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  1. In a thread a few weeks ago we were pondering guitars that we would like, but can't seem to find. I pined for a Rosewood/Spruce dread with a short scale, and someone suggested the Gibson J-29. Turns out they only made this model from 2014 -2016 (maybe 2017), but I was fortunate to find one that a guy was selling and he only lives about an hour from me. I wouldn't buy a used guitar on-line so we arranged to meet up. Then we had a gasoline shortage around here and ended up putting it off a week, but managed to meet up with him today and I bought it. Here is a link to Gibson legacy site des
  2. It's not just Gibsons that are hard to find. I wanted a smaller size Collings and my guy said he could order one, but it would probably be 8 months to get it. I found one in Tucson, AZ and snapped it up as they would pay the shipping. I recently got interested in Eastman guitars as it seems they offer some nice sounding dreads with Adirondack tops at very reasonable prices. Looked up the closest dealer (about an hour away) and they listed several models, on their website, with a photo of the guitar, but underneath them all it said "Out of Stock". There is another guy an hour in the other
  3. I don't recall hearing the Go-Go's much and certainly don't own any of their music, but I saw a documentary on them a few months ago. They were the first all female band that played all their own instruments, wrote their own material, sang their own songs, and had several number one hits. Toured worldwide, sold millions of albums, fell into the traps of many other rock bands like in fighting, disputes over who should get writing credits and royalties, cocaine, heroine, alcohol abuse so they did everything the big rock bands did so they probably should be in. (Is there a tongue in cheek emoj
  4. Wow David Cassidy was some player. Without barely moving his left hand position he was able to make that 12 string sound like a violin string section 😜
  5. I am not familiar with the new "calibrated" pickups but just because the tone and volume knobs go up to 10 doesn't mean you need to set them there when playing. Many players think that they will get the most output and best tone with the knobs all at ten, but that is not the way the Gibson pickup systems are really designed to work. I have been playing Gibson electrics since 1965 and rarely had my tone or volume knobs at 10, once in a while for certain lead work, but rarely. Leave your amp where you like it's tone and work with the volume and tone knobs on the guitar - especially in the mi
  6. Without some pictures we don't have much chance of helping you. Download photos to a photo sharing sight (Imgr) and then you can easily put them on here.
  7. Well it was Mother's Day so gifts were appropriate?
  8. Since it will go counterclockwise is it possible that the rod is already tightened as far as possible? I don't know how you would tell that personally but it seems to me if it turns in one direction it is not "frozen" and should be able to turn the other direction unless it's maxed out? Regardless I guess the luthier will provide an answer, and hopefully not that it needs a neck reset.
  9. I'm not into relicing guitars as I just don't see the point. I would agree with Cunningham's suggestion of just sanding down the top to try to even it out and make the circles not be as obvious.
  10. Really nice guitar work, brought Larry Carlton to mind. But videos that cut to a different image every two seconds or less give me a headache, and honestly I had to close my eyes to get through the entire song. Good luck with the project - the sound is great.
  11. All that and double string trees! Congrats - looks like fun about to happen. 👍
  12. Don't think I would go across the street to hear a Monkees reunion.
  13. Played golf today. We were going to go about an hour and half down to a cool course in Georgia, but there was a pretty good chance of rain and we didn't want to drive that far and get rained out. So we played a local course up here and the weather turned pretty nice so it turned out well and we didn't have to drive all that way. Had a 77 (par 71 course) so was pleased with that - made two early birdies that really helped keep the score down.
  14. Your avatar tag line says you suffer from Tourette's syndrome - perhaps an offshoot of that? My old band and I sometimes did the same thing (mostly instigated by the drummer), but it was only done at band practice for our own amusement and never done in public or during a performance. I doubt it is the stuff of a savant, nor perversion or madness but simply a way to occupy your mind during otherwise somewhat boring activities (grocery shopping, band practice etc.).
  15. Does anyone own a J -29 and what do you like about it? Anything to watch out for with this particular model? I am going in a couple of days to look at one from 2014. I have been looking for a rosewood/spruce dread with a short scale and I like Gibson round profile neck so hopefully this will feel comfortable to me. If it sounds good it should be a great compliment to my hog Hummingbird and then I could sell everything else. (Well you know how that goes).
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