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  1. I bought the D'Addario NS Micro tuners a few years back. You get 2 of them for about $22. They work well, are unobtrusive and they do have a little rubber pad on one side of the part that clips onto the headstock. The other side is just plastic. I have used them on all my Gibsons with nitro finishes and never noticed them marring the finish. I don't leave them on continually (when the guitars are in their cases), but I would clip it on for a gig and leave there the entire show so anytime I needed to retune I could. As to the guitar stand I wrapped some really soft cotton around the pieces that touch the guitar and that does the trick. I wouldn't mess with that pipe insulation material as I have no idea what it's made of and if there might be a reaction. Cotton or microfiber polish cloth works fine. Mr. Valfre's problem (post above) was probably because the guitar was brand new and the nitro hadn't cured and hardened up fully yet. When I got my Hummingbird a few months ago the back of the neck was sort of sticky and the same with a LP Classic I got about a year ago. After the nitro cures for a month or so and hardens up then no problems. Virtuoso cleaner and then polish will help that problem too. Ooops didn't notice the post was 6 years old 🙂
  2. Well I've been wrong before and probably will be again. Glad it checked out and more importantly that it plays and sounds good. 👍
  3. Waaay too many numbers in that serial. FAKE.
  4. I think it's a banjo - but how would you put a capo on?
  5. Wow, that is a beauty - Congrats and enjoy! The serial number either means that they've only sold 8 of those so far, or it was the 8th one they made that day - not sure how Custom Shop serial number work these days.
  6. I have to agree with Saturn that there haven't been any really great deals on anything. I got a zillion emails from the few places I do business with and while I am not looking for any guitars or gear I opened a few of them just to see if there might be something too good to pass up. Nothing worth noting.
  7. Oooh - that is a beauty. You'll get used the 50s neck, they are not unwieldly and without doing a side by side comparison I'm guessing the pickups in the 50s model sound more vintage. Great find - looking forward to more photos when it arrives. Truly ICONIC burst!!
  8. That was cool Steve, thanks for posting. Jeff Beck has been one of my favorite guitarists to listen to for a long time. And I see he still has that cute girl playing bass (Tal), and she can rip it up too. I wasn't aware that Depp could sing, but he did a nice job on this. Looks like a set list laying on the floor so they must have put a entire show together. Beck has always been so advanced in his sounds and his playing, since the Yardbird days. And while they were doing pretty much blues back then he always had a fresh take on the guitar parts he played. Glad to see he is still at it, and did not let fame, and fortune screw up his life like so many others have.
  9. That is a beauty. Glad your timing was right in getting an exchange on sale plus the baked top should enrich the tone. Each Gibson is an individual in the way they look, play, and sound. It would seem you were able to make a slight mistake purchasing the first one and then correct it without spending extra - that is something that doesn't often happen when buying and selling and trading in guitars. Like you I am not a big fan of the cherry burst finish on Birds and as a result I bought a natural finish one. Any excuse to post a photo ya know 🙂 The top on mine has already darkened slightly (the photo was day one right out of the box). And while I love mine honestly I think I like the way yours looks even better. Enjoy 👍
  10. I don't think it matters one way or the other. I've owned a lot of Gibsons with Kluson or Gibson Deluxe (which look exactly like Kluson) and I've owned a few more modern ones with Grovers and none them ever had a problem. Many people, including me, had Gibsons that didn't want to stay in tune, but it was always a problem with the nut not being filed quite right, never the tuners slipping. The Grover locking tuners are the most convenient for restringing and I prefer them if they are available on the model of guitar I want.
  11. I think it depends on your goal with this guitar. Are you going to play it? In which case getting the sound you want is very important so change the pickups. But at the same time you seem concerned about it's resale value, so if that is the primary reason you bought it (investment) then leave it as is. I never understood buying a guitar that had pickups you don't like. If you don't like the pickups and the way they sound then don't buy the guitar. Why purchase a guitar for a given price and then go spend another $800 for new pickups plus installation costs? I'm not trying to be argumentative or critical. But I always bought various guitars to perform with them, and bought guitars based on how they sounded and played. If I didn't like the way a guitar sounded I wouldn't buy it. I suppose there are instances where you love a guitars neck feel and frets etc, but you want a different tone so you purchase it and install different pickups. But if that is the case then it would be a guitar you would keep for a long time, play, and not worry about resale value. Generally guitars are not good investments anyway, unless it's a super expensive collectible to begin with, then it might go up in value over time. But 99% of guitars are worth a lot less when you go to sell them than when you bought it.
  12. Pretty sure it would sound the same without the "wings" - they were just added so it would look more like a conventional guitar.
  13. Twang Gang


    That is cool - I had not heard of that model with three noiseless pickups. Congrats and enjoy. Now when you remove the 5 way switch, and put in a 3 way, how do you wire it up? Or what is the result I guess is what I'm trying to ask? In this case with 3 pickups will each switch position correspond to a pickup or will there be some blending of the pickups. I know you have done this with Strats too, and that you are not a fan of the "quack" so curious how it comes out or how you set up the switch/pickup configuration?
  14. It sounds much better than I ever thought it would.
  15. I had a classic and loved it. The pickups sound really good, I prefer the slimmer neck, and to me weight relief and push/pulls are a bonus.
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