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  1. I don't think the Richlite board is causing any problems. I have a CS356 with a Richlite board and nibs on the fret ends and I've never heard any "pinging" when playing solos or weird sounds playing chords. When you have two different materials coming together (the nib and fret) there will always be a slight edge between them, but for the life of me I can't see how you are getting your string to go in there while you are playing. It would seem you have to pull the string off the fingerboard entirely for it to reach the point where the nib and the fret join together. But if you're not happy with the guitar by all means exchange it and get something else, but don't blame Richlite or Gibson's method of binding fret ends which they have been doing for many, many years with great success.
  2. I think all the guitars from Gibson USA have come with a photo since at least 2017. From the photo yours looks like a LP Classic (due to the uncovered zebra pickups) although most of those would say classic on the truss rod cover. Not sure what finish that is, but the model number usually decodes to tell the finish as well, the S would be for sunburst, the CH at the end would be chrome hardware. If you email Gibson customer service with some photos and the serial number they will tell you exactly what it is.
  3. A band I was in back in the late seventies was covering a song that Lefty Frizzell had done. We couldn't make out one entire line of the song so one of the guys wrote Lefty a letter care of the record company asking him to clarify. He actually wrote back in a hand written scrawl, thanking us for doing one of his songs, but said that he didn't remember the words either!!
  4. JDGM - glad to hear the new singer is working out well, wish you all good things gigging in the future, you have suffered enough bad times over the past year or so. Afraid my band may not be performing much anymore. Drummer said he is tired of loading out and setting up his equipment. He uses electronic drums that are more complicated to set up than acoustic ones, stereo cables everywhere etc. And he is also our sound man so he has the mixer to haul, we usually use house PA where we play, but he does do the bulk of the set up and tear down work so I can't blame him. We have recorded a few songs, and will continue to do that I guess, but I am not big on rehearsing if there is no performance on the horizon. We'll see what happens.
  5. Either this fellow is doing a poor job of demonstrating the pedal or it just doesn't work very well. The tele sounds like a tele, not the guitars he's supposed to be imitating. I don't know how much they are asking for this pedal, but I wouldn't waste my time at any price. Most of us on here have different guitars for a reason.
  6. Good choice. I gigged a Hot Rod Deluxe for several years. I got tired of transporting a Twin Reverb for practice so got the lighter Hot Rod mainly for that. It sounded so good I just used it all the time for practice and gigs and the Twin started gathering dust. You will enjoy it for a long time 👍
  7. Very hard to say. I don't think they would have the impact now that they had then. One of the biggest things about them when they first appeared was that their hair was long and shaggy - who would care about that now? On other hand though there are a lot of kids and younger adults who like music from the sixties and seventies because it's just better than a bunch of sampled tracks mixed together with no real band at all.
  8. So Vet if you're 5-10 cents flat on the lower 5 strings, and 12 cents flat on the high E you're not even in tune with yourself, leave alone the rest of the band? How does that work out?
  9. Not the Who, but the HU. Based on the translation I would say they want to be left alone. Also seems they like ultra slim taper necks.
  10. Glad you found a 175 with the perfect neck profile for you - that is what it is all about 👍
  11. You can order pretty much whatever you want from the Gibson Custom Shop through their made to order program. But those guitars are quite expensive for someone who has only just started learning. Check out reverb.com and other musical instrument sites like Sweetwater, Musician's Friend, Chicago Music Exchange. You can probably find a really nice used one at a reasonable price.
  12. A 339 semi-hollow and an SG are quite two different guitars and generally used for two different styles of playing. You need to decide what style you play most and which guitar best fits that style.
  13. Never owned a three pickup Les Paul, but understand the standard wiring was fairly limited, only used the middle pickup in combination with one of the others (can't remember if it was with the rhythm or the lead). Someone on here did a mod and put in a five position switch so you could combine the middle with either one of the others which to me seems like the only way to go.
  14. Les Paul through a Fender Twin Reverb. Nuf said.
  15. Oooooooo - that's a beauty. Congratulations and enjoy playing that!!
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