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  1. https://imgur.com/user/duluthdan Not sure why it won’t appear, but here’s the taper
  2. What’s a Scarlet? Guit sounds great.
  3. I’ve been using humidipaks for years, been happy.
  4. You can peruse the market https://www.gbase.com/gear?q=1946+Gibson+j-45&f=h
  5. Nice ! All around goodness here.
  6. Find yer self a good J-45 I say.
  7. No ribbons on the bridge back then ? inaresting.
  8. I see pics in 1st post but later ones don’t show. Ambitious project.
  9. Classic goodness. ThatJ-45sounds great . Wish I was there.
  10. Oh yeah... Merry Merry and all that ! Sal you helped make my summer most memorable Smile Fierce !!!
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