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  1. I will miss you, Peter.

  2. Basic tip. This has not been mentioned probably because everyone knows, but… Fit the capo as close as you can behind the fret you wish to capo. It will not eliminate the problem but will minise it.
  3. Hi Murph. Like the look of the Carvin. Had a quick browse on t'internet and none in the uk? Thanks for the suggestion. And thanks to everyone. There are some amps here I've not seen before.
  4. Great job there EA. did you have the vocals through the Marshall too? The AS100 was my first thought. I used to have an AS50 which did a fine job.
  5. I currently have a Fishman Loudbox. Great little amp. 100 watts but due to its sixe it always seems to struggle to "fill" some rooms. Would like a Bose compact L1 but don't really want to go as far as approx £1k. Anyone have any thoughts on some middle ground and a step up from the Loudbox? Cheers
  6. All the best with the new album Jinder. Haven't heard it yet but if it's even remotely as good as Nine Cents it will be fab.
  7. hello dear

    how are you doing, hope your good my name is Alima, i like to be your friend i like your profile, i hope we can be good friends i have a lot to tell you, or you can send me your email or contact me on (alimamohamed@live.com) so that we can know more about each other thanks, from Alima.

  8. Agreed. England's Barmy Army like Jerusalem. Yours truly Whinging Pom! Ps. A mate of mine is the facilities manager for the velodrome. He reckons the opening ceremony is something very special. I'll be watching it in the pub with a pint of London Pride.
  9. London 2012 has already started although the opening ceremony is later tonight. For the benefit of our Cousins from across the pond, here is an anon. explanation of British nationality taken from the BBC website. The English are British and lots of people think the British are English but that annoys the Scottish and Welsh because although some think they're British and some think they aren't and some think they are but don't want to be, they all agree that they definitely are not English. The Irish mostly think they are Irish, apart from the ones who are Northern Irish. Some say tha
  10. Beautiful guitar and a wonderful tribute to your late friend. I'm sure he'll be looking down with a big grin.
  11. Of course. However the special feature does not advise that they are crap....................,. ........ Where are my reading glasses?
  12. Is an Acoustic issue. Including brief reviews of 50 acoustics from low end to high end. Not 1 Gibson! Where's the J200 or Hummingbird or J45? Utter nonsense!
  13. I'm a long term Martin SP user - PB 12 s. this weekend I found a set of Elixir Nanos and restrung my Songwriter for the first time in around 4 or 5 months. I love the balanced and full tone of the worn Martins. However I'm really enjoying the instant sparkle gratification of the Elixirs especially when strummed with "a bit of welly!". My finger picking is shockingly agricultural. Gigging this weekend through a decent pa so I maybe persuaded otherwise in due course. Must try the John Pearces soon.
  14. As Drathbun says this is a common problem and normally an easy fix if you follow the advice on this thread. Might be worth having a pro sort it in case the pickup faulty so that you avoid any warranty issues. Hope you get it fixed soon. Cheers
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