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  1. Guitar (with hands) and piano (with feet), at the same time. (It was a player piano)
  2. I'm wondering if the bridge is original. I had a '68 and thought the "ADJ" next to the J45 indicates it had the adjustable bridge - and there are two holes for the adjusting screws under this bridge. It will probable sound better with this bridge. Looking forward to seeing (and hearing?)it finished.
  3. I'm looking at my '56 125 now - No binding on the fretboard, dot inlays, connected tuners, black pick guard.
  4. Some years ago I bought a '56 ES-125 and now realize the Melita bridge that was installed on it may not be original. They were used on Gretsch instruments but did Gibson ever install them?
  5. Thanks, that was my conclusion as well. The two alignment pins are too short to allow anything but a thin layer of adhesive. the RTV sealant is holding well.
  6. The top section of the armrest on the '93 GCG I just bought was lifting from the base at one end - the adhesive was not holding but it almost looks like someone tried to reglue it at some point. Can anyone tell me how the armrest was originally attached to the mounting pad? I was able to get it off completely and clean all adhesive residue, then re-mount it using a few small dots of silicone adhesive. There were two small pins on the top piece that align with two holes in the bottom section - which is mounted to the guitar body with two screws. The pins could not reach the holes unless the top is mounted right on the base but I question if this would have been mounted permanently or removable for cleaning.
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