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  1. NOS preamplifier tubes can last for decades, but current-production preamplifier tubes have a much shorter useful lifespan.
  2. One argument against letting the strings touch the rear of the bridge is that in severe cases, the pressure can push/tilt the bridge forward and possibly bend the bridge studs over time.
  3. LH_

    Strap Buttons

    I use the standard strap buttons with either a Planet Waves Planet Lock strap or a Levy's MNO1 strap with Dunlop Ergo Lok Straps. I don't want to unscrew the strap button screws to install strap locks. But if those screws loosen eventually on their own, then I'll install Schaller Security Locks.
  4. Maybe the treble pickup of your ES-335 is closer to the strings?
  5. I could be wrong, but I believe Dave's Guitar Shop displays the serial number of the guitar as the "Item Code".
  6. Nibs are the portions of the binding that cover the very ends of the frets. Usually, they get talked about when it comes time to re-fret a fretboard, as to whether to "keep" them or not. Play all the guitars you are even remotely interested in that are near your price range. You might fall in love with a guitar that lacks fretboard binding--and then fretboard binding won't matter anymore.
  7. Lack of fretboard binding would be a deal-breaker for me, as long as the nibs don't take away too much real estate on the frets. But the nibs could always be removed if necessary. I think if you want fretboard binding, then get a guitar that has it.
  8. LH_

    Gibson VOS Gunk

    I don't know what the VOS gunk is, but I doubt it is toxic.
  9. Their fix might be to stick a thicker washer under the truss rod nut. If they replace the guitar, then the warranty says they'll "replace the instrument with one of the same or most similar style of a value not in excess of the original purchase price of your instrument". I think the 2013 cherry red is the same price as the 2013 vintage sunburst, but a 2013 model costs more than a 2011 model... That being said, I think if replacement is necessary, you could ask for a 2013 cherry red.
  10. Gibson Custom guitars come with a lifetime warranty for the original retail purchaser. Point #1 on the warranty states it does not cover "any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way", which makes it sound like even changing strings voids the warranty. As long as you don't try to replace the truss rod yourself or do something invasive like that, I think Gibson will at least take a look at it.
  11. Very nice! My buddy has a Limited just like that, but with the Manhattan Midnight finish .
  12. I use the Levy's MNO1 No. 1 Stretch Strap with heavy guitars.
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