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  1. Nice guitar considering it is 25-30 years old, if it is the one that sold on April 15. Return period of 2 days is quite short; shipping back might be expensive, but on the other hand, if your tech can do the job for about $200 and you like it (at least so far), this sounds like a keeper, like Tweed2 said. Other more experienced and knowledgeable members (like Tweed2) will surely chime in shortly.
  2. You could check with these guys http://www.classicax.com/ (they're in Nashville). For aftermarket, Terrapin is highly regarded. They seem to be very flexible and rea$onable when it comes to adapting from their templates.
  3. Musician's Friend seems to have some brand new ones left with the Tremotone, in Cherry Red. I would say, grab one if you can, 'cause once they're gone, they're gone, being a limited edition. I got one from them (Frequensator model, though) and I just love it . Light-weight and balanced I find, with a nice fast neck and brighter pickups than say Epiphone's Lucille's got. The overall quality of assembly, finish and electronics (Gibson pickups, US pots) and the (allow me to be somewhat shallow here) smaller headstock make it a quality, balanced (IMHO) guitar. Of course, YMMV and other caveats apply.
  4. Get a grip. The kid is looking for visuals on the parts of a guitar, if possible one with the parts of a Les Paul labeled. I gave this example to show the level of detail you can find with relative ease on the net. You just trying to show off how much you know? Besides, your post does not point to any useful information or visuals relevant to what the original poster is looking for or that might be helpful. In other words, pretty much irrelevant reply. P.S: to provide a relevant post, I would add: "You can check the following link http://img.docstoccdn.com/thumb/orig/145253429.png for a very clear and informative Les Paul guitar bluepriint.".
  5. Googling "gibson les paul parts", selecting the "images" option should yield you some interesting results for both the big picture, and the nitty gritty (e.g., quasi-X-rays of chambered versus weight-relieved Les Pauls). Good luck!
  6. Without a closer view of the headstocks, I would guess the one on the left is US-made, although the shape of the f-holes (but not the location) looks a bit off. No expert here, just a "wilducated" guess....
  7. If you don't have access to the original invoice, I would suggest you contact either Yorkville Sound (of Traynor fame, and Gibson/Epiphone distributor for Canada) or Long & McQuade here in Canada. L&M have stores in Canada's largest cities and run an online operation as well (L&M is also a Yorkville company) and they have special editions of Gibson and Epiphone models made exclusively for Canada. Either of these sources should be able to help you out. They are usually helpful (at least in my own limited experience).
  8. I should add it actually turned out to be faster satisfaction than buying online from here Canada! I bought a US-made Jag online, that was supposed to be in stock. Took almost two months to get it (merchant had rung it through PayPal on day 1, to be sure). I spotted a lousy finish job: the plush pattern of the case lining had somehow transfered to the finish on the neck and back of the guitar where there was contact with the case lining, to the point of being rough to the touch. :angry: I contacted the vendor, who took a while to respond, then asked for pictures. I also contacted the nearby (50 miles) Fender service center, who would not even look at the guitar, admonishing me instead for not buying locally (they are a Fender reseller), and suggesting that I return it to the vendor (who had already cashed the sale two months earlier) . The original vendor was heeing and hawing about next steps; I wrote directly to Fender, cc'ing the vendor; that seemed to get the wheels in motion, the vendor then agreeing to accept the return. Being a special edition, I had to wait some more for the exchange (more than a month); it got to the point that I would call 2-3 times a week, and the guitar was always "in the next shipment". I got back to Fender, who checked to see that they had yet to receive an order for that type of guitar from that particular vendor! Suffice to say that somehow the guitar micraculously appeared at the vendor's shortly thereafter... So, given the price of the guitar, and the speed and efficiency of service, I rate my US online friend much higher than the Canadian vendor I dealt with... Again, thanks to all for your comments and insight!
  9. I stand corrected! Good candidates for "made for the japanese market only Epiphone with the open book headstock" eBay listings! (Just allow the metal parts and strings to corrode some, and voilà!). You're lucky you got a real answer from Gibson, by the way!
  10. Final update. I shipped the guitar back, and got a new one as an exchange. WOW! Night and day! The new guitar was absolutely flawless, well intonated and adjusted. The particular tech who adjusted this guitar did an excellent job, I find. I'm very happy with this guitar, it almost feels like it was made just for me ! (I know, along with umpteen hundreds of them). Keeper. Thanks for your comments!
  11. Quite a few things here. In my limited experience with the eSonic2, I would suggest that the vendor was just trying to get you out of his hair. On the guitars I have with this system (Masterbilt Epis), both jacks are labeled, with the the endpin jack doing double duty as both a mono jack (both pickups blended to taste using the "blend" slider) and the output jack for the Nanoflex (under-saddle) pickup in a stereo setup. The other jack is the dedicated output jack for the Nanomag (end of fretboard) pickup in a stereo setup. Warranty-wise, I don't know how that is handled (and for what duration) in Australia. Here in Canada, for instance, we get a one-year warranty on Epiphone guitars, whereas the same guitars come with a lifetime warranty in the USA (a one-hour drive from here...). You may still have some warranty left on your guitar, a competent reseller might be able to give you a hand. Shadow electronics, as I understand, offer a two-year warranty to original purchasers (see http://www.shadow-electronics.com/request_inst_form.html?lang_id=2 ); you may be able to get somewhere with them if the Epiphone route is a dead-end. You may have local resellers of Shadow products who might be of some help, for example in diagnosing your guitar and/ordering spares as might be required. Meanwhile, depending upon how experienced you are with fixing guitars, I would suggest you check a few things. With a fresh set of batteries, look inside and check that all three connectors are all the way in. Also, make sure that the guitar cord is pushed all the way into the endpin jack (you know that turning on the tuner will switch the output off, so you can plug in the amp quietly); if you have some loud hum or other abnormal sound upon turning off the tuner, the problem might be a jack that is set too deep inside the endpin, which should be relatively easy to fix (by a tech, preferably, unless you feel comfortable playing with those nuts and washers). If you have a tech do it, that would also be a good opportunity to have new strings put on. Hope this helps. Again, I have limited experience with electro-acoustics, but this reflects it. [My 2 cents, YMMV and other caveats go here]
  12. Don't worry about the compensated/non-compensated saddles; I had 2 AJ500REs at one point, both natural finish, which had some differences among them, for instance different lower bout sizes, differently finished backs, but both had compensated saddles.
  13. I do not have personal experience with this model, but I read on one (or more) of the forums that you get the best amplified sound with this guitar when using electric guitar strings, since they have a magnetic pickup (rather than an under-saddle or soundboard type pickup) and will have a muffled sound with bronze (acoustic guitar) strings. Epiphone specs in fact call for an electric guitar string set (gauge .011-.052) for this specifice model. The previous owner may have used it as a mostly acoustic guitar and strung it up as such.
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