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    Making music..what else? :) Check out my other band, Drops of Light at http://www.soundclick.com/dropsoflight
  1. Imagine performed by Lu Ruello for PENTULTIMA. My link
  2. Please enjoy my rock guitar instrumental. Inspiration by PENTULTIMA Cheers! Lu :)
  3. Lay Down Your Arms by PENTULTIMA. Enjoy! Lu :)
  4. Thanks for your comments Jimi. I recall reading about Keith Richard's view of how The Stones played and he said at times it sounded like the groove was gonna fall apart but it didn't and that's what made them special. My bro and I are gonna practice up our best rock tunes for live work now. We will need a bass player and drummer in Sydney, Australia. Any takers? :) Cheers! Lu :)
  5. Remix up now. Thanks for all your comments. :)
  6. That song link you put up is for a song DOL released in 1989. The song I posted, Fever Shot Up is a BRAND NEW SONG! Our RN site has a mix of older and newer songs, I hope this clears things up for you. Cheers! Lu )
  7. Fever Shot Up by Drops Of Light Whatcha think? :)
  8. Check out our latest song, it rocks!! Here In My Arms by PENTULTIMA
  9. Thank You Brad! I too feel it's probably my best pop song mate. Now to better it ughhh lol Cheers! Lu
  10. Hi all! Thought I'd put up my latest song, Stop Playing With My Heart. Enjoy! Stop Playing with My Heart Cheers, Lu :)
  11. Hi Jimi! Hey I appreciate you like any song I've put out. I'm finding that stuff I recorded back in '98 like Angel and FlowerChild in PENTULTIMA, my band, is getting requested by internet radio for their playlists today! Those 2 songs are outright high powered rock BEASTS LOL but I like to keep things varied. Check em out here PENTULTIMA Cheers, Lu :)
  12. Stop playing with my Heart by PENTULTIMA. Cheers, Lu :)
  13. HI all, Hope your Christmas was great! Drops of Light and PENTULTIMA, both my bands, have made it to 2nd and 6th places in the Sydney ROCK charts! Check em out sometime and see what the buzz is about k? PENTULTIMA DROPS OF LIGHT Happy New Year!! Lu :)
  14. All I hear and read is stories of all the anonymous charity work he did. Gotta wonder why the good guys have to go first. RIP Paul.
  15. Here in Australia, the performer using an original song, regardless of who wrote it, should submit a performance return indicating the song details to APRA, our live performance collector here. Of course, original songwriter /performers will do their duty as they perform their own songs each night, but I seriously doubt any cover bands are submitting their "KISS tribute band" gig lists at all as they get jack-all for it despite they're make a living from someone else's music.
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