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  1. time and place definitely made an impression. I was a big ACDC fan, but in my +50 yrs don't find myself wanting to put them on, but I have found myself trying to acoustify some of there stuff. i could ramble on, but will leave it at that. Well maybe a little more - George Thouroghgood reminds me of good times back in the day, and I love riffing out to 'bad to the bone'. But that's not the only stuff i listen to and try and do, but it is the stuff that makes me smile with memories, but there's lots of stuff i did not listen to then and love now, ramble
  2. Not sure what a desert jaguar is but we have fisher cats here and they are pretty nasty
  3. I lived in Mali west Africa for about 3 yrs, I never had a run in with anything but we had spitting cobras and black asps to worry about. Lots of scorpions. lived in a mud hut w/o running water or electricity- good times šŸ™‚
  4. just wow. thats how i envision i would deal with it, but in reality - dont think it would have gone down like that.
  5. a layman's interpretation,,, take the back off, look for anything obvious - then go to a trusted luthier who can debug the circuitry. Wish I had the skills to do what NhC describes - but that's a bit beyond me. At least you know it shouldn't be there, and it should be able to be fixed.
  6. Alright - your wife lets you get all those guitars and amps, which makes her the coolest wife ever... but really, she let's you keep your snake and reptile farm going. Now that's a whole new level!
  7. You're so close i can taste it! It will happen
  8. SF - being witness to your recent tear down guitar acquisition heaven, I'd say she deserves the crosstek at a min.
  9. I just looked at the pics in your opening message, that guitar is GAS inducing! Will you / have you gigged it?
  10. I farted so much last night, the dog left the room. A little ashamed Iā€™m kinda proud of this.
  11. Someone may say they want bright, they really want a J200 šŸ™‚
  12. I was thinking staying in the gibson line, but maybe going maple-y. A J200, or dove for sqaureshoulder dred, or what are the small bodies - nick lucas.
  13. mirror image... both are sweeeeeeet.
  14. If this isn't an advertisement for retirement, I don't know what is! And congrats on the J200... just wow, awesome, cool!
  15. Will you be playing bass live, or is this for recording or other purposes - really is sweet
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