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  1. Came across this picture yesterday - not mine - poor kid, what's going on with her legs? If you look carefully - she's carrying a bag of popcorn!
  2. Cool .. and that's a nice shot of a Kookaburra too.
  3. It's a young Grey Butcher Bird - got it's name from the way it catches it's prey and lodges it in a fork in the branches and strips pieces off with it's beak - it does look a little like a Kookaburra but much smaller. It was in my back yard earlier this year ( when I took this shot) and I fed it some mince beef for a while. Most other birds try to force it away, I think they're known to steal new hatched chicks from other birds nests ... and eat them.
  4. ' The former owner put ebony bridge pins in and a new bridge that needs to be replace as it is slimmer than the slot.' I take it you mean saddle .. not bridge? D-35's have a good reputation for having plenty of volume - Many Martin fans claim them to be the loudest in the line-up.
  5. Nice but I think I'd like it better with just one pickguard.
  6. Where about are you? I'm in Eden on the far South coast of NSW.
  7. There's not enough 'like' buttons here for that one. GM is going to build them in right-hand drive too - apparently the mid-engine layout makes changing steering and front end components relatively simple. Looking forward to seeing them here in Australia in 2021.
  8. It's cruel because I'm a huge Yes fan and absolutely love Steve Howe's work.
  9. ... and they can kill people too.
  10. I've been waiting over 8 months now for the new Historic 1957 SJ-200 I ordered ... and now I see this! I'm more than worried .... and it's way more than 5k here in Australia!
  11. The only guitar owners manual that recommends changing strings one-at-time to keep some tension on the neck is .... my Rickenbacker bass.
  12. If you use the gold version you play a 'classier, upmarket' style of music.
  13. Very similar - I just happen to have one of those Herco picks - slightly smaller and has a very pronounced ring in the grip area only on one side.
  14. I'm a fan of plain 'ol Jim Dunlop grey .60mm Nylon - some years back I saw they released a gold coloured version to commemorate 50 years so I bought some - noticed the raised dimple grip was slightly more pronounced than the regular grey picks - I'm guessing the dye they use to stamp these out was much fresher.
  15. I'm on the far south coast of New South Wales - happy to give it a shot - here's my bridge repair.
  16. I went searching for a rich sounding 12-string - finally found it in my rosewood Martin Grand J12-40E Special - Martin's first true jumbo with a 17" lower bout - double the price of a Guild F-512 at the time and not a huge sales success - dropped from production after just 3 years - 2009/10/11 - only 231 ever made - better than a Guild F-512? - probably not. Don't dismiss Taylor 12-strings while you're looking - excellent playability - they dropped the jumbo body and came up with their Grand Orchestra - a little narrower than the old jumbo but a little deeper - the real value standout in their lineup was the 458eR rosewood.
  17. I like these. Music Nomad 'One' guitar polish and 'F-One' for the fingerboard and bridge.
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