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  1. Whew! I feel better... Thanks for your reply. Regarding model no., I don't know what "CB" stands for, but the model number should really be the one I mentioned. Proof: try to search "DSDCEBCB1" with Google, and you will find this guitar. Try to search "DSDCEBCH1" and you will find... nothing.
  2. Hi all, I'm a newbie Gibson wannabe-owner, this is my first post on this forum. I need your help to identify a possible counterfeit of a Gibson Midtown with Bigsby. This is a discontinued model, impossible to find in authorized shops, only available in the used market. To me, the general appearance is undistinguishable from the original model, but I have some doubts: - the COA says model number is DSDCEBCH1, while the right one should be DSDCEBCB1, could it be simply a spell mistake? - the date on COA is jun 23 2011, while the S/N 115110336 indicates the 151st day of year, thus May 31st, is this discrepance ok? - from a close view of the bridge (tonepros roller tune-o-matic) it appears smooth and the registration screws are not visible from the front. From technical spec page on gibson website (http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Designer/Gibson-USA/Midtown-Standard-with-Bigsby/Specs.aspx) I see that it should have visible screws, and the same I get from photos over internet. Anyway I am a bit confused because in the full picture on the same web page, the bridge appears smooth like the one in the pictures below. Thank you so much for your help!
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