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  1. Almost anything can be done. A really competent authorized Gibson repair shop could attach a new headstock, but I like your idea of a new neck better. It is not easy to remove the old neck (glued in, and meant to be there forever), but it can be done. But you have to find an authorized Gibson repair shop and I'm not sure how many of those there are in Great Britain? That is the only way to get a genuine Gibson made neck.
  2. Twang Gang


    I posted this over in the Acoustic section yesterday, but I know some of you are afraid to go there 😱 Came in yesterday from Sweetwater and I'm lovin' it. I have a rosewood/spruce dread so thought I would give this iconic mahogany body a try and it is great. This will probably become #1 as the short scale and neck profile are so comfortable. Wish I'd bought one 30 years ago, but then of course I would have thought something else would be better. Flawless work from Bozeman, paperwork indicates it's a custom shop guitar, but website doesn't seem to agree? Regardless it's great, it is what they refer to as "Hummingbird Original" and has Baggs VTC pickup which works very well. While it is an undersaddle which can have drawbacks, they built in a compressor and I think they got it right - sounds very accurate plugged in.
  3. I am no expert on SGs, but it certainly looks like a Standard with a "Special" truss rod cover. It would look odd to me if it had cream plastics, seems like a nice guitar - not sure what features a "special" might have that you would be missing? I thought SG specials usually had P-90 pickups?
  4. As someone that has suffered chronic back problems for a lot of years I feel your pain. Hope it straightens itself out soon and you can get back to moving around painlessly. This getting old is not for sissies.
  5. I would guess that 09s case is not the case the guitar came from the factory in. Dealers will put a guitar out on display and the case stays in the back room and when someone purchases the guitar they go in the back and grab the first case they see. Fran's case seems to fit pretty well for the same model guitar so I don't think it is Gibson that is messing it up. Sounds like he got a case for a LP Standard, and his Special is not as thick so doesn't fit snugly into that case. You could go back to the dealer, but he probably gave your case to someone else by mistake and that's why you ended up with one that doesn't fit. I would go back to the dealer and see if they have your case, and if not see if they will order you the correct one as it was probably their error.
  6. Twang Gang


    Got a Hummingbird Original in the antique natural finish today from Sweetwater: Had the rosewood/spruce combination covered so thought I'd see how I liked mahogany. It is great. Fit and finish seem flawless, I can't find anything wrong. Love the short scale and the neck profile, very comfortable for someone who has played Gibsons for many years. Guitar is very resonant, with good sustain and volume (not as loud as my Collings, but close), excellent string definition and balance of low, mid, and highs. It has LR Baggs VCT system which is not quite as flexible as the Anthem that was in a J200 I had for awhile, but it provides an accurate reproduction of the acoustic tones. I've only had it about 3 hours but can't hardly put it down. Believe it's a keeper 😁
  7. Seems pretty unique, can't say I've ever seen one like it either. Might have been a special order made in the custom shop. Doesn't have the diamond headstock inlay that a LP Custom usually has. Rosewood fingerboard wasn't the norm for a custom either. The wrap-around stop bar and single pickup are unusual as well as the color. You might call Gibson customer service or email them the pictures, with the serial number they should be able to tell you something more about it.
  8. Looks good EFJ - enjoy playing that thing 👍
  9. Well I certainly think the time and the environment shape what you like, and that things we found appealing in our early years tend to stick with us. I started out playing clarinet in the 4th grade so I guess I was about 10. Of course I wasn't very accomplished at it, but listened to Benny Goodman and some other big band stuff. It was considered jazz I think, but it was arrangements of songs - not free form experimental stuff. It always had a hook. The first record I ever bought was about '61 or so and it was a pop hit from Elvis. In '62 my Dad was transferred to Bruxelles and I listened to the BBC. Every Saturday morning they would play the top 50 hits so I heard a lot of Beatles, Stones, Cliff Richards and The Shadows, and the Mersey Beat bands - again short pop tunes with a hook. That's when I bought my first guitar and started trying to learn to play. One note leads from the Ventures and Shadows were something I could play by ear. Moved back to the US in '65 and of course the Beatles were all the rage, but I had sort of already "been there done that" so wasn't that interested. Due to my limited guitar skills I played some folk music (bought my first 12 string) Dylan, Byrds versions etc. It wasn't that I loved that music so much, but I enjoyed playing something people could recognize. Also got into Beach Boys and Glen Campbell. Vocals and harmony became very important to me. By '68 I was starting college and got more into blues based rock (Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Joe Walsh, Alvin Lee) and a little heavier stuff (pop was not cool at that time). But I recognized that a lot of that music was based on things that were from a lot older music. So yes I believe we are heavily influenced by what we enjoyed in our early years. And while there is no accounting for what one person may like and another not enjoy I have found that audiences generally will appreciate anything that is well performed. It has to be tight, organized, balanced, hopefully have some vocal harmony and not be more than about 3 to 3.5 minutes long. If you get too far off those tracks they will loose interest quickly.
  10. The one that cracked me up was either a Chevrolet or GMC ad for an SUV, and the music they used was a long intro to a Who song. The ad talked about the reliability of the vehicle etc. etc. - but the song itself was "Eminence Front" - "it's a put on". It's fairly obvious to me that modern day thirty of forty something year olds in marketing don't have a clue about older music and the point of the view the songs were presenting.
  11. Oh Sparky you are all over the place. A week ago you bought the Ibanez because the controls were so simple and easy to use. This seems to be at the opposite end of the spectrum. It should be fun to experiment with, and I agree the idea of going to a gig with just a guitar and plugging into the PA is appealing. But my experience with these "swiss army knife" concoctions is that they do a great number of things, but none of them all that well. jdgm's copying of the specs mentions a lot of voices, but doesn't seem to include any amp models so not sure how great the tones will be into the PA alone? Anyway hope you enjoy it, and it serves a purpose in your arsenal. Probably will be a good tool for recording, maybe more so than live work.
  12. Not sure what a 335 might have sold for in Japan in 2013, but here in the US they would have been around $3000 new. Figured is usually a little higher price than a plain top and then a little more for left handed. As long as the repair is solid, I think the price is pretty good. Hopefully you can go and play it and inspect the repair in person before purchasing?
  13. Looks like it has had quite a few more than just one crack repaired. But I see these old 125s advertised for quite a bit more than you paid so as long it plays well and you like the sound I would say keep it. Fortunately if something serious happens you have a luthier nearby that can handle the repair. As others suggested I would call the seller and see if they are willing to refund some money since they didn't disclose all the issues, but overall I think you got a fair deal and might as well just enjoy playing it.
  14. I would try Virtuoso cleaner and if it comes off, then the polish. But what a lot of people don't realize is that polishing is actually removing a little of the finish to get down to a fresh layer, so caution and use sparingly. I played an outdoor gig in the evening once and the mosquitos were killing us. So between sets we loaded ourselves up with bug spray and sure enough when I got home and took my guitar out to clean it the back was a mess where it came in contact with my shirt that had a lot of bug spray on it. It took a long time, but eventually after several cleanings and polishing it was gone.
  15. About 4 years ago my Rivera amp started getting noisy. Rivera recommended using Russian Svetlana tubes. I replaced all 4 power tubes (6V6 GTs) and all 5 pre-amp tubes (12AX7s) with tubes from The Tube Store in Canada. They matched the triode sections very well in the pre-amp tubes. I remember there was a problem with one of the Power tubes and they replaced it free as they had advertised that they would all match and one didn't. It has been very quite and worked flawlessly since, although it does not get real heavy usage.
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