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  1. It’s deceptive because the iris has a wider lower bout and deeper body than the J.
  2. I like the headstock a lot. I do think it would look better without the hash marks between tuner posts. Honestly, the matte finish kills it for me more than anything. Especially bursts look so much better glossed. reports are that the tone of these guitars are at least on par with the Gibson Historics.
  3. Re-attempt at a customer service email is a success! Looks like Jescar 45100. Feels great.
  4. Hi all, Long time listener, first time caller. So I’ve really been digging this J-45 custom I picked up at Fullers last summer. (Actually, it’s not technically the Historic series; it was sold to me as the custom shop run up to the Historic line, produced for Japan in late 2019... same specs but with Kluson tuners, slightly different rosette, and les intensely yellowed binding.). Anyway, I really like the bigger frets on it. Spec sheet for my guitar (and the Historic line) says “Legend Wire.” Does anyone know exactly what wire, or what size wire “Legend wire” is? I didn’t
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