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  1. Yes! I also have the case for the EF series that came with a guitar I bought. Mel
  2. I found a great deal on an AJ 500R in sunburst. It even had the original case. I love it ! Mel
  3. Both the new Texan and the AJ45 have the same woods and electronics. Personally, I like the AJs because of the more defined low end. I have owned the Texan, but the bass response didn't satisfy me. I do have an AJ 300S that I am quite pleased with. Medl
  4. Having owned several Epiphones, I am quite satisfied with my AJ-300S. I've had the IB Texan, EL-00, AJ-220S,Bluesmaster, and one that I can't recall the model. Mel
  5. I have an AJ-300S that was made in 2004 and has lam rosewood back and sides. Overall, the sound is a bit bolder than the 220S I used to have. Mel
  6. I have a K7K in my Blueridge, and I love it. I also have the external pre-amp. Mel
  7. Oops ! use your imagination for the pic !
  8. Hi folks, I have an original factory case for an EF model Masterbilt. I don't have an EF, and so, this is surplus to my needs. The lock was broken before it got to me, and could probably be replaced. Since there is a limited market for these, and Epiphone didn't provide these in later production, I figured that there are folks here that might want it. It is scuffed, and the lock doesn't work, but it is in good condition. If someone wants it, all I need is the shipping costs. Mel
  9. I'm partial to red heads myself ! Mel
  10. Is anyone in the market for one of these ? I have just gained one in a used purchase, and am looking to sell it. Mel Peel
  11. Just received an AJ-300S that I ordered from a GC in Missouri. Solid Spruce over Lam Rosewood. Sunburst finish. It rings like a bell, but it looks like it's had a very hard life. I'm happy with it though! Mel
  12. I would have to go with the 220S. A true cannon with a clear tone and the booming bass.I've had the Bluesmaster, the EL-00, the 220S, and currently own the IB Texan. Mel
  13. I strongly recommend the AJ 220S. If you want a cannon for not much money, it fills the bill. I had one for a while, and I enjoyed it a lot. As a bonus, the neck is satin and easy on the hand. Mel
  14. I've had several Epiphones over the years. I currently have a IB Texan that has a complex mellow sound. The AJ-220S that I had was a cannon, with a rich tone, and a srteal at the price. I had a EL-00 once that I enjoyed a lot. There's a lot of love here for the Texan, as well as the new Masterbilt AJ-45ME. Mel
  15. I like the piezo type that go under the bridge plate, such as the K&K Pure Western Mini. I have one in my Blueridge, and it sounds very natural. They are also insanely easy to install.
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