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  1. Hi guys i am selling my steinberger USA GM-7SA what kind of price should i be looking for i have put it on ebay at £1065 but is that to much? i have just bought another jimmy page aged number 1 so i have to sell some gear any help appreciated. not sure of age or its serial is N000329 and its mint apart from two tiny marks on the back of the horns. any help on dating this would be great as well.
  2. axeman3d

    My new 335

    Thanks Guys its a 2003 and has no wear at all. i think new for a figured maple is around £1899 over here i picked up my heavy relic HSS strat for £1100 on a deal with a guy, did ok on it, the only reason i was up for a trade was that my strat was HSS i just could not fall for it did not look right.. but it played good. i just love the tone from a 335 its something else and sits nice with my R0. cheers =D>/
  3. axeman3d

    My new 335

    Hi i have just traded my relic strat for this 335 which i thought was lovely and plays great what do you guys think i also got £200 cash my way. the label inside reads ESDT as the model is that correct its also a light green colour. i thought they were orange?
  4. Get a custom Matamp hand wired point to point and sound superb, oh and they are great value..:)/
  5. why not look into buying a Matamp, they really are super. check them out before you splash your cash on a Marshall.
  6. hi has gibson changed there certificates?
  7. cheers guys, having been a strat player and still love strats, i love the feel and sound of this baby, its a keeper for sure. i never thought it was as good a model or deal when i got it. many thanks.
  8. Hi no the guys i s alocal business man that has ordered a a Suhr that he wants to pay for, he already had a John English stealth Esquire that i would have loved and a EJ strat. so i got a heavy relic strat and R0 for £2100 i paid 100 more for the Strat? thanks guys looks like i am going to be converted here. cheers
  9. no there is nothing wrong at all i always give guitars a good check, there is no marks near the neck, whats the low down on spec on these? there seems to be a massive doffrence in price from r7 ro an r0 why is that? cheers andy
  10. thanks so with the exchange rate i paid 1500 US, looks like my gut feeling was good, i must admit it feels quite special i have played some standards in my time but for not being a Les Paul man i really like it. only picked it up yesterday. cheers:d/
  11. hi guys its £1000 British i paid and here are the photos(i hope) [ or go here http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm51/andyallan_photo/Guitars/?albumview=slideshow cheers
  12. how do you add pics on this forum? i press the pics button and it just has img img? cheers
  13. Hi folks i have just purchased second hand my first Les Paul, having been a strat man since i started playing guitar, i got it for 1k when i bought a custom shop strat from a guy local, really dont know much about thrm any help on spec and stuff would be great and did i pay too much? it has stunning flame and its 2007 model. it has a custom shop certificate and its a 1960 VOS i believe.
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