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  1. I'm still waiting... I know it's hopeless but I am...
  2. Please tell me if You are working on new version of this hardware? The main problem with SCS.4DJ is that it's slow when You load many songs. Can't You just mount some better components on it? Its few years since the premiere of SCS so the computer parts are cheaper now. Let us know if You are working on something new because many people are still waiting (and their money is waiting too ;) )
  3. I'm using SCS since 2012 and I hope that Stanton is working on something new (faster and bigger). Still waiting...
  4. I think we have what we wanted: Gemini SDJ-2000 Sad that it's not from stanton... Hope You guys are working on something like this and You will show it soon ;)
  5. Hi! I want to ask if You are making or planning to make a bigger and faster version of our great SCS-4DJ? I think many people are waiting for something new, especially that Pioneer already make its XJD-RX with one screen like in SCS (but for $1500). Still waiting for any news ;)
  6. v1r00z

    Gemini G2V

    This is SCS.4DJ forum...
  7. I think he don't want help. He just want to cry out... If someone couldnt read the manual for few months it means that he's just stupid. Fast forward function: hold the scratch button and roll the jog... is it hard for You? Sound quality: use jack 1/4" output (its better than rca).
  8. I'll tell You how I'm preparing my usb stick. First I make a playlists of each folder/style in winamp. Just put whole folder in winamp, save playlist as. When I have all playlists I use quick grid. Now when You put new tracks on SCS, it has to load them. For the first time it's a little long, but it's only for first time for new songs. Try it and write what happens. Just be patient because when I put about 100 new songs on my usb, SCS load them for few minutes. So if You have 1200 songs, it can be longer. 2 things that You need to know: 1: I don't know why but when You put Your usb on another SCS, it won't see the playlists (if You first use it on Your SCS). 2: When You add new songs to some playlist You have to change its name (for example "House" for "Housex", and when You add new songs again, You can again name it "House").
  9. Check in "SYSTEM" - "Devices" - "Unplayable Songs". If the missing file is there, something is wrong with it (corrupted file or wrong format).
  10. Hi! I have the same problem with one channel fader. I have to push it and the volume is changing. I have a spare fader but I don't know how to replace it. Crossfader is in front when you take off the cover, but channel fader are under this board. How You replace it?
  11. I confirmed this issue. My friend have the SCS too, and playlists on my pendrive (that i used on my SCS) doesn't work on his SCS. Don't know why.
  12. Just use winamp or some other app to make your playlists. Then analize your drive with quick grid and connect it to SCS. First time it will loading new tracks for some time but next time it will be much faster (i mean about 5-10 mins for new tracks)
  13. Gibson just bought Deckadance app so maybe they are working on something big ;) I hope...
  14. Thanks for this but I have a bigger problem :/ I need to replace my "deck B" fader. Do You know how to do this?
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