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  1. Only two Booths left now, once they sell we can expand in to the lobby of the rec center if we get 10 more otherwise we start a waiting list...thanks so much for everyone's support especially Gibson!for bringing the bus both days. Looking forward to the music coming from that baby over two days...
  2. one fothe best albums and BEST opening of any song ever
  3. Hi Folks, We are 99% sold out!! That's right only one, maybe two booths remain out of 71 on the floor plan. Who wants the last one or two remaining booths?? We have a $10k ad budget for the expo, full security, full staff, great locaton easy to get to and has mass trans too and we are NOT running a flea market by any means! Contact me to get on board and I have room to expand into the building if we can fill another 10 booths. Thanks and please liuke our facebook page at nyguitarexpo or Rich Jonson http://www.facebook.com/NYGuitarShow#!/NYGuitarShow
  4. Exhibitor Listing 812 Guitars (CT) All Music (NY) Antique Electronic Supply (AZ) Black Ice Battery-Free Overdrive Briggs Music (LI) Calaveras Fretworks (PA) Daddario Strings (LI) DeMarinos Guitars Works (LI) Dimo Guitars (NYC) DR Music-Strings E. Lombardo Guitars (LI) EKO Guitars Evil Guitars (MA) Five Hour Energy Gittler Guitars (LI) Glen's PA (LI) Godin Guitars (Ca) Fitzgerald Guitars (LI) Five Towns College (LI) J.R. Baker Studios (LI) J. Warwick Guitars (VA) Korg / Lags Guitars USA (LI) Martin Guitars & Strings (PA) Master Strap (NJ) Metal Pedals (NJ) Michael's Music (LI) Mortgage Direct Murphy's Music (LI) Music Emporium (LI) Music Zoo (LI) My Generation Guitars (LI) Nikita Guitars Offstage Products (NJ) Pigtronix Pedals (LI) Power Home Remodeling (LI) Rivington Guitars (NYC) Rock Hard Guitars (NY) Rock N Roll Amps (LI) Russo Music (NJ) Spider Capo (NY) Taylor Guitars (CA) Tonemaster Pickups (LI) Triple C Woodworking (VA) TSW Pedals (LI) Verizon (NJ) ZexCoil Pickups (DE)
  5. NY Guitar Show & Expositions News: 1. The Village of Freeport has a new Mayor!! Congrats to now Mayor Elect Robert Kennedy! Mayor Kennedy has told me he will televise our Guitar Expo, both days, across Channel 18 the Freeport Access station...wooooeeeee 2. Only one (1) maybe two booths left to fill. Many great builders, manufacturers and pedals and accessories!! 3. Exhibitor kits have been sent, signs built we’re cranking full steam ahead
  6. you can be there is is April 27 & 28, 2013
  7. you're way off on this...even a loaf of bread despite the recession is sky high...if you find something you like buy it if you don't just enjoy the touchy feely part of it and put some classic gear in your hands and just enjoy the day
  8. Congrats man..I remember those days
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