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  1. If you want to lower the humidity inside the case you can put some silica gel packs inside it and they will absorb moisture. Monitor it and when you get the inside of the case down to 50% or so take them out. 60% isn't too extreme, but too much moisture can do as much damage as too little.
  2. Never knew much about Metallica or this Kirk fellow, but I listened to the beginning of the interview and was amazed how much he sounded like Pauly Shore.
  3. It has a lot to do with the covid pandemic. Many businesses were forced to shut down and employees laid off. The US govt. got very generous with unemployment payments and other stimuli to the point that it's not worth it for a lot of minimum wage people to go back to work. This is not just in the guitar realm, but many types of businesses. I went on a short trip last week and we had a hard time finding restaurants that were open because they couldn't get help to wait on tables. Hopefully things will improve over time, Gibson has had good customer service in the past.
  4. Guitar looks authentic from the photos. Serial number having 8 digits is correct. First digit should be a 2 and the fifth digit a zero. I bought a 2020 model new and the case is really more of a burgundy color rather than brown so don't be surprised if it looks more burgundy in person. The finish looks more brown than a "cherry suburst" normally looks, but that could be just the lighting of the photos. If it plays and sounds good - give him the $2000 and run like you stole it, because you did. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  5. Can't remember which guitars you currently have - but I strongly urge you to play a 330 first. If you have not played this type of guitar with the trapeze tailpiece you will find that they have a different string feel than all our stop bar guitars. Not good or bad, but quite different so by all means try to play one first to see if it is in fact your cup o tea. The Epi Casino is the best alternative I can think of but again a trapeze tailpiece.
  6. Looks good - nice job on the repairs. I never got along with Guild's narrow nut width and extra long scale but many that I've heard sounded really good. Beware - putting lighter gauge strings on it will diminish some of that "big, loud and very bright" sound you are currently getting.
  7. Congrats - guitar looks brand new in the photo, and a great price too 👍
  8. Only saw this thread because it was revived yesterday, but wish I had seen it a couple years ago. I have had an AER 60/2 for about ten years or so and found it great for the solo acoustic gigs with guitar and vocal. Could've saved Jinder a lot of hassle - but glad he came to a good solution in the end.
  9. Haven't heard the new MHSII pickups, but would agree with you that based on the different magnets the newer ones will probably be a little hotter and brighter. That isn't to say that you couldn't get a nice mellow tone out of them. If you use a good tube amp you should be able to dial in a good tone. Pretty sure Guitar Center will let you return it if you can't live with the pickups (although that's a hassle too). Good luck and hope you get a player. We will need to see photos when you get it in.
  10. I think your assessment is about right. With all the replaced parts, headstock repair and no frets it would cost a lot to get it back to A-1 shape. Not that it can't be a really good guitar to play as it is, but not very high resale value in it's current state. Need provenance to verify the autographs, and the carving into the tailpiece is a real bummer.
  11. Beautiful guitar. Sorry I don't know anything about them or how many may have been made. Might want to post in the ES section where more hollow body jazz guys hang out.
  12. The Zebra wood knobs almost disappear completely against the background of that top - so for sure the black ones or if you're going to have chrome hardware maybe chrome would look good too.
  13. That is odd and I can see why you think something may have been clamped on there, but that is probably not the case. As mentioned, as you play the guitar over time the fretboard will wear down some and those marks will become less and less obvious. As long as it plays and sounds so good I'd keep it and live with the marks.
  14. Cool looking old LP. Not a normal top finish so as mentioned may have had the paint removed. But if that is the case they did a nice job. Norlin era volute and pancake body with 3 pickups all contribute to it's uniqueness. But if you don't play it and are willing to trade it for a pinball machine then I think you might as well sell it and let someone else get some use from it. Used guitar values are up right now, but as is always the case it's worth what someone is willing to pay. I'd list it for about $3K and negotiate with anyone interested in buying.
  15. Bass sounds out of tune to me? Good to hear from Pip though 🙂
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