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  1. Ok, ya talked me into it. How much you want ? 🤠. That’s a fabulous sounding guitar.
  2. Do you have any late 40s ?
  3. Thanks for that JVC I’d forgotten how many songs of his I did back in college. I’ll have to dust off the old catalog.
  4. Discussion and revelation from a couple years ago. Nothing to worry about
  5. Inspiring! I'm still not going to do it, but nice to know it can be done. Truly must be a "plays like buttah" guitar now I'll bet.
  6. Loaned my Legend to a friend down the road that makes his living as a touring musician. Jackson Emmer - recognizedlby Rolling Stone as one of the best young songwriters out there, and I agree. Lucky to live just up the road from him ad swap songs. With the pandemic situation being what it is guys like Jackson are stuck at home, so I loaned him the Legend. Sent me this recording today.
  7. That's going on the wishlist for sure! Wish the Gibson Homecoming was still on this year, I'd try and snag me one of these at MV.
  8. SaWeeeet!!! As impressed I am with the Banners I am really impressed that you were able to fit them all on one page and make navigation so easy. I like them all.
  9. Outstanding. Every guitar room should have a picture of the queen I say. Nicely done.
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