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  1. Many thanks to all who have replied. I can fully understand some of the lingering scepticism, so I'll post some better pics of the 54 GT over the next few days for your perusal. And, it has to be said, my delight at owning, being able to play and showing off, such a wonderful instrument.
  2. Excellent stuff....RT. Haven't heard too much of him before but loved the link. His playing is reminiscent of Knopfler and Dire Straits, do you think? Alan
  3. Eracer, If you click on the picture doesn't it take you through to others? Alan
  4. Alan Blackburn


    Finally getting to grips with this pic posting business. Hope you like these.
  5. Think I've done it. Wasn't that difficult Rct!! Thank you, Pippy, for the link. Alan
  6. Alan Blackburn

    54 GT

    Many thanks for your kind and unkind comments. RCT, why don't you take a serious look at some of the all gold GTs and tell me they're green! Why don't you double check the headstock, tuners and serial numbesr on all the others that have been posted and tell them they're all wrong! Here we go again. I hold my hands up to the "wreck", duped by some counterfeiting tosser, who incidentally is being investigated by the police, but, come on you cannot be serious that this GT is a fake? Is there some weird jealous stuff going on with you guys???? I have another guitar to post pictures of, a 1963 SG. If I manage the attachment issues and get some better pics then maybe some of you knowitall doubters will begin to change your minds. This is not to say that I do not doubt your experience, nor your knowledge, it's just that when I asked for advice I got some, but most of you were intent on slagging me off!! My attempts to rectify this by posting what I know to be genuine guitars is still being blessed with your continuing scepticism. Ah well, cant win em all!!!
  7. Thanks, I'll try anything!! It means having to download photobucket. At the minute I'm just using media player/pictures and cropping the pics to fit those limits. All I seem to get is aggravation, lol!! I would like to post pics of my new addition, a 63 SG, but cannot because of the limit of 500k for attachments. Is there a way round this? Alan
  8. Many thanks to all those who replied to the pics I posted of my 54 GT. I'll try and improve the quality of the pics I'm posting but there's a size limit imposed by the forum and I'm trying to stay within it. Accordingly, I have 154.22K left to play with (so I'm told. What is this BTW and how can pics be made any bigger or clearer?) and I'll use it for a front view of the GT
  9. NGD.....just got to show off my pride and joy!! She's beautiful to look at but much better to play....so, so, sweet the sound. Hope people like her as much as I, and what an improvement on the "wreck" I last posted, for those of you who remember.
  10. I'm pleased you're still able to have a laugh at my expense. How can I convince you all that my original request for help was genuine? I know, you were all correct. I have had an appraisal done of the wreck and it is indeed not a "burst". Not sure that you needed to be quite so hostile about it mind!!! It is however, a fine guitar with a long-neck tenon, decent humbuckers, lovely (though) damaged maple cap, lovely though damaged mahogany body, etc etc. The thing that is wrong, as pointed out by a number of you, was the headstock. After taking off the finish, it clearly isn't a Gibson, no wings, logo slightly out, tuners ok, but the serial number came off with the stripper!!! Ah well, the matter is now in the hands of the police who advise that I don't expose the miscreant publicly. I intend to scrape the cap and body and improve the look of the wreck and will post pictures of the work on this site, if anyone is interested, together with my collection. Sorry to have highjacked this post but the opportunity was presented to me by "btoth76". Thanks.
  11. Hi Blueblooded, I think it could be a fake, after all Gibson would never allow the bottom of a headstock to be wider than the top, it's not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. On the other hand, it could be genuine because it's not always easy to take photographs without affecting the viewing angle. I know, because I've had some interesting comments about my photographic skills on this site. If it is genuine it seems to me to be a decent price. Then again, I'm not sure what a decent price is for a Gibson, having recently purchased an old would be LP that appears to be fake. What does surprise me is the lack of vitriole towards you and your post, probably because you haven't bought it and because you're asking the question before doing anything. I have been placed in the stocks as a fake, a fraud and a counterfeiter when all I was looking for was some friendly advice. Ah well......rant over. It seems a good deal to me, and if it plays well and sounds good and you can afford it, go for it!!!
  12. Some more pictures of this clapped out wreck
  13. To all of you who have replied, many thanks for your kind (and sometimes unkind comments) they have been most helpful. It seems that I have been had and am now a little concerned about being in receipt of what could be described as counterfeit goods. The guitar was bought in good faith, I thought I knew how to pick out a fake from the real thing. The price I paid, was in my view, reasonable for a guitar in an extremely poor condition, reasoning that, no-one anywhere, at anytime, would spend so much time and effort making something so poor, so it had to be genuine. The fact that the seller is a musician lent some credence to the whole thing. I'm sorry some of you think the photos I've taken suggest some kind of blag or cover-up as if the intention was to dupe......very far from it!! What I am looking for is genuine feedback from experienced owners and players; my photographic skills probably mirror those of my guitar purchasing, not very good! I'll try and post some more of the pick ups and cavities and other important bits, that is, if any of you are still remotely interested? Sorry, while I'd like to because I feel I've been duped, it's probably not ethical to post the seller's name on a public site. It could be done by PM, again, if any of you are interested. I'm going to keep the guitar anyway, try and tidy it up and play it cos it sounds brill. Thanks again to you all. Alan
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