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  1. Hi guys! I m new to the forum but and I have a question for you. I recently ( a few months ago) bought a 1968 Gibson Trini Lopez . Guitar seems in good shape, mostly original . The pick ups however have obviously been removed at some point. One is a Patent number and the other seems to be also one but the label is gone so I can't really tell for sure. No way to tell for sure if they are the original pick ups to the guitar. I have been teasing the idea, since pick ups were already removed at some point, to swamp them for a pair of TV Jones Classics. Do you have any input regarding this? Good idea? Bad idea? other pick ups suggestions? I m not really worried about the guitar losing value because : 1) I don't intend to sell it anytime soon and, 2) Pick ups have already been detached at some point. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a few pics for reference. Thanks guys.
  2. Yes¡ I think it was a good save¡ Thanks¡
  3. Yep, he hasn't even answered my messages, Im guessing he is disappointed .. anyway, thanks again¡
  4. Thanks JO¡ I already said no, too much risk and not enough communication with the seller. Take care¡
  5. Hey guys¡ Just wondering if you could help me out. I found a CS 335 Alvin Lee for something around 5500 usd and when looking at it in detail I've come to realise that its missing a couple of decals (the skull and the gray background dove on guitar). I looked at some pictures on the internet and I couldn't find another one with those 2 decals missing, so, I have a couple of questions: Is this the real deal? Whats up with the missing decals.? and, if it is the real deal, is 5500 a good price? Thanks in advance for your help, any comments are welcome. Cheers¡
  6. Hey guys! Thank you all for your help and your replies. The guy selling the guitar just confirmed it is actually a Burny (apparently he bought it as a Gibson 10 years ago, so he must be having a bad day hehe), so, good thing I asked you guys first. Thanks again! Cheers.
  7. Hello guys, just wondering if you could help me out a bit here. Im looking at buying a Firebird that just popped out on my area and which the seller advertises as a 1962 GIBSON FIREBIRD (first Firebirds came out on ´.63 no? ) Funny thing is, there is no serial number to be found on the body itself, the only number found is INSIDE ONE OF THE PICKUP CAVITIES, so, question is, is this the real deal? Is that the serial number? Its the first time I see the numbers printed in the pick up cavity, so Im appealing to your more expert opinion on this matter. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks¡¡
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