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  1. So like every love story, I love and hate that thing in the same time. I am a mobile DJ and bought the unit in the US about three years ago, i wanted to thank stanton for developing this device but its just isnt stable enough for pro gigs. i hope one of the issues i had will teach U stanton guys a thing or to 2 improve in your future devices: - i had to work with a UPS unit the back up the power for the SCS, in a power shutdown it burned a USB hub ( a tera one) i had. - its way to sensitive to everything, from file types, USB types, mp3 tags from all kind of stuff. - it gave me a warning MSG and then shutdown with now reason ( i uploaded the seld diagnostic tools and it had no problems, re-edit all of my files with a MP3 tag recomended by you software), sometimes even the vibes of the music ( i rmind you that as a DJ i do want to be able to works in clubs). - It produce some serious static noise in place with dimmer switches and an old elctric system, had to plug in an ground loop isolator. It sometimes just shuts down in a middle of a gig without previous warning, and i dont have to tell you how much time it takes that thing to reload 5000+ files and start palying again, had to take a backup traktor Z1 and an ipad for any case possible ( and i had to many of it). i've learned many things about stand alone units with your deviec but i just cant keep on having crashes in a middle of gigs, i cant fully enjoys the DJing experience when i my eyes have to be on the SCS screen all of the time and i have a backup standbye tune in my Z1 for another scs failiur. thanks for three great years but my Denon MCX8000 suppost to arrive in a few weeks. will be more than happy to hear about farther interesting devices :*
  2. lately i'm having tons of crashes with this devices, i do know that its sensitive and all but this is just too much. i'm working with a UPS so there are no power failiurs, and i'm working with a new USB drive (about 6K songs on it, in the middle of the night while i was playing in a club the unit just had a total shut down and it would'nt turn on until i unplugged the power plug ( while it was already off) and just to be sure i've unplugged the USB drive too. since then i had it much more prequent, i tried to record a set a t home and after ten minutes of recording again shut down. i thought that it was because i was playing and recording with the save drive, bought a new SSD drive mayB to get some better results but nothing, again shut down, again wont start until i've unplugged the power plug on the back and put it back in, only this time all of my M3U files were corrupted (* just for the SCS, in my PC everything looked fine), i had to re-save my playlists... whats next guys? what will i have to do in order to get that toy working again with no shut downs? I really dont have to tell you what a bummer it is to get a sudden shut down in the middle of a set with no error MSG or any previous warning? thanks a lot P.S : the device is feeling a bit slower and "heavier" with the start up and i've done a factory reset just to be sure but with no results
  3. It worked for me... more than that, now I don't even take risk of electric backfire of any kind, I just plug in the filter without even checking if that problem pop up ( usually hppens when the place is crowded and they dim the lights, not a good timing to restart the SCS ;)
  4. Good morning everyone.. Just notices that i have an Error logfile, i've played with the scs couple of days ago in a big party and it worked flawllesly, I'd like 2 keep it this way ;) How can i know what the Error logfile is all about? anyone i should send it 2? thanks and have a nice day :)
  5. Hi everyone... Just updated to quickgrid 1.01 and it got really slow!!! Any ideas? Its with win 7 64
  6. After a crush before a home session i've read this thread and got rid of the mp3tag... to undo the sutiation i got tagscanner and looks like everything is back to normal (the unit works even faster, could be because i've untagged more and more files with that program until the scs4dj decided he cant take it any more anyway, highly recommanded boys and girls tagscanner
  7. A lil' something i've mixed on friday, would love 2 read your comments ;) weekend tech!
  8. OKKKK i think i found my problem... its something called "GROUNG LOOP ISOLATOR' and it supossed to make things right' if it will work it means i can play in every place even in the ones with light dimmers without turning any of the lights off or to full power check it out ROSSKO:
  9. Thanks a lot... Do u know maybe how can i pass the problem with light a bit dimmed cause in that place i think most of the light set are with rheaostas... It coukd help a lot!!!
  10. and r u sure this is the reason? when i play with regular cd's i have no static noise ( the SCS is the one the is responding to something over there and generate this static...)
  11. Thanks rossko, therheostat is what makes the scs genarate an inner static noise? i play a lot in this place and i cant give up on this gig.... cant i make something the filter that noise? ( i use a UPS so i wont have power shutdown to the scs in the middle of the night)
  12. Just a feeling that i have, it's like the scs is sensitve to sometimg in the smp system and start to generate a static noise... Very strange :/
  13. Good morning to u all :) I've resently bought a scs 4dj and took it with me to a miniclub i'm playing in from time to time ( bought in NY but took it with me to israel), i have a strange thing going on in that place... When i tried the device at home everything was great. When i got to this place i turned on the scs, plugged in the key, so far so good... When i try to plug the scs to the mixer ( with either pl or rca connector or bothe at the same time, tried all of the options) i get a strange static sound from the main channle of the device... If i switch the earphone knob to cue mode this channel is "clean" but the main channel has a bad static noise ( not only in the headphones also in the speakers... Very bad) Strange thing is that even when i pull the both of the channels down i can "see" things going wild, the mic lamp is blinking and both sides of the msin volium lamps are climbimg up to 2 lines of static inner noise!!! When i plug out the scs from the mixer ( tried another mixer and still no good) the device gets back to normal... Thanks for thehelp and have a nice day ;)
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