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  1. Fabulous comparison video, clearly demonstrates the reason a person needs both of these .
  2. Everyone should have both of these to play for an afternoon. The vintage has that sound, the new one a bit more sustain? The factory is cranking out some stellar instruments - that reissue sounds spot on. Wonder what the neck profile is? I better be careful I don’t talk myself into another J45....
  3. "The bluegrass prerogative to remove chords and make things simpler". Love it. I love the old SJ.
  4. Oooooo, what is that 12 fretter in the middle ?
  5. Love the thick baseball bat neck - hard to see, but this model may have the tapered headstock too? The J45 Legend I have from 2006 is a similar beast, and I think has a tone all its own because of that added mass. I think these are going to be sought after, and hard to find.
  6. Love that guitar - so mellow, and sits back and supports the song so nicely. I'm still flabbergasted that you took the time and effort to cobble together that guitar.
  7. I think this guy's videos are tremendous - scroll around and find him teaching Suite Judy Blue Eyes on a Gibson Dove.
  8. Privetricker- or something like that. Helluva player, has like a thousand videos out there showing how to play thousands of covers, and each played on a top-end guitar. Love to meet him and spill a cup of coffee with the dude someday.
  9. First thought that flashed thru my feeble brain was Neil Diamond on that guitar. Interesting lyric, interesting song. Your cobbled together J50 sounds pretty darn good.
  10. Depends on the song. I have a couple songs that demand the roar available from Rosewood, but the bulk of the repertoire sits very nicely in hog heaven.
  11. BBG stole my sentiment. That is a good strummer for sure. I still kick myself for forgetting to have you show me how to record with Garage Band when Powder and I swung in on our little tour. Question about that guitar, and maybe Gibson squares in general - do you find that they require a pick to get the tone you want? I can't hold onto a pick and just flail away with my fingers. It seems every time I hunt down a bird it sounds ok, but really spreads its wings if subjected to a pick.
  12. I’d ignore that. It’s wood. As you play the guitar it will take on more and more of its own beauty marks. Congrats on the new J45, it’s a transcendental instrument.
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