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  1. Just sold my 1957 J-50. Sounded just like that. Wish I could keep em all.
  2. Excellent !Yep - perfect sorta song for a J-45.
  3. DD is alive and well, isolating in his basement with 3 Gibsons, 2 Martins, his dog Powder and an unfinished book.
  4. Me likes! Lota geetar there man, nice acquisition.
  5. That’s worth ten hours of drive time !
  6. That is no where near acceptable, if that’s a new guitar.
  7. Plastic is correct. All else looks ok to me.
  8. Excellent ! I’m praying for rain out here . Gordon would love your recording.
  9. Those are not easy to find - good price.
  10. That's a J-45 Rosewood with the wrong label?
  11. Great voice. All I got to hear was ‘Settle Down’. Helluva good song.
  12. Now that's what "community" is all about ! Incredible good stuff. Huzzah, and SmileFierce !!!
  13. Under saddle p/u. Take off the saddle you should be able to move/ slide the transducer ribbon a bit to give you greater sensitivity at the E string
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