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  1. I will put new bugs or improvements to this post that I will discover. Please note that, that I AM NOT Stanton or Gibson staff. I am just a DJ who likes the Stanton CMP.800 cd players, and would like to get the cd player to state that the Professional DJ would and can trust it on gigs, that it would work as it should. Bugs or improvements --------------------- -More speed to display to show filename/tracktitle on display, it takes too long to get moving now, when displaying long track titles(improvement)
  2. I have contacted some person via email on gibson about the Stanton CMP.800. That I think that the CMP.800 has bugs or that I think the some features needs improvements The person said that there is no new firmware planned, or he has not heard it, and he would tell me when new firmware is in development. So I will list the bugs and improvements here, what I think should be on the next firmware, if there is one published someday. -Player forgets the last state when restarted, it always turns on to usb1, sometimes it remembers pitch setting(bug?/improvement) -Selecting the track even before or just when the player reads the disk data. It would be faster to select the right track and hit play on if there is few seconds left on another song, this is used on another brand CD players, even in cheap ones.(improvement) - When selecting the track just after the CD is putted in, sometimes, maybe always the player would just say "reading" and would stay that state and need to eject the cd and start over, and sometimes would say "Read Error", and has to eject and put the cd in again, and let it read the disk in peace, after the "reading" has disappeared track can be selected.(bug?) -Player reads the disks slowly, no matter if the disk is new or old, scratched or mint.(Bug?) I know that the firmware could not be huge, that the memory for firmware is limited, but these are minor but MOST annoying BUGS on Stanton CMP.800. And I would like to get firmware that has even these bugs fixed. So people who has used or owns the Stanton CMP.800 would you think the same, or do you have any bugs to report or do you think there would be nice to get improvement to Stanton CMP.800 Please Reply! If you people do not want to register here, you can email the bugs/improvements to stantoncmp800.player@gmail.com I will publish them here then. Thank You for Listening! -DJ From Finland
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