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  1. Geeze Dave - I do love your pictures!
  2. My wife was telling me air quality across the world has gotten measurably better. I can believe it - and feel this is a fortunate byproduct of all the commuters not commuting, but she is a suspect source.
  3. Super sorry to hear it Ray. We're close enough where if you need another set of hands, I'm here to help. Thoughts, prayers - wishes of good karma. It's people that are important - stuff, well - you can deal with stuff.
  4. Too bad, was looking forward to hearing you work your magic. Don't know much about roy and trigger, but I was thinking more the lines of longmire. Something in drop d, maybe double drop d for good measure.
  5. Very nice Sal, love a bit of the beatles in the morning!
  6. I'll reply bk - sounds as good as always, good stuff. I have a slide challenge for you though... come up with something that makes me think of a bad@ss sherrif in the midwest, riding a horse on a dusty prairie. Think you could come up with something?
  7. good enough for me, you know - that's just right. thanks for posting buc.
  8. I think in that same vane, i'd go back to that night in college with weird deb, where I know if i played my cards different.... we wouldn't have entered the friend zone till after 🙂
  9. Scuttlebuttin - on my 67 SG, feeling like a rock star
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