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  1. Thanks again for the information everybody. It looks like my guitar could be one of these: http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Divisions/Gibson%20USA/Guitar%20of%20the%20Week/Les_Paul_Classic_Antique-Wk_27/ Week 27 - Les Paul Classic Antique Drawing on the specifications that have made the Les Paul the most legendary electric guitar of all time, the Les Paul Classic Antique continues Gibson's popular Classic line with the vintage touches guitarists love. Now with a beautiful mahogany top finished in Faded Cherry and acclaimed '57 Classic PAF humbuckers, the Les Paul Classic Antique allows
  2. Hello Bense, I'm not sure it is Catalina Red. I looked that color up on Google and it seems those guitars have a solid color red. Mine is more of a red wood grain color. You can see it clearer in this photo of the back. I am guessing those "holes" are not supposed to be there either. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the information and pics! I am not sure how to tell if my guitar is mahogany (or what type of finish it is.) I will keep you posted if I hear back from customer service. Now I am even more curious to find out the history. :)
  4. Thanks! I sent an email to support on Feb 19th and I never got a response. This was a going away present when I left my last company five years ago (Hard Rock Cafe). All of my co-workers signed the guitar so it has a ton of sentimental value. I never got the story of the guitar and sticker before I left. It might have been on display somewhere so maybe that is why there are holes? I tried Google searches over the years and never came up with anything. Here are photos of the front. I will wait and see if customer service ever comes back with any information and let you kn
  5. Hello, I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique from 2007. It has a sticker that says "Gibson USA Prototype", but I am not sure what that means. Does anybody know? Thanks! Christine
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