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  1. IMO- Based on what epi has been doing the past few years- and the type of woods and electronics used- case included - street price 899.00 to 1199.00 would be a fair price range. A few of the newer epi's attention to detail and construction can put some Gibson usa guitars to shame.
  2. Since Epiphone is releasing more truly upscale guitars lately- How about a version of the Gibson SG Diablo? Thicker sg body, 24 fret neck. A great guitar for all styles of music. Also- how about a version of the Gibson victory mvx- 2 hum/1 single multiple sound switching, firebirdish headstock. These might not be for everyone...but surely enough people would purchase to warrant a limited edition.
  3. If 2017 is to be the year of the reissues( ltd. ed.)....Please reissue an EB1 with a set neck. Felix Pappalardi's bass would be a good place to start for inspiration. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!
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  5. Seriously- what would it hurt to do a run of limited edition 50's style flying V's, les paul jr.'s, a firebird and maybe an EB-1 viola bass guitar? Dont let big brother gibson hog all the glory[-x
  6. Many thanks for the replies- this answers quite a bit.....and anyone with any info on neck profile/pickup type would be greatly appreciated!:(
  7. Just looking at pickup type, # of frets, and neck profile(fat-medium-thin). It looks like a very nice V.
  8. Anyone have info about release dates for the gold top version/estimated msrp)? Also- p.u. type and neck profile(rounded or thin). This guitar looks amazing- and is generating a lot of interest on the guitar forums[-o<
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