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  1. Jinder - really sorry to hear this, big thoughts and prayers out to you.
  2. thanks for the link, cool. with respect to what i'm building is it's started with cigar box guitars (CBGs). I currently build fretless CBGs, but wanted to try doing a fretboard (3 string slide guitar is the bomb!). The scale lengths on the few I have are all over the place, mostly based on the size of the wood I had, so need to cut the fretboard myself. I've stalled at getting the supplies (fret saw, radius block, files etc... ) to do the fretboard just because of other projects / priorities. While I had that going on, I also started on a tele body (out of an old pine cutting board. - Not intending to keep this one, just see if I can do it and go through the process, make the first time mistakes without being bummed...). For the fretboard - I was thinking pre cut pre radiused was the way to go to speed this process up, but when I remembered the reason I was here (to make fretboards for my CBGs) I think I'll go forward with that. This was awhile ago, your threads got me wanting to get going again, heading to wood crafters this afternoon to see if i can get a fret saw. For the record, i believe tele's are long scale, but I've grown fond of my short scale guitars, so......
  3. Very cool, but since you purchased the fretboard pre-radiused, what are you going to do with this?
  4. Hey Dub - looking awesome. Sorry if i missed it in the thread, what scale length are you going? I could only find 25.5 pre cut fretboard materials, but was hoping to find 24.75?
  5. uncle fester


    Supercool... everyone needs a tele. 5 teles are even better. I want a t shirt with your avatar on it.
  6. Love me a doublecut - sweeeeeeeet and enjoy!
  7. Sorry for the newbie question, but what does this mean. It means that you like real estate either side of the strings, but this doesn't have it - or vice versa? And for my knowledge, for what purpose?
  8. Very cool! My first concert - Judas Priest / Iron Maiden Double Bill, probably about '82 or so
  9. I clicked on it hesitantly (thinking we were going to have so and so and his magic pan flute or something), but surprisingly really liked it, the guy's got skills. I'd have to hear more of his stuff before I'd go to see him though, see if there's any variation... one of this was good, too much, well might be a little too much.
  10. I am the walrus - J45 (vintage) Come together - '67 SG through blues jr. I do feel like a homer boy... but a lucky homer boy.
  11. Lol - nice, I heard drummers are a breed all their own!
  12. Had to google it as well, now that I know, they weren't even in my short list of guesses
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