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  1. I'm Looking for a place to get a "custom made" plaque that's not from Montreaux Customs out of Japan. I appreciate they're making these things but common sense (and my budget) won't allow me to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of plastic. This is for a B7 on an ES-335. I have some nickle 'buttons'to cover the stud hole - but I really like the look of the Custom plaque.
  2. "So the Chet SST playing better now but with light strings?" Yes. Even down a step it's totally fine. It was actually playing great with 12"'s on it .... it's just a high action guitar. - I checked online and they were shipped with 10"s....I was concerned about the truss rod not as much for it present state, but its longevity. This gives me the permission to 'go off the runway' and mention what an incredible guitar it is... here goes: I have had a LOT of solid body acoustics (Alvarez Fusion, Guild Peregrine, Godin, Fender TLAC even a Line 6 700 acoustic)...with it's chambered mahogany body - it's 12 pounds! it's a monster - it feels like MAN'S guitar among Hobbits. It's got more bottom end and sustain than any acoustic I have ever played. My rehearsal hall basically had the PA and monitors of a medium sized club. I put it through the following and it Doesn't sound like 'piezo quack' amplified guitar: Tube>Fishman Aura>TC Electronics BodyRez>TC Electronics HOF Reverb on 'Ambience'>Neuenaber WET Reverb. I've heard the Epiphone SST doesn't come close to this - and I'm not really sure how much of its excellence has to do with the DTAR Wave-Length...
  3. Oh, to add one more thing...1/4 turns on the couple of Takamine's I have is n big deal...anything more complicated goes to the professionals. I have an amazing guy....yes, I'm always surprised what he can do as well... The thing is don't give to the guy who's specialty is fixing Floyd Rose's on pointy guitars.
  4. To answer a few questions...l've had several guitars where the truss rods DID work and several (including a Gibson Les Paul) where I never had to touch the TR. I do my own adjustments - I live in Toronto where the weather and humidity can be of both extremes so usually everything needs to little TLC twice a year. I play a lot of finger-style in open tunings so good action is a must .... I also play keys and acoustic guitar in a rock band where higher action and heavy strumming in first position chords are fine. The $1375 payout on the J-180 was a disaster all around. The guys in the shop who did the work were friends and it was obviously beyond their comfort/skill level - they contacted some of the work out...and had the guitar for two years.. I was so depressed afterwards I did a direct trade for a Martin OMC... Of course informing the new owner what he was inheriting ( in need of a neck reset next - so indeed a cursed guitar). Shortly after posting this I looked around and found a Stewmac Article that describes a fix using half moon shaped washers. I noticed the rod was sticking out of the bolt 1/8th of an inch or more. The explanation is the wood has compressed at the body end of the TR... I ordered three or four of the half moon washers..... In the meantime I lowered the gauge from 12's down to 11's and tuned it down a whole step - I'll capo to 2 to get to standard..... fine with me for now. The lesson is - don't buy older acoustic guitars on eBay or CL without being able to check if the TR functions properly. I'm fine with this purchase as I got this CE for a really good price. It came with an aftermarket 18 volt DTAR wave-length pickup hard wired to the output Jack (exactly the mod I would do anyway)...
  5. I have had three Gibsons in the past (and one now) where I have found myself wanting to do a minor truss rod adjustment. a 1989 Gibson J-180 (Everly Brothers), a Les 76 Paul Deluxe Gold Top.... and now recently a 2001 Chet Atkins SST. In all three situations the truss rod turned (with resistance) but didn't make any significant change to the neck relief. Is this a common occurrence with Gibson's? For the J-180, I actually got the truss replaced to the tune of $1375, and it still didn't work (before and after the major repair, a portion of the bolt started pushing through the back of the neck). I got rid of the other two, but I really like this Chet Atkins, and they're rare. I wonder what the best course of action is.... on the Chet I have 7/64's at the 12th and the same spare on the bone saddle....does anyone have any recommended action? Shaving down the bridge itself? re-routing the saddle slot? ( I wouldn't be doing this myself)...
  6. I just took ownership of a 2001 Chet Atkins SST in black. I got it from a guy who had replaced the electronics with a DTAR Wave-length 18 Volt preamp and pickup. I've owned just about every solid body acoustic out there and this beast is a colossal game changer. It came set up with 12's. It sounds fabulous - the extra headroom with the DTAR removes all the quack. The previous owner also bypassed all the controls - which is fine with me. He said running it through all those pots and circuitry kills the extra headroom. That being said - I run it through the following and it sounds SO real: Tuner, Fishman Aura, TC Electronics BodyRez, TC Electronics HOF set to 'Ambience' - Stereo Wet reverb. Is there Chet Atkins owners club out there?
  7. A friend of mine took his 1980 Gibson ES-347 out of storage after 10 years and was shocked to discover it was covered in mold and mildew - to the point where the after market Trem had basically rotted off the the guitar. He asked me to help out - I do minor setups and restoration of acoustic instruments, but draw the line at Re-frets, body cracks and neck re-sets. I got the guitar back to life after a good surface cleaning with bleach, water and vinegar, then naptha and polish. What was the original stop tail piece on these guitars? and where can those be purchased? - I've seen a photo's of originals online, and they appear to have black intonation screws.
  8. Last night I got a black ES-335 of Craigslist for 2K Canadian. I played it acoustically and it sounded amazing felt beautiful. I got it home, blew some air into the intermittent jack, put a set of 11's on it and did a quick set-up. The serial number is 01698711 - which the 'dater' says it was made in Nashville in June 2008, the orange label says it was made in Memphis. The Case says Gibson 'Custom'. I was just wondering where it was actually made, I read on this board all ES335's are from Memphis. The Truss Rod cover is black - it has Dot inlays.
  9. I played a few Garrisons, they had a HUGE sound. (Likely something to do with the fibreglass bracing inside). However I never really played one that had been properly set up - used ones, with high action and dead strings. They're going next to nothing on the used market now. Worth checking out.
  10. Back to the original thread. The J180 arrived from Indiana via Cody Wyo. I cleaned it up, oiled the fretboard and bridge and put 12's on it. The action was a little high. I cranked the truss rod increments over the next 4 hours a total of 3/4 turns. I kept it tuned down a step, as I was still seeing a little more that an 1/8" at the 12th. Later in the evening I tuned it up a step and did another 1/2 turn. No issues. It's deeper and louder than my J200. I really had one of those 'moments' playing it. Where the song sounded brand new, with a flood of images like was remembering a recent dream. Something like the left and right brain getting perfectly out of phase where everything feels like a déjà vu. Has anyone experienced that feeling when playing a new guitar? Usually with me it involves walking out the store with it.
  11. I have the same question. I just purchased an '89 Gibson J180'. It will arrive in a week or two. I just stumbled across an '86 Epi version of that guitar for a song. I was thinking of picking it up as an alternate tuning backup. I'm wondering if it will sound like a toy and not be useable. I have two Gibson J45's, a 68 and. 2008. My writing partner loves the 68' but to me it sounds like half the guitar of the 2008. There's nothing better for a writing session to have several acoustics handy, open G, DADGAD, a 12 string, one capo'ed and tuned to 5.... It really keeps things moving to have all those options handy. Does anyone know if the ' open book' headstock 86 SQ 180 is laminate or solid wood?
  12. Hey, great response - and you're not hijacking the thread at all. I love my Fishman Aura Pedal and I would attempt amplifying an acoustic guitar without it. The Mic Modelling ads a tiny but of papery transparency to the Quack of a UST pickup. I also had a newer Gibson J200 with the factory installed Aura Elipse on board and it sounded fantastic. If the S.O.R.S system in this J180 is as good as people say it is, and represents that natural sound of the guitar - replacing it with a Bagg's Element won't be necessary.
  13. The seller said it was made in Bozeman - but there are no photo's of the inside of the guitar. I've included some shot's here (very small). I got a really good price on it...but there might be some repairs required when it arrives, the ad said it's been used on several recordings but didn't mention anything about the playability - other than the action is a little 'high'. It's been a long search for a J-180 - and I specifically wanted a gigging rehearsing guitar - so nothing too pristine - this certainly has that covered. I've purchased several electric and a few solid body acoustic guitars online but never anything like this. I likely won't get for a month or so as it's going on a little 'walkabout - (the seller wouldn't ship to Canada - so it's visiting family in Wyoming on its way). It's all a bit of a gamble - I'll post back when it arrives.
  14. That's definitely the pickup system. Does anyone know what the S.O.R.S. system sounds like? There has been so much advancement in acoustic pickup technology in the past couple of years it might be woefully outdated. Perhaps sounding like one of the earlier Chet Atkins SST's - many people who've owned those have swapped that system out with something more current. I wouldn't mind putting a Bagg's Element UST and perhaps keep the knobs to control it in some fashion. The serial number look up says it's from Boseman Montana, so it may be one of the first.
  15. It's being shipped from Indiana - originally purchased by the seller from Gruhn Guitars - it comes with Paperwork explaining it was purchased by Barbara Mandrell's management company. He was told it was a 'tour bus guitar' and it certainly looks beat up. The seller said the action is a little high and it would make a great showpiece/museum guitar! I hope this doesn't mean it's unplayable. I've been looking for a Black J-180 for a few months now - I love the stupid huge pick guards (which I've heard are fine as far as tone goes - and, do a great job amplified) and one just slipped out of my reach a few weeks ago at a local shop with what appeared to b a head stock crack. From the photo's I can see there are bass and treble knobs - does anyone know what pickup system is in it? Fishman Matrix? (likely I'll replaced it with a Baggs Element). I understand it was the first year making them at Boseman Mo. - SN 82569004 - is there any more info out there about this particular model?
  16. I have a Les Paul Special TV Double Cut with P-90's - it from Jan 2005 - S/N 00185386. I have three questions about it: Is there a cure for the HUM? Perhaps shielding I can have installed etc.? It's fine in my home but at my rehearsal space it's pretty annoying. Is this considered a VOS? - the finish is Matt TV Yellow with wood grain visible and slight factory relic'ing done around the knobs and edges. If I were to 'move' this what's it's approximate value? This particular model has a very shy Online/Ebay presence.
  17. I've been agonizing on pulling the switch on getting a used 2011 J-200 in Black with an Aura Eclipse p/u. I went from a guy who owned a couple of black Takamine's EF341 SC's and a Variax Acoustic 700, also a 1975 Guild D25M for the video, to 2 J-45's (68 and 08), a Guild 212XL (78), Martin M36 (11), a couple of Larrivee's and a Taylor GS Mini (for the cottage). It seems as soon as I obsess over a new acoustic, get it, I'm on to obsessing about the next one. Most of these I get over Kijiji (the Canadian version of Ebay Classifieds), or, in a few cases get them at Boutique used shops where I take a bath in Canadian taxes. I haven't really had a dud deal yet. I thought the 68 J-45 was a little high priced at 2100$, it had a flattish tone, and bad action but that was recently fixed with an upgrade to heavier strings and a saddle adjustment. I've learned a lot. Found out that a body crack, no matter how well repaired will incur a 40% reduction in resale/trade value. In fact I haven't resold anything, just did a trade of a Larrivee P-10 Parlor for another Larrivee LV03. In fact, after the trade, I have just me another kindred spirit who has 25 guitars over my 14, all the more encouraging. This obsession is starting to raise eyebrows among fellow musicians and friends. I'm not a rec room warrior, I actually play out in two bands, and perform solo as a singer songwriter. I often have several posted for sale at one time, at a very attractive price - the guys who respond to acoustic guitar ads are better than most, but the lawn sale mentality of trying to bargain down is depressing - the trade offers for MIM's and Asian guitars is comical. My recent obsession is a 2011 J-200 for 2800 in black - I've always liked the Black J-200's - way more Elvis and Everley's than Emmy Lou. This is the biggest fish yet. I've heard they're quieter than you would expect. At that price could it be seen as an investment? I never lowball as I feel it's a part of the karmic wheel, reducing your dignity for 50-100$ on a 2800$ purchase is just not my bag. Others may think it's part of the game. The'Game' is what I'm concerned about, does it ever stop? I guess my ramble is asking about the merits of the J-200 (assuming after playing it, it sounds and feels good), and long term affects of GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)
  18. Excellent - Then I'm looking for a pre-1969 Bozeman J-45. Finish crapes and wear aren't an issue (in fact the more the better I like guitars that come with a history). My price range would be 1200$ 2000$. I'll hit the Trading Post. If anyone has any pointers, I'd appreciate it. I can't help it - another Kijiji Ad: http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-1950-Gibson-J-45-W0QQAdIdZ435996429
  19. Here's another local 1974 J-45 (Toronto) http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-1974-Gibson-J-45-Deluxe-W0QQAdIdZ430108058 I see what you mean about the square shoulders - I didn't notice this before, and the burst looks similar to the one I previously posted: http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-1990s-Gibson-J-45-50-W0QQAdIdZ438718268
  20. Thanks for the replies - the thing is, the seller say's it's from the 1990's. I'm not really into the square shoulders. I think I'll stay away from this one. Some of you are suggesting 995$ for a 70's J-45 is high?, I guess there's a lot more I need to learn about them. Did they exclusively produce square shoulder models for a specific span of years?
  21. I found this on Kijiji - the Canadian version of Ebay Classifieds. The seller is asking 995$, and insists on phone communication only, no email (I left a message - on holiday until a few weeks from now)....I'm in the market for a J-45, but this one just looks funny to me - there seems to be too much of a triangular shape to the tobacco sunburst coming through the black. Likely I won't get any more pictures or serial numbers unless I show up cash in hand.
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