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  1. This 1957 J-50 traveled the world with the front band for the Smothers Brothers. Replaced the adjustable bridge with a fixed bridge, neck reset, all new frets, added a K&K. Includes the original Lifton case. I will try to sell this locally near Aspen, Colorado for $5,000. Does that price seem reasonable? The progression of my MS is making it more and more difficult to play, and so it only makes sense to downsize my little rack of guitars a bit.
  2. What an odd looking bridge. Looks like a nice player, glad you found a guy.
  3. You Crazy Horsed your song ! Cool.
  4. Why demo a guitar only in open tuning? Drives me nuts.
  5. That is one of the best of the best for sure. A few years ago I played, and tried to buy, the very first J-45 Vintage that came off the line with the thermally-cured top. They would not sell it because it was headed off to NAMM. That guitar still haunts me. I am jealous. Great guitar you have there - looks like it has lot of songs in it.
  6. Drop in saddle shave bottom. Long thru saddle on top, but that’s not easy.
  7. She’s rather little behind that guitar. Would love to try one. I like that cherry mahogany. Fortified top too. I think it’ll be a winner.
  8. Looking east towards you, may whatever it is pass quickly and quietly.
  9. Guitar sounds great. Little stumbles happen. I can screw up songs I’ve played for a decade for no reason at all.
  10. Outstanding song! ...beware the shadow men... love it. Who was the girl that inspired this? Does she know she is still renting space in your head? Oh wait, I'm over thinking this. Love the music, great song.
  11. I had a wonderful Gibson Jackson Browne but stupidly sold it to fund my 2006 Legend. The neck on the JB was a bit flat for my liking - not uncomfortable, but a bit flat, I preferred the full round Legend neck. I have played the recent reissues, but they did not grab me by the throat, perhaps I need to track down more to try. Powder and I were on a rather tight schedule for our recent trip - otherwise I may well have looked you up to smudge up some of your collection. I was able to spend some time sampling some rather astoundingly good bourbon there, perhaps a great excuse to include KY on another tour next year- maybe I'll have a converted Smeck in tow on that trip.
  12. Thinking about hunting down a Roy Smeck conversion candidate. The good converted ones are hard to find - I've played a few that bordered on dissappointing. Anyone have advice on finding one, and a stellar suggestions for a top-notch experienced person to tackle a conversion project ?
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