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  1. I have ordered one. I love small body guitars, and when I grown up and win the lottery I will buy a Gibson. Meanwhile I have ordered oneof these. I am paying about $270 Canadian for it. I keep reading that people change out the nut and the saddle to bone. Is that necessary? Any suggestions on a pickup to install.

    Or is it crap and should I just trash it and use it for kindling?


    Opinions please.



    Play a bunch of guitars, in time you'll develop your own opinion on crap or not crap.

  2. We've all heard them. The guitar riff that fits the song so perfectly it almost makes you cry. Sometimes the song isn't even one you are particularly fond of but that darn riff is just so perfect.......


    So last night on my way home from work I'm flipping around the radio dial and come upon a live version of Maybe I'm Amazed when old Paul was at the height of his power as a vocalist. Then' date=' just as I'm ready to click to the next station that riff comes. Not the greatest song, not the most technically difficult riff, not anything new at the time, but it just worked so well within the composition of the song.


    So boys and girls, tell us your perfect riff. The one that fits like a glove. The one that you wish you had created inthe studio of the live stage for the song of the moment. There have been many. List em up!


    Coming soon.....


    The riff from Hell. The one that made you think...huh? :) [/quote']

    cooking up some more spam?

  3. Well, I did give him all my personal information. Something I did not feel comfortable doing. This was a pretty big leap of faith for me, to trust Henry with my info. After all, I don't know him from Adam. But, I surely love the whole Gibson mystique and all, so I went for it. Then I get this cold rejection from the guy. must admit, my positive impression of the Gibson company has taken negative blow here. At this point Henry has all my info, but I have none of his, except a cold "sorry, not welcome".



    Edit: added.....> eh, never mind, I don't give a care bout it.



  4. I just got this from Gibson in my email... it's so lame, i thought I'd post it here . Gibson advertising sucks big time, if it wasn't for the legacy, I'd barf from this:



    The Les Paul You Grew Up Loving


    With all the fat, sweet, snarling Les Paul tone that purists love, the Traditional plays, sounds, and feels like the Les Pauls that today's players grew up loving and lusting after. Taking design and visual cues from the Les Pauls of the '80s and '90s, the Les Paul Traditional starts with a Grade-A mahogany body and adds nine strategically placed traditional weight-relief holes for a beefy tone that maintains the resonance of modern Les Pauls, while losing a large portion of the weight. This is capped with a maple top, giving the Les Paul Traditional the look of the great Les Pauls that helped to bring rock back to the front of the stage in the mid '80s. Capping the Traditional with a maple top not only looks great, but it also brings out presence and definition to the tone. With the look of the great Les Paul Standards that helped to make rock king again, and every ounce of the tone thanks to legendary Gibson construction, classic tonewoods, and two genuine humbucking pickups, the Les Paul Traditional is the guitar to take your music center stage where it belongs.

  5. I have a fancy Gibson j45. It's really nice, in fact too nice. I want to take it out and play in the park and subway, but I can't afford to have it all beat to **** out there.


    So, I figured I'd pick up an inexpensive Epiphone to serve as my battle ax. But, when I checked into them I found they all have 25.5 in scale fretboards. My Gibson is 24.75. Why doesn't epiphone follow gibson and match the scale length?

  6. There is business turmoil in the Gibson world. My simple question is before all this business gets settled' date=' will prices drop in order to clear out stock or boost profit before handing over the keys? Any word or thoughts on this?


    More specifically, I know the Standard SG is not the most expensive guitar in the Gibson lineup, but might we see a drop in price on this model?[/quote']


    Yeah wow great ! maybe we can benefit from the Gibson Corporation's hardship!! I'm short selling Guitar Center as we speak, gonna be sweet....hit that bid , hit that bid! [biggrin]

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