound there. Such a versatile instrument. Never was a huge TW fan, but converting some of his stuff to acoustic guitar and actually pronouncing the words brings a whole different dimension to some truly great songs.
  3. Since the first 4 frets are kind of toasty you might consider replacing them all with Evo wire or something and have the fretboard planed down or replaced as part of that task.
  4. Some inner John Prine in this one. Keep writin’.
  5. Channeling your inner Elton through a guitar sure requires mastery of barre chords. I can’t do it - sure is a good listen, nice.
  6. Martin D-18 find an Authentic if you can. Loudest guitar I ever owned, had to let it go it was such a tiger. Or, you can try and buy Hogeye’s banner J-45 it is seriously loud when played with a pick, easily rival to the D18 Authentic that I had, and is loaded with Mojo.
  7. My wife says I’m feeling fine, so I’ll go with that. The more time passes, the closer to “vintage” the guitars I bought new get, so there’s that.
  8. Bridge Reglue by authorized Gibson Repair Shop would not deter me at all.
  9. Wow I gotta learn that song what a great performance.
  10. Never understood the words he sang, but he projects all the emotion out of his guitar so you understood the song. Talented man.
  11. Townsend on a J-200 is other worldly. Indescribably great sound.
  12. Fabulous comparison video, clearly demonstrates the reason a person needs both of these .
  13. Everyone should have both of these to play for an afternoon. The vintage has that sound, the new one a bit more sustain? The factory is cranking out some stellar instruments - that reissue sounds spot on. Wonder what the neck profile is? I better be careful I don’t talk myself into another J45....
  14. "The bluegrass prerogative to remove chords and make things simpler". Love it. I love the old SJ.
  15. Oooooo, what is that 12 fretter in the middle ?
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