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  1. Hi. I have a circa 1926 Gibson L0 with FON of 8386. I dont yet have a copy of Spann’s Guide to Gibson. I would appreciate it if someone could post any information about that FON batch. The guitar has mahogany neck with resin treated fingerboard, sides and flat back of birch or similar wood, and uncompensated pyramid wing style bridge. Thanks
  2. 10 years ago there would be a half dozen guitar shops within an hours drive where I could measure a few juniors. Shops almost all gone these days...
  3. Thanks. Yes I know the basic rule...sometimes there is a fudge factor...usually a hair longer...but visually notice the different angle on the compensated vs uncompensated stop wrap tailpiece.
  4. Hi. i am building a replica/clone of a vintage single cut Les Paul Junior. I am planning to use an uncompensated stop-wrap tailpiece as used on the original mid 1950’s models. There is little room for error with the intonation...only the two small set screws to adjust...so I am requesting the actual measurement from any owners of vintage or reissue models that use an uncompensated stop-wrap unit. The measurement from the 12 th fret to each stud center would be easiest to use. If anyone knows of a drawing, that also would be very helpful. Thanks.
  5. The label states Epiphone Kalamazoo, but not Made in Kalamazoo.
  6. Finally figured it out.... its an early 80's Matsumoku Japan Epiphone.
  7. Your guitar is worth several times more than an early EH 150. You would do best by selling directly to a player or collector, or auction on ebay. If you want to sell thru a dealer, dona consignment but know the value first. Nice guitar, by the way...
  8. Looked at the guitar again today, and added some new corrected info to the original post above. I am still unsure, but thinking it could be a hybrid usa and japanese product... Some features: Witch hat knobs, multi piece neck with volute, gibson nibs on frets, label says kalamazoo, Not sure if poly finish, have not examined pots or pickups. Here is a link to some photos: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1729169477385088&id=1670077719960931 Thanks for interest.
  9. Im going to get it to look over in a few days. I just spoke with Walter Carter, who thought it was unlikely original. The serial number seems to jive with 1968 and the witch hat knobs. But all bets are off till I get a hold of it in a few days. Thanks for your interest.
  10. A friend showed me what looks like a circa 1968 Epiphone Riviera, blonde, with witch hat knobs, paralelogram markers, standard humbucking pickups and stop tail piece. It has a 3 or 5 piece maple neck with volute, epiphone kalamazoo label and impressed serial number beginning with 2xxxxxx.I thought it was nice but not knowing much about the Rivieras, did not closely examine it... now that I did a search, seems like they mostly shipped with mini humbuckers and frequensator tailpieces. Could this be a factory deviation? Anyone see another? Thanks. Note corrected serial number and other info.
  11. Nice guitar. I acquired a 48 LG2 a few years ago. It had many loose braces, but i reglued and it sounds great. You might be able to find soneone that can drop-fill the scraped areas of the top with lacquer that matches the original, but dont refinish the whole thing.
  12. Still working on the p90 install...many projects going on... the covers That came with the oickups are allright look somewhat rounder but will probsbly use them. Thenpickup is equipped with exposed braid cable with cloth covered conducter very much like originjals. Have photo but cant post. This forum system pretty didfunctional. I need spacers...got some on ebay and they arrived rough cut need plenty of shaping and buffing...could do it but not pleased. Will gibson sell covers and spacers? Other sources? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the advise. After all, I decided to go for an unheard of brand, Only Music, that had a lot of positive feedback online. The pickups are called Blues Tribute, are alnico 5 @ 8.4k and wound and packaged for them by an undisclosed manufacturer. They arrived today and look and feel pretty good with nice metsl baseplate for $40 or so bucks each. Just ordered spacers. They are being retrofitted into an old ES5. Will know how they sound in a week or so. Thanks.
  14. The pat pend rotomatics are valuable I think...check the pickups maybe they are patent sticker or paf gibsons...
  15. I would like to know what type of cable/wire was used in Gibson ES models in the mid 1950's... I recently saw a p90 harness that was wired with grey plastic coated cable... not sure if that is original. But I know that bare metal shield cable is also used. Thanks for any info.
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