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  1. Hi Just wanted to say thanks for all your help Regards Geoff
  2. I could only read numbers on two of the pots but they don't correspond to the format for the pot code reader. They are 4029 304-7309 and the other is 70-027 13772, so I guess they are not original. And it does have a pancake body. Cheers Geoff
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help. I have tried to attach a further photo but site won't let me. From the back it looks like there is a thin strip around the edge, but only looks like a single strip. I will take the cover of tomorrow and check the pots, and weigh it Cheers!
  4. Hi, I am trying to date and value my Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop. I have checked the serial number search on the Gibson website but it is not listed there. Serial number is 130091 stamped on the back of the head, with the Made in USA log also stamped. It has mini humbuckers and the only mod I can see is the machine heads have been replaced with Grovers. I have owned it since mid 80's Thanks for your help.
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