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  1. The skinny according to me. For recording, the modeling stuff and direct modeling (pod) stuff is ok, not bad, sufficient (in most apps) However, NONE (thats an absolute) of the digital/ modeling amps, gadgets, what have you translate live...so..in affect, that renders them not useful to me, because I have to have a live rig, which means, I will use that rig for recording too. In essence...the louder you get the more digital and lifeless these rigs become...and by contrast (as previously stated) the more you push a tube amp, the better it sounds. I will venture to say that vaccum tube amps will never ever die. There really is no substitute. FTR I would sooner play a peavey special 150 (solid state) with some good pedals before I would use ANY new fangled dig/mod amps
  2. Boooo...black PG? that put the "U" in ugly....goldtop w/ cream is the pwn in solids (<<<< <3z ebony too)
  3. i have this same problem on my 2008 Traditional. really kind of odd and sad. eventually i will have my luthier cut a new nut that compensates for this anomaly as i did on my tele. the good news is that it is a 50's style neck so i have plenty of room to close down the spacing at the nut. in the meantime i too have had to adjust my feel for it and isnt a tremendous problem but as i said, when i am ready to go to a bone nut i will have it compensated
  4. for me the vol pedal is used for effect, I use the vol knob (and tone) a lot and i have a clean boost on my board (set low, maybe 3-5 db). using vol and tone knobs is the rule for LPz though....a ton of variation IMO
  5. britabe


    honestly though dude when i brought it to pitch and struck the A chord i instantly went to my tone knob to make sure it was up and it was....it really did warm the tone somehow....iono i'm not sure i even like it yet..
  6. britabe


    most likely it is the slippage yes. creating a slinkier feel but in turn as you pointed out you need more travel to get to pitch in a bend. i understand that you are exactly right and i worded that wrong about "less" tension. it only "feels" like less tension because the slippage is affected. It does change the tone and whether good or bad is left to the handler. I am undecided
  7. britabe


    i just did that today with my string change and it definately adds sustain and it also warmed my tone. i put the tailpiece all the way down and it seemed to change the action of my neck too as the tension is decreased quite a bit actually. you are actually going from somewhere in the neighborhood of 20+ (perhaps as much as 22.5?)degree break angle over the bridge to maybe in the neighborhood of 13ish degrees which is of course much closer to the break angle at the nut
  8. <<<<<6'4" My LP looks like a mandolin...
  9. i can only say that i love my trad. havent played many newer standards. i actually am very comfy with either neck profile though. Gibson necks rule all necks hands down , period. ftr, i have big hands
  10. i voted very satisfied. at least i think i am. my experience with my LP Trad. is still in its infancy and i've only changed the caps so far but to me it sounds amazing clean and dirty. playing around nashville the guys i work with play everything form Buck owens and Johnny Cash to Bad company and STP and i really dig the LP vibe on all this. i hope to post some audio clips in the near future
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