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  1. What about playing style? Using picks vs fingerstyle. We do not have a big range here, but so far I like Elixir Nano 12-53, 80/20 bronze. I play fingerstyle. Just seems to liven up the J-200 a bit (for me. I guess it's also a personal thing). Ronnie.
  2. Looking forward to hear the finished song. Ronnie.
  3. Thanks for this Tom. Probably need to read this many times over . Except maybe to conclude that the super jumbos are all in fact officially designated SJ-xxx, but just referred to as J-xxx for short? And also that the Southern Jumbo is also referred to as SJ? I think I'm confused for sure Ronnie.
  4. Thanks. What has me confused is that the True Vintage is described on the website as a SJ-200. This also applies to the Pete Townshend. So maybe used for select models. As you say someone will hopefully explain the technicalities around this. Ronnie.
  5. I'm not clear as to why some models are described as SJ and others as J. My recently purchased J-200 standard has a label inside which reads SJ-200. Does the SJ just mean super jumbo? Thanks Ronnie.
  6. Thanks Steve. In my latest post I am trying to clear up a few more questions. Ronnie.
  7. I have replaced the strings with Masterbuilt Premium PB 12-53. The J-200 strings were not available. The J-200s have the silk wrapped ends to "reduce saddle wear and eliminate sympathetic overtones", according to Gibson. Is there any reason not to use the Masterbuilt P strings? Especially seeing that the J-200s are not so freely available here. I am aware that other string options have been suggested, but would like to know the deal with using J-200 strings, vs other. Thanks. Ronnie.
  8. No not specially ordered. I think it has more to do with the type of lighting when I took the pics, and of course my processing of the pics. Not always easy to show the right separation in a pic. Not as good as the eye :) But maybe it is slightly different. This is the only one that I have seen. Ronnie.
  9. Thanks for looking and sharing my new guitar with me. The great part for me is that it sounds as good as it looks. Just can't stop playing it. Ronnie
  10. Got this one yesterday. Looks stunning, sounds great. Just love it.
  11. So I have found that the guitar is currently fitted with Elixir Nano 80/20 12's (changed by the dealer. Probably at a prospective buyer's request). I really like what I am hearing, but will try the Gibson PB as well, the Masterbuilt premium. D'addario and Elixir are the main brands freely available here. Gibson and Martin from select dealers. Ronnie.
  12. Thanks for all the assistance and suggestions. However, I was keen to know what the guitar shipped with, and ended up contacting Gibson. They have sent a reply as follows: Gibson J-200 gauge 12-53. (These are phospher bronze. but the guitar has 80/20 bronze fitted, so trying to check if the dealer changed the strings ) Here they are: http://store.gibson.com/j200-phospher-bronze-acoustic-guitar-strings/ Ronnie.
  13. Right thanks. I was looking for specs on the J-200 standard. But I guess terminology on the Gibson site seems to differ on string gauge. They mention light as 11-52 for the New vintage, but when you look at the strings section, this gauge is referred to as ultra light, and 12-53 as light. So it's a bit confusing as to whether the actual gauge or description, for the vintage, is correct. Hmm. Probably go with the gauge? Thanks again Ronnie.
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