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  1. Every new Gibson I have had seemed to find its best tone after about 18 months. I figure the nitro curing had a lot to do with it.
  2. Where would the block logo come in? Weren’t there a couple years of script logo after banner?
  3. Return it. That angle and saddle are way off. I fear you’d be fighting a complex battle to get that action right.
  4. The 2006-7 Legends have a true 1.75 inch nut width, and probably have Ren Ferguson’s hand carved braces. For a while some of the more recent Legends sported a 1.72 inch nut width, don’t know about the one you are looking at. I’ve only played one, and it’s mine from Dec 06. No doubt that 2016 is a great instrument too.
  5. Early 50s Southern Jumbo.
  6. Kinsey offers great advice. Let me offer help from my own experience with my TV. If it is at all dry that top will start to droop, and I get buzzing like you are showing. I’d give it a bath. Throw it in a sealed trash bag with some sponges for a few days.
  7. I taveled to Nashville with the intention of checking out a '52 SJ, ended up bringing home a'37 Martin 28 AA. I let the folks on this forum know, because, well, a NGD is a neat thing. Were you shopping and this one just jumped off the wall into your soul? If it makes you feel better, tell us about the new one, and why you think its a good companion to the 'bird. Inquiring minds want to know !
  8. Years ago I bought Ren Ferguson’s J-200. Fingers In the basement.
  9. Two Ribbons on Quilted Maple. Nice. What an unimaginable ordeal - glad your dog is still with you - embrace the new songs coming out of that J-200.
  10. Try the round core Sunbeams. 12-54 but they are not stiff.
  11. This 1957 J-50 traveled the world with the front band for the Smothers Brothers. Replaced the adjustable bridge with a fixed bridge, neck reset, all new frets, added a K&K. Includes the original Lifton case. I will try to sell this locally near Aspen, Colorado for $5,000. Does that price seem reasonable? The progression of my MS is making it more and more difficult to play, and so it only makes sense to downsize my little rack of guitars a bit.
  12. What an odd looking bridge. Looks like a nice player, glad you found a guy.
  13. You Crazy Horsed your song ! Cool.
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