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  1. I'm confident in my playing with respect to being an open mic hero, but not confident in my singing - so at the ripe old age of over the hill, i'm starting lessons tomorrow. Coolest thing about it is the guy i'm taking lessons from has the exact same name as me. Seriously though, hoping a few pointers to help make sure i'm on the right track will get me started, then next step will be looking to hook up with another person or two to play.
  2. Logging on issues have kept me from posting of late - but low and behold today it worked and happily able to leave a comment. Really good job Roger - I do appreciate your style, love all your postings!
  3. I stay logged in now, instead of having to reset my PW everytime. I like the new forum.
  4. very cool, enjoy, still be safe... does the dynamic of limited people sitting at tables vs crowding the floor change your set list? Just thinking out loud - I'd probably try to make them all look like the guy from that old speaker commercial where it looks like sound is blowing everything backward. Then lull them off the edge with a rock ballard.... then back on the edge. Wow, it's cool to hear you have a gig! 'luck
  5. Looking sweet. Looking forward to the next round of pics. Keep trying to pick the one I like best, and everytime I see a new pic, I change my mind - good stuff.
  6. I'd like to see a lot more contests where the likelyhood I win a new LP is very high.
  7. Super cool - Rock on... literally, ROCK ON! Looking forward to much more of this to come.
  8. As said to your monel strings thread, I look forward to hearing what you come up with.
  9. Looking forward to hearing your lo-fi output Jinder. Scaled back music, you the guitar with that old time sound - I got to believe there'll be some magic in there 🙂 Hope your health continues to improve and we get to hear some output sometime. Any chance you'd ever team up with a fiddle player for a song or two?
  10. I searched double strumming on you tube, and a bunch of different things came up but none on topic. Maybe you should do a video 🙂 FYI - I did slow the video down and do a lot of hardcore studying and think I've at least got something similar. Seems like alternate picking on the root note and next string down between strums... done fast, done well, and very cool. Well said, thought the same thing, a '20s sound, mesmerizing IMO TY
  11. Thank you Nick, I'll check out the Dylan song. .. maybe a little bit slower is what I need to figure it out. Out of curiosity, with the pickguard outgassing like that, would you suggest replacing it, or what would you do. Rgds - UF
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