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  1. Not sure if yours are the originals - they might be? It looks like they have a Schaller "S" on them. Usually Gibson used Kluson Deluxe tuners that look very similar to yours. About that time (maybe 1990) I bought a Gibson SG that wouldn't stay in tune. It was due to the nut not being cut quite right, and poor wrapping of the strings on my part - but I though it was bad tuners, so I bought a replacement set. I solved the problem before ever changing the tuners and I still have them. They are marked as "Gibson Deluxe" and came in a package that says "Genuine Replacement Parts" and came from Gibson Strings and Accessories out of Elgin, Illinois. In any case you can get replacement tuners from the Gibson store on this site, or most big box guitar shops like Guitar Center or Sam Ash would carry something that should work. If you strike out I'll sell you mine - they've been on the shelf for 30 years or so, but now they are "vintage" 🤣🤣
  2. Twang Gang


    I haven't registered one in the past year or so - but registered several on line in the past. Don't recall ever getting a confirmation email back from them, I may be wrong. I wouldn't be concerned about it, as long as you have some proof of purchase and registered it on their site getting warranty work shouldn't be a problem. As an aside I bought my first Gibson in about 1965 (long before the internet existed) and have owned about 12 more since then over the years. None of them ever needed any warranty work.
  3. So far it seems the Custom Shop is mainly concerned with artist models. This looks like any other 339, but it has one speed knob and I guess her signature on the first few. Not sure she is considered much of a guitar god?
  4. Not sure I remembered them all, but a fun exercise to go through. I think I have owned a total of 30 over time. I currently have 9 which is as many as I've ever had at one time. The two I gig with now are a 2017 Les Paul Standard, and a 2018 Deluxe Stratocaster.
  5. Don't feel too bad about it. Hopefully as it was an auction situation you didn't pay a real lot money for it. And you mentioned in the first post that it played well and sounded good. So enjoy it, play it. The fact that it is not a "real" Gibson doesn't mean you can't make good music and enjoy it.
  6. A few things bother me - tuning peg posts look pretty long? Truss rod cover with "Les Paul Standard" on it instead of just Standard. Black nut? Biggest weird thing is the cover plate on the back control panel which seems to be running in the wrong direction and has some sort of decal or logo on it?
  7. Well finally an interesting new (old that I never saw before) thread in the ES section. Now you've go me curious about how far the studs go into the centerblock of my L5 and my CS356. They are both different wood and construction from a 335, but curious none the less. I wouldn't want to change the tone of my L5 in any way - it is exactly what I wanted when I bought the guitar. As to the 356 I might want it, if anything, to sound a little "more" hollow not less. I had a 336 bought new and had it for about 15 years over which time it opened up quite a bit. The new 356 is much "tighter" sounding, less resonant - so the replacement of the studs is probably not what I'm looking for, but next string change I will probably have to remove the bridge and unscrew one of those studs just to see how far down they go.😟
  8. Very nice looking R9 - hope you enjoy it and glad you found the one that fits your hand. One question - why no pickguards on all of these different re-issues? Or did you just take them off because you like the look better?
  9. I never played the type of music you described (I'm old), but have used an SG for lead guitar, and they do make models with vibrato (probably not the extent of dive-bombing you might seek), but they are certainly worth you're trying one out. I never experienced the neck dive that some complain of, the fret access is very good and an SG can sound very much like a Les Paul, but is so much lighter and more comfortable to play for long periods of time. They have been used over the years for many different styles of music. If you have access to a local music store that carries SGs you owe it to yourself to try one out.
  10. I had the same problem and so wasn't active for about a month. The other day I decided to try my "display" name which I would refer to as "screen" name and that got me back in. The email and actual username were not effective. All's well that ends well, just hard to know how many other of our regular pals on here haven't figured out how to sign in? I think the older we are the less tech savvy (at least that is certainly true in my case).
  11. A fantastic collection with some rare early instruments. My question is when you have owned these 125 some guitars, and are auctioning them off for charitable purposes - what guitar(s) do you keep? It's not like he's going to stop playing and not own a guitar.
  12. Congrats - nice looking Strat. I bought a MIM a few months ago and have had a lot of fun with it. I do take it to gigs, and play it approximately half the time. My group is a cover band and the songs that were played with a Strat originally just sound more accurate playing the same guitar as the recording. You can do a lot with effects and amp models, but you can't make a LP sound like a Strat or vice versa. I thought the longer scale length might bother me, but I am finding it actually gives me a little more room for the old arthritic hands to move about.
  13. Sticking just with Property tax (on your home) it varies a great deal from state to state, and even from county to county within a state. I lived in the northern suburbs of Chicago for close to 30 years in Lake county. There was very little business or industry in Lake county, mostly residential properties. Many of those houses had children in them that need to go to public schools (buildings, and teachers must be paid for) so property taxes were quite high. I owned a small condo (2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, one car garage) valued at about $200K - taxes were about $5,000 per year. A few miles south of me in Cook county (which contains the city of Chicago and a lot of business and industry) the same property would be taxed at about $1000 per year. I retired and moved to South Carolina, have a single family home on a half an acre lot, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 car garage and my property tax is about $600 per year on a property with about the same $200K value as I had in Illinois. So there is no one percentage of formula for property taxes - it depends on the location and the taxing body. When you buy a new home in the USA you need to find out what the taxes will be. You might be able to afford the house, but find out too late that you can't afford to live there!
  14. Looks very much like the X Vive system I got from Sweetwater a couple months ago - only a little stripped down, and less expensive. Sounds like the same technology which works fine. Like many electronics, they are often cloned and if you can get the necessary parts and have them assembled the cheapest you can sell for a little less.
  15. I'd go for the Les Paul 50s as they are very versatile, twangy, clean, overdriven, jazzy - endless tones available paired with your amplifier.
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