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  1. Happy pre 4th all. I put it in this thread because I wasn't sure if it was a protest statement or a statement of celebration.
  2. Are there any outdoor opportunities? Not sure if it could work either - but a better chance at a socially distanced set up. I'm jonesin for a good show.
  3. It's the long scale that would draw me, but then if I went on a search - would have to see how it measures up to an AJ or D18. I would definitely give it a look though.
  4. Is what it is... guys a nice guy - screwed up, fessed up. fixed it... with our help. A little extra angst but in the end I'm happy.
  5. Happy Canada Day - celebrate yourselves!
  6. I think you got to rock it as is... see how many women throw their undergarments at you and then make a decision. If it's less than normal, I'd swap out the p'ups...
  7. Hey SBP - I'm probably the least experienced to say anything, but I thought the L00 was ladder braced - and that ladder braced is a sound is different than x brace. Having said that, you don't know what you don't know - I say get it, give it a try and report back.
  8. Hey KB - do you get added volume out of the amp, or is it just adding the FX?
  9. the downpour did do damage, but it wasn't the cause of un levelling the pool. Those downpours are doing damage though - lots of stuff washing out, day after day it seems. not to mention the 100ft pine that came down in the flash storm a couple weeks back. 2020. If you've got things you want to do in this world, I think now is a time to get jumping on them.
  10. Awesome... Lovin' me the firebirds. Congrats.
  11. That's hi praise, glad your liking it!
  12. The family outside wasn't a bad thing...
  13. Cool, thx. I appreciate the picture of the sin waves ghost of fl posted on the other thread... to me that's the best explanation I've seen and helps me put the rest into perspective. With respect to 'does it make a difference' I think comes down to how much an enthusiast you are and if you're looking for that difference. If you are, you can find it, and it's probably pretty satisfying, but if not... then I'm betting the benefits would be lost on you. Except the cool factor. Definitely cool.
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