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  1. Best wishes to you on a quick and full recovery.
  2. I've had tinnitus since childhood... probably due to nerve damage in my inner ear. I've gotten used to it over the years, but still can be a royal pain. Playing drums and guitar definitely didn't help much to alleviate it. lol If you're fortunate enough to not have to experience it, imagine the frequency wave sounds of an analog syntheziser but it feels like it's embedded in your brain.
  3. Once again, the loop machine saves the day.
  4. I'm pretty happy with my current herd. The 2 latest acquisitions got me through the holidays at least.
  5. I concur. Paul always had a better grasp on the musical side. I think John was a better lyricist though.
  6. I don't think you can go wrong with the Prestige. Great quality MIJ guitars. Wizard necks are pretty thin compared to a Strat or Gibby neck so make sure you're familiar with it first. The Charvel So-Cals are awesome too... basically a strat with humbucks and a Floyd.
  7. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Peace man.
  8. I gotta go with white.......actually I gotta have one now!!
  9. I have no idea why this guy even has a locking nut on there in the first place. But a 1/4 inch up the HS looks flat out ridicluous. Otherwise yeah, I think it's a very cool looking guitar. Don't think I'd trade anything for it though. lol
  10. rjay777


    Congrats! Those are killer amps. ......maybe I should get married.
  11. Alright guys, a buddy of mine is close to trading one of his Kramer shredders for this 80's LP Custom. I wasn't sure what exact model this is, and if it's actually a limited Custom Lite. I'm not super savy on some of these older obscure models. The only thing that throws me off is the locking nut and fixed tail piece. (assuming it was modded somewhere down the line) Can somebody indentify this model, and is it a Kalamazoo from mid-to late 80's or perhaps even a rare MIJ guitar? Apparently there's been a few on ebay, but I actually do not know much about this guitar. Looks like a sweet
  12. I actually dig that song. For a guy that's pretty much the antithesis of blues, he is capable of being a soulful player when he wants to be.
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