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  1. OK, looks great. Your original post just said you had ordered one - not that you had already gotten it. CME should be able to tell you how many were made as it appears to be a special run just for them. Not the usual 359 model for sure with the 3 pickups and Bigsby. And since the Memphis factory is now closed, would be one of the last runs of guitars made there. Hope you enjoy it as it is unique and seems to have all the "bells and whistles". 👍
  2. From what I could find these were made between 2008 and 2016. Gibson usually isn't very forthcoming with how many of any given model is made unless it is a very limited run of something. Since these were not limited it will be hard to find out how many. Is the one you ordered new (new old stock) or used? Be sure to post some photos of it when you get it we'd love to see it. I do not have experience with the 339 or 359s. I owned a 336 and currently have a 356, but they are a totally different construction from the 359 so I wouldn't expect them to sound the same. The smaller size and ligh
  3. I always loved my Rivera Venus 6 amplifier but as the years passed I stopped using amps altogether and just went to a rack processor (much easier on the back at load in and load out). But for those still using amps for live shows this new Rivera looks pretty good. The video is a little long, but stick with it as there is some interesting stuff discussed.
  4. C'mon Pinch, too lazy to take a Philips head to that new LP you got? 😜 But yes they are the same length and yes they are 1/4 inch long.
  5. Wow, really looks good. I love the way the grain on the top sort of curves around the tone suck knob instead of running vertically or horizontally. Any idea what pickups might be in it? Remember (and this is direct from Gibson) the iconic tone is a result of: The sound waves resonate within the hollow airspace of the Maple veneered Body, around the F-holes, and throughout the solid glue joints.
  6. Did you watch the video? This one should be discounted for the nice deep scratches above the neck pickup 😡
  7. Shouldn't be - they aren't Gibson amps. They are Mesa Boogie amps and Gibson owns the company, but the brand is still Mesa. If you click on the "Gibson buys Mesa" section on the site (before you would get to the forums) there is a pretty extensive description of the amps but I couldn't get any of the videos to play. But so far see nothing in the forums section dedicated to Mesa.
  8. Not sure that is a "coil tap" switch? Did not think that was available in the late 70s on a 335 and it is pretty rare even now. The photo you provide looks more like the pickup selector switch and they are readily available through Gibson, StewMac, or SwitchCraft. The problem is installing it because of the design of the 335. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about?
  9. Not the first time this has come up - there was another similar post with photos where a goldtop had been stripped to reveal a very nice top underneath. No way of knowing how many potentially there are.
  10. You can email photos and serial# direct to Gibson and they may be able to help you: Identifying a particular model/variation can be difficult, please send the following information to assist us in identifying and/or dating your instrument quickly and accurately- A complete description including the serial number and any other information written on or inside of the instrument. Any information relating to the known history of the information (such as when and where purchased, any known repairs or modifications made) Photos of the instrument (please limit to 2MB total size -
  11. Well the wood is Rosewood and I think Gibson may dry the wood out pretty long before it's installed on the neck. It seems many times a new neck like that is pretty dry and at the first string change if you use some fretboard conditioner it will darken the color.
  12. It's your guitar so whatever makes you happy is all that matters. I had not heard of "Bobbin Toppers" before, but since someone makes and sells them I guess you are not the only person to make this sort of change.
  13. If you look at the "Careers at Gibson" section of the website you'll see that a "Scraper" job at Bozeman pays $19 - $22 per hour. I wouldn't consider that cheap labor. I have 3 Gibson guitars right now and sold three others not too long ago - none of them had any lacquer on the nut, and none of the nuts were cracked. Granted a very small sample, and maybe I've just been lucky but I have never had these problems. On the other hand the nut slots are almost always a little too narrow especially on the G and B strings causing them to bind, but 5 minutes with a file in the right hands solves th
  14. I found these to be the most comfortable for Les Pauls: And I always use strap locks and prefer the Schallers which were improved a year or so ago to be really secure: These particular Gibson straps are quite expensive (over $100 retail) but are strong and heavily padded which is important if you are talking about the four or five set gig.
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