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  1. Maybe they can print me a 59 Les Paul Reissue for a really cheap price? lol
  2. I have sitting at home a Di Marzio Super Distortion, and PAF Pro pickup set, and the Slash Alnico Pro II Seymour Duncan Pickup set. I was wondering which pickup set you think would go better in my Les Paul Deluxe? The Slash set is Black and creme, and the Di Marizios are creme. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Hello all, Can anyone tell me about the wiring for my 77 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe? It is not like the standard classic Les Paul wiring? The control cavity has a metal plate on the bottom that the pots are attached to! The ground wire from the bridge to the control cavity is not there either. Normally you have a drilled channel from the cavity to the bridge stud, then the ground wire is soldered on a pot? This plate also has in the middle two connection points which looks like it may be some kind of a ground, and hot? It looks like maybe a ground wire is coming from the toggle switch to
  4. Thanks so much Bence, I plan on having a total re fret done on her in the near future. Also I'm going to put a Super Distortion in the bridge, and a PAF pro in the neck, then put in a new wiring harness. When I'm finished she will look like Ace Frehley's early KISS years Deluxe.
  5. A previous owner had routed the Deluxe for full size humbuckers. The Deluxe model came from the factory with mini humbuckers originally installed. Some people did not like the mini humbuckers, so they would have them routed for full size humbuckers! It was really common practice to do this surgery in the 70's? There was an option to buy the Deluxe with factory installed full size humbuckers though, and as strange as that may sound? It wasn't until 75 that Gibson re introduced the actual Standard as we know it.
  6. Hey you all, just got my first old new Les Paul! It's a 1977 Deluxe routed for humbuckers. It's a tobacco sunburst, and very similar to the Deluxe Ace Frehley played in the early years of KISS. She is very sweet, but could use new frets in the near future. Tell me what you think. [/media]
  7. The greatest concept album would have to be MUSIC FROM THE ELDER by KISS!!! It may not be the most popular, but it was unique in many ways. Just sayin
  8. She had an ear monitor in her ear! Most every singer, guitarist or musician uses them when they perform live. It enables them to hear the mix better to their liking. It's like having a portable floor monitor in your ear.
  9. Hey Guy's, Just got a brand new J-45 Standard last week, and she is awesome! She sounds so beautiful, and her finish is perfect all the way around! I could not be any happier, and I think that I found my soul-mate in guitars. I had her action lowered a tad bit, now she feels just perfect! Last night though, I layed her down on the bed and the case latch dinged her on the top. I know that this is nothing but, it hurts to get that first ding. I know there will be many more down the road. Thanks to all for listening.
  10. How about, TOXIC TUNA or KANGAROO BADLANDS or GOING DOWN UNDER ? How about the OUTBACK ? Just a couple group names to consider.
  11. Kaleb, I thought that you were moving on my friend? You couldn't stay away from the guy's uh? Well, welcome back, and stay for a while this time!!!
  12. Paul Stanley cut his hair off right after the Reunion tour to do the Phantom of The Opera before Psycho Circus came out. Then towards the end of the Farewell Tour his hair was long enough not to wear the wig. In December of 2009 Paul again cut his hair for some reason? At this point in 2012 his hair is almost long enough not to use the wig again. About a month ago he did some photos in makeup without the wig.
  13. Hey guy's, i have a question for you all out there? Is there anything I can do to stop my pickups from squealing so bad? I have a new set of Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups installed in my Les Paul Custom 68 reissue. The amp I have is a Marshall JVM 100 watt half stack. The pickups really sound awesome, great vintage tone, but when i turn the volume up, these pickups want to sqeal or feedback? I know I could get get them wax potted, but wouldn't that take away from the pickups tone? Are thereany other options to check out here? Thanks so much for everyones help!
  14. Thank you so much ALAN, I think Kaleb is just jealous that he could never achieve the fame that KISS has? Remember Kaleb, if it's too Loud your'e too old!!!
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