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  1. Apparently he accepts moonshine as payment too.
  2. Lighten up guys - the OP asked if his guitar was a fake and the forum responded and confirmed - there's nothing to be gained from coming down hard on him - let's adopt a more friendly attitude in the hope that despite owning a non-genuine guitar that a positive Gibson forum experience will inspire him towards a real, genuine Gibson guitar.
  3. 'I don't think this is a guitar that you J-45, HB, Dove, SJ-200 and SJ guys will be snatching up to put in your collection. It was $1199 and I think it comes with a gig bag. It was the only Gibson in the store. I don't think these are targeted at existing Gibson guitar owners but at $1199 I'd be interested to see how it compares with the new solid wood Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' J-45? G-45 on left - sunburst Epiphone IBG J-45 on right.
  4. Could the maple leaf represent a maple top and not be Canada related? It's a great looking guitar.
  5. I'm guessing Chris Martin himself might have felt the same way about their 0000/M guitars way back in 1984 when he decided to increase the body depth from 4 1/8" to the dreadnought depth of 4 7/8" and name the 14 fret body as 'Jumbo' or J-14. I believe this is him showing the new J-40 for the 1st time. I think calling it a 'Jumbo' was a massive mistake as many people immediately assume it's going to be big - it isn't. Then in 2009 when Martin finally built a full size jumbo body with 17" lower bout what were they going to call it when they already used 'Jumbo' for the J-14? They simply added the word 'Grand' to the title. Here's a Martin 'Grand' jumbo next to a Martin J-14 body guitar.
  6. Bought my 1st Gibson last year - decided to sell 2 Martin guitars earlier this year - 2009 Martin Grand J12-40E Special ( 1 of only 231 made) and 2011 Martin JDP II ( build 71 of just 71 made) they just weren't getting the play time they deserved - time to move them on together with a Huss & Dalton MJ Custom. The JDP II sold in a few days ( buyer in UK ), the Grand J12-40E Special in a few weeks and the H&D in a couple of months - I channeled some of the funds from the H&D to a new Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' Hummingbird with hard case. I would be happy to own Martin or Huss & Dalton guitars again.
  7. Be patient - I have one and it's worth the wait. Mine took a couple of months to be delivered here in Australia. I bought mine with hard case too. Not disappointed! If you want a good example of the guitar shortage at the moment go check out the current selection of Gibson SJ-200's at Wildwood - I've seen them list as many as 50, now they have just 2 of the new G-200's! https://wildwoodguitars.com/product-category/acoustics/gibson-acoustics/super-jumbo/
  8. You guys are good -I googled Gibson LGO and sure enough, the early models have that pick guard with 3 screws and a straight bridge - looks like they went with the 'upside down' bridge Gibson are known for some time in the early 1960's. This is a 1959 model .. same dots on the bridge either side of the bridge pins too.
  9. The 'Inspired by Gibson' acoustics are mighty impressive too - very pleased with my new Hummingbird seen here with an older EJ-200 and Custom Historic 1957 SJ-200. EJ-200 - good mono IBG Hummingbird - stereo SJ-200 - 5.1 surround sound
  10. Music Nomad F-One fretboard conditioner - made for guitars, not furniture or gun stocks - works brilliantly. Check out the bridge on my Martin JDP II after I treated it - and yes, they use these pictures on their site too.
  11. I haven't played the Gibson but I'm very happy with my new IBG Hummingbird ... and it lives with some nice guitars.
  12. I just grabbed my calculator ... my new Epiphone IBG Hummingbird with optional hard case cost exactly 7.48x times more than my new 2020 Gibson Custom Historic 1957 SJ-200.
  13. I've had mine for a month now - ordered it with a hard case and set up from The Acoustic Centre in Melbourne, Australia - they did a superb job. Took these pictures as unboxed it - that's a factory fitted humidity control thingy in the sound hole. The only change I've done is swap the plastic bridge pins to bone (nut & saddle are already bone)
  14. I think the rosewood Historic Pre-War SJ-200 pick guard is beautiful. I prefer it over the plainer pick guard on my Historic 1957 SJ-200.
  15. I own an early model laminate Epiphone EJ-200 and it's a fun guitar when you learn to approach it with a firm hand to bring out it's best tone. I also have the new Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' Hummingbird as seen in that clip and it is a fantastic guitar for the money - way more responsive than my old EJ-200. I'm super pleased with mine. At the other end of the scale is my 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1957 SJ-200 - the sheer depth of the tone is staggering after playing the Epiphones, the gap is almost as big as the price difference ... almost.
  16. How did they 'drop straight' in if you needed to drill for that second locating screw and what bushings did you use going from screw-in Grover sealed gear to push-fit Waverly open gear?
  17. My 2020 Custom Shop Historic 1957 SJ-200 came with Gotoh Keystones and they are superb.
  18. Thread is 9 years old - the new 2021 Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' Hummingbirds are a whole new ball game.
  19. Thanks ... this is actually the whole family.
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