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  1. I started thinking the J45 was the way to go, but reading 62burst's input - I'm aching for you to get the 185 and report back how you make out with it.
  2. I think that sums it up well... the beater kind of bums me out and makes me wish I was playing the other. I do like the rain song idea, have to go check them out Before the pool question started, this was the direction I was headed just to have a second guitar left in alternate tunings. Maybe will still go this direction.
  3. Thanks both of you, good ideas - makes sense. Maybe i'll check out a rainsong... never looked in that direction before
  4. Looking good Rabs - looking forward to seeing that spalted london plane finished up. What type of finish will you put on it?
  5. We got a little salt water swimming pool last year. I've been super cautious about making sure I'm dry / changed out of my bathing suit before picking up the J45 to make sure I don't cause any issues with the finish.... but this gets to be a drag on those long hot days lounging by the pool. Am I being over cautious or just doing what I should to avoid damaging the finish on the guitar? Thanks all for any input.
  6. A few of my favorites: Count my blessings: RWH Rosemary: Sierra Ferrell I am the walrus: Beatles
  7. I got my J45 about 3 years ago, had a Guild D25 for the 20 yrs prior and loved it... but after a couple of years of playing the J45 and really starting to appreciate it, the D25 just feels lifeless. Was never sure i'd develop an ear for the differences, but there it is. Grabbing the Gibson makes me want to play more, grabbing the D25 makes me want to grab the J45. 'There's life in that J45 I say I say!' Guess I'd probably feel that way about many of the nicer guitars out there, but the one I have is my J45 and I'm digging it. Just thinking out loud....
  8. Sweet guitar, congrats!
  9. cool little trick, with a little bit of pete seeger in the background - what did you learn in school today, what did you learn in school...
  10. I believe volume and cutting through are two different things. To cut through, i feel your best bet is to have a different sound - if you're playing with a couple other hog guitars, maybe go maple... or said by someone above, switch instruments altogether try a banjo or mandolin.
  11. Pretty funny FYP... similar but not the same, my father was saying 'geeze i think the snow looks really white this year, do you think everyone staying home from COVID cleaned up enough pollution to do that?' After thinking for a second, i replied back, 'maybe, but I'd be willing to be it was your cataract surgery that made the difference'.
  12. I'm confident in my playing with respect to being an open mic hero, but not confident in my singing - so at the ripe old age of over the hill, i'm starting lessons tomorrow. Coolest thing about it is the guy i'm taking lessons from has the exact same name as me. Seriously though, hoping a few pointers to help make sure i'm on the right track will get me started, then next step will be looking to hook up with another person or two to play.
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