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  1. yes,I would like to know more about this! the blue led screen issue (I have the same issue,on both my decks) some times they light up, I think its a issue with resistors...
  2. I can help with the mappings, I did a great mapping for SCS1m in VDJ8(similar to traktor/daRouter mapping) , I would only need help with the scripts for the motorized platter, and the motorized pitchfader, if you could just configure these 2 on the SCS1d deck, when you have the free time, I could build the rest of the mapping... thank you
  3. really? what a disapointment! may I please ask why not support the motorized jogs? the decks had support in the past by Stanton with Traktor and daRouter mappings/presets, but the scratch response was a bit poor and slow even with low latency, in VDJ8 scratching is very good, in Mixxx is also good but the sound quality is not so good... the SCS1d decks have native support on Virtual DJ 8 and Mixxx, why not on Stanton`s Deckadance 2? thank you
  4. Hello, will Deckadance 2.5 have support for the Stanton SCS1 System? I own a pair of SCS1d decks and the SCS1m mixer, macbook osx 10.7 if so I will buy the software,and be registered user. thank you
  5. xaros84: I will buy you the deck, how much would you sell it? where are you from? the 000000issue is a easy fix, if you have a macbook bootcamped running windows or a pc with firewire ports,just have to use a stanton software to reset the deck id to another number other than 00000. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/112733-all-devices-with-id-00000/ I would like to know what the stanton support do to fix the LCD missing lines, I also had a deck for about 3 months on technical support... I read that reseting the connections fixes the LCDs, but I tried opening the units,resetted the flat cables, but nothing hapenned... thank you
  6. solution for warbly platter or platter running slow: try removing the vynil and slipmat and check if the plastic center,turns ok,if you feel like it gets stuck on the rotations,like I did,you will need to oil lubrificate, it is very easy DIY fix,just use 2 small screwdrivers,like the little ones for clock watches,to unscrew the screw in the middle of the vinyl.then remove the plastic center,clean it underneath, and there should be another black piece left on the screw hole,remove it and apply some oil lubricant on it, I used a silicone based oil spray,I DONT recommend using WD40,because it leaves residues.
  7. Hello there, the SCS1d turntable center plastic "spindle" is a little loose after some time using them, beatjuggling, scratching,... when the platter is not spinning check yourself the "excess" movement on the center turntable "spindle" (grabd vinyl and move it up/down instead of forward/backward), after some months smh, saw the SL-DZ mod online,and really tought about doing something similar,but then I tought of this simple solution,fill the extra space, so get some velcro(only the soft part) and cut 3 pieces to make a "spacer" like these in the pics below: cut 1 velcro rectangle 5cm long and 0.8 tall,and cut 2 rectangles 2cm wide and 0.8cm tall, stick the smaller rectangles to the bigger one like in the example below,leaving a 0.5cm gap between the 2 smaller velcros, insert the velcro spacer between the plastic center and the platter, remember to insert the velcro spacer with the gap to the outside (platter side) for better anti-woble 5cm long ___________________ |________|__|________| 0.8cm 2cm -------0.5cm-----2cm this spacer will be enough, I tested several different "velcro" workarounds and sizes. if anyone has a better solution,share it please.
  8. http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/scs1m-traktor-scratch-timecode.212787/
  9. If Traktor gave this support, I would go around kissing people.
  10. in VDJ8 open advanced options window and search for RampStopTime 0.0 set it to 0.5 > 1.0 or more.
  11. pARtybOy³ Beatjuggling & Scratching Freestyle Pratice (first month on 2 decks)
  12. please send me this!! looking forward thank you edit: emu_cz and also Kirk from Gibson contacted me and mailed the utility thank you
  13. I'm having this problem,how can I reset the ID???? looking forward thank you
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